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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A recent study found that providing women with no-cost contraceptives reduced their abortion rates by two-thirds. Abortion rates have already fallen by roughly a third over the past three decades, a further two-thirds reduction would bring about a total reduction of 82% in abortion rates compared to 1980. I would definitely see that as an unequivocally good development.

It seems to me that being simultaneously anti-abortion and anti-contraceptive is an untenable position, yet there seem to be those that do hold both of those positions.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Let's not mince words about "abortion". It is the destruction of an unborn innocent baby who had NO CHOICE about being put to death. It is irreversible. In almost every case, that life started with the consent of the mother and of the father. In almost every case, that baby's life was directly the result of a woman and a man having made a choice.

When does anyone have the right to unilaterally destroy the life of another human being?

We have courts of law that NEVER sentence anyone to death without a trial. No one has been executed in Utah in decades without having had his case reviewed MANY times. But a woman can go to Planned Parenthood and declare that she wants to destroy the life within her - and that is all it takes. She decides to destroy that life. No trial. No appeal. Just death to that unborn child.

Ogden, UT

To Mike Richards 7:16 a.m. Nov. 2, 2012

Agreed -- let's not mince words about abortion. A fetus is not a person, much less "an unborn innocent baby". It is a parasitic life form that is being used to create the body into which a spirit will enter at birth and first breath, and then will BECOME an innocent baby and a human being. The termination of a pregnancy does NOT destroy the life of another human being; it keeps the fetus from becoming a living human being.

I agree that this is a very selfish thing to do, and is NEVER the right thing to do except in the direst of conditions -- to preserve the life/health of the pregnant woman, if the pregnancy started as the result of rape or incest, or if there is a fatal fetal deformity. Otherwise the pregnant woman is breaching, without just cause, the covenant she made with spirits waiting for a body so they could enter mortality; that she would provide bodies for those spritits to use.

Breaking the covenant with the waiting spirits is unconscionable, except in the direst of conditions, but it is not taking a human life.

Ogden, UT

To Mike Richards 7:16 a.m. Nov. 2, 2012

One further issue -- I don't know if you are aware of it, but between a third and a half of fertilized eggs never implant in the uterus and, consequenetly, never establish a pregnancy. Between a quarter and a third of established pregnancies spontaneously abort (the medical term for a miscarriage) in the first trimester and even more spontaneously abort thereafter including some who undergo a birth process but are stillborn. If, as it appears, you believe the spirit attaches to the body at conception or the onset of pregnancy, what do you think happens to the spirits attached to the bodies that do not establish pregnancies, or are miscarried or stillborn? They cannot be sealed to their biological parents, so they are not part of an ancestral family group through the eternities. So what happens to them? Where do they go and/or do? I'd be curious to know your thought on that.

Eugene, OR


1) So I assume that you're pro-contraception, then?
2) Did a rape victim make that "choice"? Did a woman who's life is being jeopardized by her pregnancy make that "choice"?
3) Have you seen the Church's policy on abortion? It appears to be more liberal than yours...

L White
Springville, UT

I think that it is the height of arrogance that anyone would tell us that a "fetus" is not a human being and in the same post tell us about spirits waiting for a body. Life's journey starts for each human being when one cell becomes two. That human being in on his way towards birth. After birth, that human being is not capable of sustaining life without the protection of others. It depends 100% on the care and love of a parent.

For a "mother" to put her own life above the life within her, especially for "convenience" says more than we need to know that that "mother".

For the living to condemn to death the unborn because someone at Planned Parenthood thought that the world was too full and that there is no more room at the inn, tells us all that we need to know about Planned Parenthood.

Life is precious. This world was created by our God to provide a place for each of us to live. He NEVER gave us permission to kill the unborn babies that we welcomed into our lives because of our actions - and he never will.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you, Furry, for making that important point about the irrationality of believing that a fertilized is a person.

