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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

People generally don't care as long as politics match up, or in Romney's case just that he's not Obama. Same as it was for Harry Reid among liberals.

Ogden, UT

Romney's Mormonism hasn't caused a backlash among GOP faithful because there's something they hate even more than Mormons -- the Black man who is President of the United States. It often looks like they would deal with the devil himself to get President Obama out of office. Sad.

Kaysville, UT

President Obama wasn't qualified to be President. If Hillary had vetted him along with the Democratic Party they would have found he lacked substance in knowledge, protocol, experience, diplomacy and even peace maker efforts. The list goes on. However, he did bring in a larger support staff, Czars, to help get him through the 4-years. I have not seen that they have been a benefit to this administration.

I believe their span of control maybe was too large for them to handle that added staff at all levels and agencies and Departments.

Congress party leaders, Senate and House, needed to have the person on their list who could help them. The normal list went out the door and added layer would not necessarily help when the prior President and the Economy caused a dive for the nation a couple of months prior to election day.

The President know of that starting demise with the stock market and banks starting to show high levels of stress in March and April 2008 with indicators even earlier than that.

Even Governor Romney mentioned in a debate in December 2007 with Senator McCain that the economy would be the most important issue. Yes.

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