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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Heber, Utah

I can't remember the screen name, but I do recall someone from down south saying the other day that JD only played a cupcake schedule and Hurricane because they play in the SEC of high school football, would win this game. mmmmm.... I think maybe the other 3 teams in the Semis better get used to a silver medal this year, because JD will hoist the trophy at RES.

JD and Spanish in the final. JD wins by 14

St George, UT

They should win it all every year until the UHSAA makes them play up a class. I don't care if you have 100 students if you can hand pick your team every year! It would be a shame to not make it to the finals with that leg up.

draper, ut


so if Hurricane won.you excuse would be its because JD doesn't play anybody all season ,and now they lose its because JD hand picks their players . you don't know to much about JD, get your facts together before assuming anything. Show some class and take it like it is. After the game lastnight I spoke with quite a few Tiger Players and Parents and none of them made any excuses , they wished us the best of luck and and had class.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Where's all the Hurricane supporters? The bottom line is that Hurricane was down on talent this year and won a lot of games where they were outplayed, JD looks like the team to beat.

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT


Shame on your for making another lame attempt to discredit the hard work of JD football,and the team your represent. Hard work , determination, coaching, parent support, school spirit, and heart make up a football team. This JD team was just a better team on Friday, and making excuses and using mis-information takes away all that a football team works hard to acomplish.

Saint George, UT

This is the first time Hurricane really has not showed up to play in a long time. The other teams down here won't roll over like that. I say we put the best players from down here on one team and play JD the game would be laughable. I still think we can beat them with play where you live players. Championships just mean more when they are won the right way


What a display the Soaring Eagle put up last night! Hurricane came out very flat and unfortunately didn't play their best game, and JD took advantage of that. If Hurricane had played to their potential thus game would not have been such a blowout, but I still think JD would have won. They are very good, disciplined, and well coached. They will be the last ones standing. It was tough to watch senior Zach Prince not being able to help his teammates at QB where he has been for them since 3rd grade. His injury in the D hills game really hurt Hurricane's psyche. JD is the real deal. They were prepared for Hurricane as was evidenced by the doughnut they hung on Hurricane's offense. @mykali Jordan, unfortunately I ws unable to participate in the tailgate but wanted to say thanks four the invite. Also, your boy was #55 right? Anyway, JD won and they are my pick to hoist the trophy in the end. To all the Hurricane seniors, thank you for a fun and entertaining season! Good luck to you all through the rest of the year in other sports and in your lives!


@ Dr Rush

Hurricane won those 9 games this season because they had more points than the other teams at the end of the games. They lost the 2 games they lost because they scored less. Personally I believe that the team who scored more points was the team that outplayed they opponent. That is the life of sports. The stat for "outplaying" an opponent is that small thing we call the final score. Hurricane outplayed 9 teams this year. They got outplayed by 2.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I have to admit, I picked Hurricane to win. WoW! Did not see this one coming, I knew JD was good, I just didn't think that good. Congrats to JD and good luck from here on out. It would be exciting to see SF and JD in the championship but lets not sleep on Dixie, they stood up last night. Great game and good luck to all you boys. Great game JD!! And congrats to you boys from Hurricane, great season.

scrappy do

Ah southpride56
You don't really know much about JD football, if they actually did go out and handpick their kids from all over the valley - u could bring your region 9 all star team up and it would laughable cuz u would get crushed

I can attest to the fact that a large number of those JD players have been going to the associated catholic schools since they were little kids and the others showed up freshmen year, heck I can tell u about kids that don't even play football anymore that play other sports at JD that could contribute on the field for that team. So we will take our well coached, athletic and highly motivated team and try to win state and if JD runs into a better team so be it. From the sniping some region 9 posters do on here it seems like st george has some of the same recruiting issues that occur is salt lake

Saint George, UT

I still think region 9 is the toughest region
they do have 2 teams in the final 4 I dont see any other regions with that

Mark D

To Yankees27, MyKalJordan, The Official, scrappy do, and all other understandably proud supporters of Juan Diego: Catholic school teams do enjoy an advantage in not being bound by district lines. The same argument that has been waged against my friend Dave Peck at Bingham HS (i.e., recruiting) has legitimacy in the discourse concerning Juan Diego - they can and do offer an "open enrollment" campus.