If you truly are against abortion then you should be willing to adopt public policies that have been proven, again and again, to dramatically lower the rates of unwanted pregnancy. Those policies involve public sex education and the availability of contraceptives.

Efforts to lower abortion rates by criminalizing abortion simply don't work. How can they? What exactly do you think you're accomplishing by jailing a woman who's had an abortion, or her doctor?

Here in the US, states that do the best jobs at educating their young people about the realities of sex and providing them with safe, simple access to contraceptives have far lower rates of teen pregnancy and abortion that states that follow an ignorance-is-bliss approach to sex education.

If you really want to lower abortion rates then you've got to embrace comprehensive, realistic sex education.

J Thompson

Look how many are telling us that "man" has the right to destroy the life within a mother and that unless we teach people how to have sex without pregnancy that we are failing as a society.

Society has already failed when it demanded that there be no consequence to sex. Sex is the way that God intended for us to us to multiply and replenish the earth. It is not a "parlor game"; it is the act of procreation. For anyone to tell us to change the act of procreation to an act of "recreation" or an act of self-gratification or an act of lust diminishes all of society.

God is our Creator. He sent us here to live on earth with instructions. One of the instructions is that sex is only to be had between a married man and a married woman. No premarital sex. No extramarital sex. No other sex of any kind - for any reason.

Instead of listening to our Creator, too many are listening to the abortion clinics who tell us to kill unborn babies.

At least 50,000,000 times, women in America chose Planned Parenthood over God.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Great letter. Couldn't agree more.

Ogden, UT

Roland Kayser has it spot on. If you have any qualms about abortion and any desire to lower the rate of abortions in this country, you need Planned Parenthood for the reasons Roland lays out above. Those who want to cut all government funding for Planned Parenthood should probably explain to us how they plan on preventing the increase in abortions that will certainly occur from those who could no longer obtain contraceptives. Despite Senator John Kyl's (R-AZ) lie, abortions are not 90% of what Planned Parenthood does.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Why are we ignoring the elephant in the room?

The states with the highest teen pregnancy rates, STDs, and abortions are red states who routinely trash Planned Parenthood and refuse to mandate comprehensive Sex Ed to be taught in their public schools.

It's pretty obvious what the problem is and what needs to be done. Unfortunately, I don't think the radical right is humble enough to accept that they've been wrong and the left has been right on this one.

Salt Lake City, UT

Abortion is a tragic thing. But the anti-abortionists never articulate the consequences of their stance. As with alcohol, a law prohbiting abortion would not prevent all abortions, but would promote a potentially dangerous underground market for the practice. How would they identify which pregnant women are contemplating abortion? Is any woman going to admit to authorities that she is thinking about having an abortion? And even if they could identify such women, would they force a woman contemplating an abortion to carry a pregnancy to term, and if so, how? By locking the woman up? And if the woman succeeds in having an abortion, would they then prosecute the woman for murder, and impose the death penalty or a long prison term, possibly leaving her other children motherless?

As to Planned Parenthood, it seems that those who would cut off funding to an organization, only 3% of whose activites involve abortion, are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The "elephant in the room" is people having sex outside of marriage. Those who blame lack of education ignore the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth. They think that their philosophies are more profound than the commandments of God. They think that they can play with fire without getting burned.

There is only one solution and that solution is only to have sex within marriage and only when the man and the woman are willing to accept the consequences of sex.

Those who tell us that there should be no consequences to sex are the same kind of people who tell us to eat at the banquet of life and then to purge ourselves so that we can go back to the table and stuff our faces some more.

Life is more than sex. When two married people care for each other, neither demands sexual gratification at the expense of the other.

Caring people care about the consequences of their actions. Caring people don't kill the unborn so that they can gorge themselves at the banquet of life.


@ Mike Richards, L White, and J Thompson: For some reason I thought you were all LDS and believed in a living Prophet who receives direct revelation from God. I apologize for my misconception.

