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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Let's be real here - 171k jobs added and 170k new unemployment filings today. You add a shovel of dirt and then you remove a shovel of dirt and the end result is the hole is the same as before. Obama-nomics is not working and isn't going to work. It has been 4 years of dismal job numbers and high unemployment and enough is enough. 4 years is more than enough to see if the guys plan is working and it isn't. 4 more years is only going to be more of the same and there is absolutely zero evidence that Obama and HIS liberals can point to that will change that thinking. ZERO! A vote for Obama is a vote for more unemployment - possibly your unemployment!! Each fresh move from Obama is only a fresh mistake and this new Biz cabinet position is a joke ... just shuffling the cards and nothing more. Mitt was right - what we really need is NOT some new cabinet post but instead a president who actually understands business!!

Ogden, UT

To patriot 8:29 a.m. Nov. 2, 2012

Mitt was right - what we really need is NOT some new cabinet post but instead a president who actually understands business!!


Maybe, but that does not describe Mitt. The only thing he knows how to do is take over companies, load them with debt, gouge them for "management" fees off the top, destroy their woerkers' compensation and benefits and retirement, and then when he/they have gouged the company for all they can get just take it into bankruptcy. Mitt is NOT what this country needs if it wants to prosper.

Atlanta, GA

"Romney said in a statement. 'When I'm president, I'm going to make real changes that lead to a real recovery, so that the next four years are better than the last.' "

Every top economist has said that the economy IS recovering. It won't matter who is office we will be adding 2.5 million to 3 million jobs each year now. So when Romney announces that HE will create 12 million new jobs! Well Willard, It will happen anyway!
We need to see SPECIFIC plans! What tax deductions is he going to end? What federal agencies is he trying to eliminate? He has already said that he wants to privatize FEMA! Instead of 70 deaths with Super storm Sandy we could have lost 1,000 people. But we had efficient weather forecasting and IMMEDIATE response. Romney/Ryan wants to slash the budget of the CDC! The FDA! We absolutely need these agencies.

I can just see having Bain Capital replacing FEMA..."Bottled water..$10.00. Tuna fish sandwich-$25! Great way to handle a crisis..NOT!

Romney! We need to see your tax returns!! What are you hiding? Who are you? Republicans Colin Powell, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Christie endorse OBAMA!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

barack claimed from day one he would have a laser focus on the economy and work to increase the number of jobs in this country.

Instead he borrowed money and gave it to other countries to produce more oil, and then told them that we'll be their biggest customer. He shoved obamacare down the throats of everyone, even going against members of his own party (he promised bipartisan work on it), he promised unemployment would be down to the 5% range at this time, he promised to be out of Iraq and Afghanistan (we are still in both countries), he promised to be the most transparant government ever instead he used executive privelage and refuses to tell the truth about Benghazi, he also has kept WH records blocked from anyone looking at them (more times than bush), he promised to close gitmo and didn't, he promised to bring the country together (instead he is divisive on every issue), he promised to not raise taxes on anyone making $250,00 or less (all of our taxes are going up after the election).

One lie after another....this worthless regime makes carter days seem like a day at the beach.

Cache county, USA

I pray mitt wins. Everyday...
But, I'm worried it's to close now.

Cache county, USA


Romney! We need to see your tax returns!! What are you hiding? Who are you? Republicans Colin Powell, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Christie endorse OBAMA!

If you think Collin Powell and blunder berg are rebub, your under educated I'm sorry.
Christie? That's anyone's guess

Salt Lake City, UT

You bought that Fox nonsense. Okay here's how it works. The 171k is the number of jobs created minus the number of jobs lost last month. The 170k new unemployed does not mean their jobs were lost (well, they lost their job, but the job isn't necessarily gone, if someone else gets that position it's not a lost job from the economies standpoint). So... comparing unlike terms to bolster a political argument... how desperate...

Atlanta, GA

My best friend's father was a great professor at Utah State. An ambassador to England and Ceylon. He would be embarrassed by your crass remark about my being "uneducated."

You can have your own opinions but you cannot slander someone if their opinion is different from yours!

General Colin Powell was the General over the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was a model soldier and espoused President Eisenhower's moderate Republican stance. He is a great man..not a "Repub!" My husband died in Iraq...a 30 year military officer. I have great respect for our military. Shame on you for slandering General Powell! I can tell that you have NEVER served your country. Just as Mitt Romney dodged the draft for the Vietnam War by going to Paris for his mission.

Such comments as your do NOT belong in the comments section of the Deseret News.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@ atl134,
So unemployment remains the same, in fact went back up . . . I don't see the progress, or "change" in that?!

@ Nuschler1,
Before Hurricane Sandy, Governor Christie was backing Romney, so I wouldn't put too much stock into his choice, pretty inconsistent if you ask me. Also, is that what Romney did with Massachusetts? Or the Olympics? Face it, Romney knows how to get organizations out of the red and that is something that this country needs desperately. Obama simply hasn't done the job. Even though he promised to cut the deficit. He was either naive and ignorant or lying when he made that comment. Yet, he still borrows from other countries to pay for things like oil drilling in Brazil (when we could do it here!) and to the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama isn't doing his job and should add to the unemployment number next month.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT


Benedict Arnold was a great General, highly decorated and one of the best military minds. Doesn't mean I don't disagree with his political stance. Just because you have served this country in the military doesn't make all of your opinions superior to others. With that said, I'm sorry for your loss and the sacrifices made by your family.

