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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Name a policy, any policy, on which Romney has maintained a consistent position over the years?

Ogden, UT

Steve, your three cited lies are absolute rubbish. Why is it that some conservatives think everything to the left of the Republican platform is pure socialism? In the mainstream American political system, it isn't capitalists vs. socialists. It's capitalists that favor minimal government involvement vs. capitalists that favor just a bit more government involvement. If you don't want a bit more government involvement, that's fine. But it isn't socialism or hatred of free enterprise. Obama doesn't believe in being rewarded for hard work? He's a self made millionaire, Mr. Fillerup!

Reading letters like this are like watching someone glare at eggshell white paint and then freak out because it isn't white enough. They've obviously never seen red paint or black paint or green paint, or they would fully realize that the eggshell is far closer to pure white than it is to any of those other colors.

Ogden, UT

Sorry, Steve. The President has been telling the truth about Romney. Romney DOES break promises if they get in his way, and he DOES say anything he thins it will take to get votes, even if it's 180 degress opposite from what he's said before. Romney is NOT what this country needs.

Burke, VA

When someone uses words longer than three syllables they tend to think the rest of their premise will be accepted without challenge. But this one must be challenged. While making broad statements about the presidents beliefs this author chooses not to provide any documented evidence to support his statements. The president's belief in the free enterprise system is manifest in his desire to see that everyone has a job, and yet the president's enemies have criticized him for the help he has offered the auto indutry in saving the jobs of almost a million workers. His belief in self-reliance is evidenced in his own life - brought up in a middle class family he put himself through college, took time to help a disadvantaged community find strength and then obtaioned the highest office in the land. He thinks all people should be justly rewarded for their hard work, not just those who find themselves at the top of the income tree.

Finally, the record is there to prove that Mitt Romney has changed his position on a number of issues. The president didn't lie about Mitt Romney and or about his own beliefs.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

And Romney has just been rebuked by Jeep for the lies he's currently repeating.

Do people in Utah even pay attention to fact-checkers?

I think Romney is far more guilty of using lies. President Obama's shortcomings on "keeping promises" are mostly due to Republican obstructionists. Maybe in his next term, President Obama will stop trying to play nice with people who want only to see him fail, not to work for the American people like they were elected to do.

Here, UT

Mitt Romney has made some obvious lies about Obama. Not to mention that every other word issuing from his mouth is a flip or a flop or a flip back.

Salt Lake City, UT

On the prevarication scale, Obama doesn't hold a candle to Mitt Romney.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I hope Governor Romney wins for one simple reason. I want the opportunity to dog him every second of every day when he doesn't single-handedly create 250,000 jobs every single month. When my 20% tax cut doesn't materialize because of the loss of these mysterious deductions and exemptions, I want someone to take the blame. If he for one second blames the previous President, I'll be here to keep my criticism going. That's the Utah way.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This what the American Conservative website said about Romney:

"Mitt Romney’s national ambitions represent little more than a nihilistic pursuit of power for power’s sake. No one knows for sure how he would govern because he very likely doesn’t, either. He has been on both sides of nearly every issue of substance not merely throughout his career, but sometimes during this campaign. Yes, all politicians trim, hedge, occasionally even change their minds. With Romney it is a characterological defect. His utter lack of intellectual honesty — indeed of any recognizable intellectual core whatsoever — is not something that should be rewarded even in a political system as shallow and dysfunctional as ours."

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


You say that politicians lie?

The next thing you will tell me is that bears do their business in the woods . . .


Can you name a single President who kept all his "promises/pledges?"

Presidents are constrained by many factors from keeping promises. The major factor is Congress. Another factor is changing circumstances. There are many other reasons why a President can't/ doesn't keep all thier promises. Adults understand that. I can guarantee a President Romney won't keep all his promises, such as "repealing" Obamacare the first day he is in office. He also won't be able to implement all the tax cuts he's proposed without increasing the debt and/or raising taxes on middle class families.

Politifact does a fairly decent job of keeping score of Obama's record of "promise-keeping."

Democrats also believe in free enterprise and self-reliance. They just live in the real world where people sometimes need help and free enterprise needs umpires.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Maybe Romney's best asset is that he is a good enough "flip-flopper" that he can conceivable reach a compromise with polar opposite congress members. But the rest of us have no idea what kind of compromise will turnout.

Salt Lake City, UT

As Mr. Obama said during the 2008 campaign, if you don't have any new ideas then focus on insulting your opponent. It's the "kill Romney" strategy they adopted early on. What's the president going to tout; 38 failed/failing government subsidized green jobs, 23 million unemployed, "shovel ready" jobs, the lowest percentage of employed workers in history, a $9 trillion debt ballooned to $16 trillion in four years, etc?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mr. Fillerup said, "Fill me up!"

And they did.

They filled him with nonsense and he was gullible enough to believe them.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Hemlock claims that "As Mr. Obama said during the 2008 campaign, if you don't have any new ideas then focus on insulting your opponent."

Let's see some solid documentation of that "quote."

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

I think we need a contest, for silliest conservative letters. First prize could be a trip, maybe, or a cruise. To Somalia; it's nice this time of year, and a laissez-faire paradise. No government, no interference with free markets. Plus, you know: Pirates! Who doesn't like pirates! Honestly, you'll have a good time.


@ one old man, That statement from Obama is factual. You can Google it or YouTube it. I've seen the proof of his statement several times. But go ahead and vote for second term for a man who promised that if he didn't turn things around and have the deficit cut in half, unemployment under 6%, and the "most transparent administration" ever, that he would be a one term president.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"As our two major presidential candidates sprint to the finish line, President Obama has decided to attack Mitt Romney on the basis that Romney will not keep his promises and will say anything to get elected.

This is an audacious claim"

No... No Steve, it is not.

Nothing could be closer to the truth.

Even the most ardent Romney supporters are very much aware of his flip flopping and saying/promising anything to buy off votes. Your letter reeks of desperation.

Your inability to see this only demonstrates how incredibly wise our founding fathers were when they created the Electoral College.

We cannot leave the election of our President to the ignorant, blind, biased, and completely ill-informed masses.

Sandy, UT

The author needs to step out of the his local chapel to really and honestly examine the Master Weathervane's record along with his stalking Jester called Chaffetz. When a recent governor is 20 points down in his home state that speaks volumes. The reality of his Bain days which he touts as a job creator is only a rouse that eliminated far more jobs than were ever created unless you count Bain employees in the hundreds of thousands. Even his most successful stint of leader of the SL Olympics were clouded by several demonstrations of his calloused attitude toward others illustrating a unattractive side of his character. No, we don't want a man whose goal is to dismantle the republic dollar by dollar, we want someone that will rebuild the republic brick by brick.

Orem, UT

ugottabkidn: You gotta be kidding! No dismantling has taken place under O'bama? Better look at the roots of the guy and consider his long term agenda. There will be one big pile of bricks and you get to pay the price. And as far as the Olympics go, the only people who had hurt feelings were those who took offense to the correct actions that he took. Sometimes when you've mess up and don't admit it, it's easy to point the finger at the person who had to fix your mess.

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