The doctrine of the LDS Church is established through revelation from God to the Prophet of the LDS Church. LDS doctrine teaches that physical intimacy is not only for the purpose of procreation but is also an important part of the emotional and spiritual relationship between a husband and wife. It further teaches that decisions about the use of birth control and the size of a family and the spacing of the children are best left to the parents and should be reached through thought and prayer. Families should not have children for whom they cannot care and provide.

LDS doctrine also teaches that, with prayerful consideration and consultation with local Church leaders, abortion is allowable in cases of rape, incest, serious jeopardy to the life or health of the mother, or a fatal fetal defect.

Again, I apologize for thinking you believed in a living Prophet and in LDS doctrine. If you would like more information on LDS beliefs, it is available on their website.


@mike richards
I don't know what "those" think, I think common sense and science clearly shows that your old prophecies are leading to and will continue to led to the destruction of our worlds resources. We no longer live in an agrarian world where such prophecies made sense. Just as we no longer hold onto the belief the world is flat or that the universe revolves around the earth it is time to let go of old myths that not only no longer make sense but are destructive.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"The "elephant in the room" is people having sex outside of marriage."

Yep, and look at how many "red states" are doing this.

If you look at the blue states, this kind of garbage isn't happening. Look at the stats Mikey. Children outside of marriage, broken families, abortion, teen pregnancy, and STDs are highest among the red "Evangelical" states.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Planned Parenthood has been involved in lobbying efforts to strip away parental consent and even notification laws for minors seeking abortions. Many of us believe in the importance of parental rights.

About half the population sees abortion as Mike Richards does, as murder, and consequently as totally wrong. In addition, there are religions, including Catholicism, that believe using contraception in immoral. People of such beliefs are having their right of choice trampled. They are forced by their government to pay for, through their taxes, for abortions and contraception (not to mention the lobbying efforts).

If Planned Parenthood is only 30% funded through the federal government, then they are able to get 70% of their funds through private sources. They should do one of two things:

1. Lose all government funding and replace it with additional private funds (30% shouldn't be too hard)
2. Drop the anti-religious practices they currently engage in so they uphold the first amendment and can be allowed to keep their government (taxpayer provided) funding.

It is so hypocritical to call the abortion movement 'pro choice', when they trample of the right of choice for the religious citizens.

Centerville, UT

"The states with the highest teen pregnancy rates, STDs, and abortions are red states." Best check again. Blue states are well represented in top ten states for teen pregnancy, STDs and abortions. In fact the top ten states with teenage abortions are all blue states.
New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Nevada, California, Hawaii, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois. How is that preventive education going.

African Americans make up about 12% of the US population but account for 30% of abortions. Since 1973, over 15 million black children have been lost to abortion. Over 1,400 black children are killed every day through abortion. Second to blacks is the numbers of Hispanic.

Margret Sanger is cheering loudly in the under world. This is what planned parenthood was conceived for.

Margaret Sanger said that only about 13% of whites should be allowed to reproduce. All for the sake of eliminating poverty in the world and to create the great race.

Support for Planned Parenthood is one of the greatest underhanded bigoted racist progressive policies ever accepted.

Steve C. Warren

The fanatic anti-abortion position of the Republican platform reminds me a lot of the fanaticism of the Saducees, who felt Jesus wasn't as righteous as they were because he disobeyed some of their wacky rules.

The God of the Bible very clearly allows--even commands--the termination of unborn life. In Numbers 5:11-31 we read that God authorizes the use of "bitter water" to abort a fetus. At other times, prophets order the putting to death of adulteress women, some of whom would have been pregnant. Prophets also order the slaying of pregnant women in Ssmaria and elsewhere.

The LDS Church has a responsible position of abortion, allowing it in four different circumstances, and on contraception, leaving it up to individuals to decide for themselves.

Bountiful, UT

A fetus is not a person? Convenient. The old "they're not really human" argument is great for justifying any little inhuman act against another being.

Fact is, it doesn't matter what you choose to call a fetus. We all were once a fetus. Golden rule applies.

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