Just to point out that barack never served in the military either. He created his "choom" gang that smoked pot and did drugs while skipping classes. Mitt chose to go to college and volunteered to serve people for over 2 years. Which he continued to do when he came back. He also did not accept a wage as governor.

Baracks net worth before he became president over $1 million. Since he has been in office it has grown to over $11 million. Check his pay. The math doesn't add up. Which means he has investments, which he gets to decide where stimulus money goes to....if he would release the papers and be as transparant as he claimed to be then our minds would be at ease with his honesty. Until then it looks very suspicious.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ SS
"So unemployment remains the same, in fact went back up . . . I don't see the progress, or "change" in that?!"

Weren't you all complaining last month that unemployment "conveniently" fell from 8.2% to 7.8%? Now that it's gone up to 7.9% with a better jobs report than the previous month, you all can't piece together the fact that we're still trending in the right direction and that gaining around 350,000 jobs the past two months (including the revisions to previous months) has lowered the unemployment rate from 8.2 to 7.9% and shows that things are improving.

Or would you rather have the situation in October 2008 when unemployment was around 6% but we lost 500k jobs that month? I'll take the improving economy thank you very much. You can keep your irrational belief that somehow things are worse.

Atlanta, GA

SS in the middle of nowhere

Massachusetts was 47th in job creation during Romney's term as Governor. His job was to veto every bill that came out of the Democratic legislature and they would turn around and pass it 100%--Republicans AND DEMOCRATS!

Romney is trailing President Obama by 30 points in polling in Mass.. The state HATES Romney. And the Olympics? Well thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars from the dreaded federal government Romney was able to turn the Olympics around. He did NOT do it on his own.

Muslim Brotherhood? Oh Puh-lease! Stop listening to Fox News! What is the last non-fiction book you read? Paul Krugman? Thomas Friedman? Jeffry Sachs. Nobel Prize winning economists who ALL back Obama!

Romney wants to cut ALL taxes by 20%. Now I had a Math Minor but simple arithmetic will tell you that you CANNOT decrease a deficit without increasing revenue! And he ALSO wants to increase military spending by two trillion dollars on stuff the Pentagon doesn't even want! He has the same foreign policy advisors as Bush!! More deficit. And he can't wait to start wars in Iran and Syria!! Deeper ever in the red!

Sitka, AK

Wow Patriot! You claim that 4 years is enough to know whether they guys plan is working or not? What about 8 years? Do you have a short memory? We already know what tax cuts and deregulation will do and now you want that back?

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

A great followup story on the Ronmey Campaign before the election by DN Staff would be about all the Salt Lakers getting on buses today for Vegas and Colorado to canvas neighboorhoods to get voters to make their votes for Mitt.

The story I hear from my SLC friends is they'll be put up at the Marriot on the Vegas Strip, with free Rooms and meal vouchers. A great weekend junket for about 8 hours of work on the Mitt campaign. LDS Church Services Sunday morning and back on the bus to SL right afterward.

With both parties putting up ONE BILLION $$$ APIECE for their candidates this is only a small example of how the money is being spent on both sides.

salt lake city, UT

Bad week for Romney. Recent polls showing the undecideds swinging to BO. Hard to believe he'll be strapping Shamus to the roof of the family station wagon and heading to D.C.. With 40% of the ballots already cast and Obama with a 7-10 point lead Mitt needs a strong finish to seal the deal. We all better strap in for 4 more years of socialism and tyranny.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

Do any Obama supporters realize what they are saying when they attack Bush for raising the deficit?! Obama has spent more in four years than Bush did in SEVEN years at war! You can't say it is Bush's fault that Obama has been "unpatriotic," to put it in Obama's own terms!

Then they turn around and blame Romney for not serving in the military and turn a blind eye to the fact that Obama has never served in the military either. All Democrats can do is try and point out flaws in others because they know they can't form an argument based on the president's terrible record of the last four years.

If Americans can't see what a terrible job Obama has done as president the last four years, based strictly on his record, then we deserve every bit of what happens the next four years. Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

"3.02% for 2010
1.70% for 2011
1.30% through the 2nd Quarter for 2012

These are not the numbers representative of a growing economy – the numbers are going in the wrong direction."

Maybe they'd be doing better if we didn't have an obstructionist congress get into office in 2011 and proceed to stall anything that looks like it might be considered a "win" for Obama including jobs bills.

@ SS
"All Democrats can do is try and point out flaws in others because they know they can't form an argument based on the president's terrible record of the last four years."

Not my fault you ignore all my assertions that we've gained private sector jobs 33 months and counting which is hardly indicative of a terrible record.

Cache county, USA


im crass?
Question. since you feel up to date and educated, how do you know if Mitt dodged the Draft?
I'm assumming you were close family friends???
I going to guess probably not.
Cloin Powell supports BO cause hes Black.
But, how do i know this? Am I guessing? Yes I believe so...
But, so are you.
Answer this question though.
Who loves this country more, BO, or MR?

Cache county, USA


you say this
Romney! We need to see your tax returns!! What are you hiding? Who are you? Republicans Colin Powell, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Christie endorse OBAMA!

then you challenge Aggielove, saying Colin Powell is'nt a repub.
Not sure what your angle is then.
I to believe Powell follows his color, not his party.
Sorry about your husband, cause that's very sad i bet.
but, how does this apply to Powell supoporting Obama?

salt lake city, UT

This report is too late and insignificant to swing any votes. I'm just afraid that Mitt is making things worse recently with his lies about Jeep and his quotes from the primary about wanting to get rid of FEMA. Seems like all the prayers are going unanswered and we'll be stuck with another 4 years of socialism and tyrany.

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