The real story here is the financial benefit of such institutions which provides stability and quality of resources, facilities, staff and of course students at Catholic High Schools. Chris Long (AD at JD) said "sports is integral to the growth of all our students." Long has compared the sports program with a front porch. "It’s not the most important room, but the most visible part of the house. It’s part of the whole education process of our students," Long said.

With this approach, an open enrollment facility, and the financial backing to propel it - its no wonder Juan Diego can and will continue to compete for and win State Championships for years to come - no matter their classification...

Just my 2 cents...

Saint George, UT

@Mark D
You are right on
For JD fans to not acknowledge this just makes them sound ignorant

Hurricane, 00

Having watched JD and their fine coach John Collosimo for a few years, I doubt if they would do any better with recruited players. He knows Hurricane's offense as well as the Tigers do. He seems to do his homework on every opponent. As I said before this game, defense wins big games, and JD's defense is scary good. The tigers just made too many mistakes on both sides of the ball to win this one. Good luck to the Soaring Eagle. I don't think they will be challenged this year.

scrappy do

The funny thing is you never see a post or hear a word about Judge
Maybe because they haven't won any football championships lately

Only JD brings out the chatter ... If JD did not win I suspect we would not hear a peep

Mark D

@scrappy do:

You obviously missed the point of my remarks - that those schools (be they Catholic Prep or otherwise) that are "open enrollment" based, that take financial advantage of fundraisers, tuition, etc. are able to provide a higher standard of resources, facilities, staff and programs which attract a higher standard of student.

Another example of this is in my backyard here in Las Vegas - Bishop Gorman High School. They are able to and do take full advantage of raising a significant amount of money for top level facilities, staff (and yes, coaches) which translate into a significant draw for top level talent. Who wouldn't want their children to attend an institution with higher capabilities and services than the standard district institution?

I'm neither demeaning nor reprimanding Juan Diego for doing what they do - they do it as well as anyone in the country. My advice to you is respect that it is NOT a level playing field and don't get so defensive when others call you on it...rather, appreciate what you have and admit that its NOT what others have (I think you know what I'm talking about).

Again, my 2 cents...

scrappy do

I get you Mark D

Here in Utah though, they could stick JD in 5A and if they happened to win, there would be the same folks going off on them and they can't stick them in a league of their own because there is barely a handful of private schools in the state. I know there are folks who would like to put an asterisk next to every achievement these kids have in football, heck maybe other sports even though this is the one that people break their silence on and get riled up about.


Ahhh, the "recruitment card" and the "you have more money card"

Yes JD is located in the Salt Lake Valley. However, we are located with 10 miles of Alta, Jordan, Riverton, Brighton, and soon to be Draper high schools. All of which have a much higher student body attendance. Lets face it playing in a higher division, 4A/5A. is more appealing to those athletes that what to play in college.
Not to take anything away from our kids, but the truly elite athletes will often leave the JD system to go to one of the bigger schools, ie.. Jordan's current quarterback.
It takes a special kid and family to want to make the sacrifices to come to JD. There are grooming standards, uniforms, codes of conduct, strict educational standards, ie.. how many public schools require 94% in a class for an A?
Yes there is tuition assistance, but everyone pays something. How many parents want to pay 10K/year for high school?
Yes this program, school, and entire community that supports JD is special. Every kid works hard to succeed at this school. NEVER DISCOUNT THAT!

South Jordan, UT

@mark D

Bitter much about schools doing what is best for there schools???

Juan Diego has one, repeat one Division one player on there team and he is going to Cinncinatti.

Juan Diego moved from 2A to 3A, they had more D1 Talent when they were 2A and everyone complained, they moved up, havent won a state basketball title since, but yes football has 3 titles since 2006.
baseball has 3 as well.

They could of lost ALL 3 games in those championship games.
Had they not, would you bring up your argument? Two were on the last play of the games.

Remember all the fuss about Herriman HAVING to play east, Herriman public school cries and throws a fit. Juan Diego had it in baseball just this last spring, Did you even hear a peep from them for winning region and having to play #1 Snow Canyon in 3A?

Nope, they do JD, and If they recruit, there talent is nothing greater then others, they are just MUCH better coached.
Coach Davis-baseball 3 titles in last 4 years and 2nd
Coach Colosimo-football 3 titles with a possible 4th this year out of 5 years.

Coaching wins championships.

draper, ut

you could take coach colosimo and his staff to any school not doing well, and they would make them a contender..they know how to take alot of good/average players and make a GREAT TEAM..

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