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Published: Monday, Oct. 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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London, 00

"Europeans can't vote" Is this a miss print? Or just a blatant lie?
Every country in Europe is a democracy. Europeans all vote! (The ones that can be bothered to anyway)
Mormonism is considered a bit of a Joke by the vast majority of free thinking Europeans, but apart from that Mitt Romney did come to London and make a complete fool of himself.

Tooele, UT

Re: "I suspect that American presidents will continue to embrace religion and Europeans will continue to be amazed by that."

And I suspect that fact explains a lot of Europe's troubles.

Taylorsville, 00

A Romney presidency would be an eye-opener in the field of religion. But to be fair, President Obama and family are also church-goers, but because it's not an 'unusual' religion, it isn't given the same attention as Governor Romney's. An eye-opener for many as well may be the LDS church's welfare program as media attention may get placed on that.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Oh, European support for OBama must be hatred of religion, especially Moromonism. I just can't be due to the fact that President Obama has rebuilt America's prestige around the world with a more inclusivve foreign policy. It must be because Europeans are less religious and they just can't understand a "righteous" man like Romney. It can't be because they see that Obama's social policies are more forward leaning and just, and that Romney would eliminate universal healthcare not to mention turning wall street loose to return to the policies that allowed them to practically destroy the economy's in this country and around the world.

And, it could not be that they see Obama as a preace maker, and Romney as a potential war monger. No, its all about regligious bigotry, nothing more.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Obama is still very popular in Europe. A republican with whatever credentials would have an uphill battle and surely Mr. Bennett would knows that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Europeans can accept certain behavior (mistresses and other indiscretions) as private and not indicative of a person's competence, but not religion. Both are a measure of character and religious values are no less legitimate than secular vales. You also forgot the mention that Iran and Venezuela both prefer Obama.

American Fork, UT

Europeans tend to care more for and about one another as people, rather than embracing the 'every man for himself' attitude. Plus, they recognise religion for what it is, and seem to do a better job trying to keep it out of politics.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Perhaps it's because the Europeans don't want to get sucked into yet another Middle Eastern War.


I am not surprised about the continue European love affair with Obama...

I was a missionary in England when Jimmy Carter was president. Inflation was rampant in the U.S.; Americans from the U.S. Embassy in Iran were being held hostage; intrest rates were near 20%; gasoline prices had doubled and Carter gave a speech from the White House of a great maliase that had overtaken our nation. And what did the English think of Carter? I heard many times that he was "the greatest president ever."

And as for religion, in northern England where I was, a former Methodist minister who had converted to Islam told me that about 3% of the population there goes to church on Sunday (churches such as the Catholics, Methodists and Church of England). I attended a few other faiths there and thought it sad that they only people attending were in their 60s. Further south in our mission, church attendance was slightly better... so it's no surprise that Europeans view religion with such disdain...

one old man
Ogden, UT

Maybe the Europeans are smart enough to recognize flips and flops.

Salt Lake City, Utah

These good folks in Europe need to brace themselves for disappointment. It isn't looking real rosy for Obama right now.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Bennett gives too much weight to religion as a factor in Europe's preference to Obama over Romney. Bush alienated Europe from the U.S. when Bush took to task those allies who refused to sign on for military intervention against Iraq over WMDs which turned out to be a hollow justification. Telling them "you're either for us or you're against us" turned off France and Germany who had provided more cooperation than our other allies to root out al Queda cells after 911. After the Bush era of unilateralism, the Obama Presidency came in like a breath of fresh air.

Ogden, UT

@Mike in Cedar City:

"I just can't be due to the fact that President Obama has rebuilt America's prestige around the world..."

Apologizing is not rebuilding.

As Romney stated in a debate, America doesn't dictate to foreign countries... it rids dictators in foreign countries.

"It must be because Europeans are less religious and they just can't understand a 'righteous' man like Romney."

No, it's because the Catholic Church has had Europe in its grips for centuries. But they need to pay attention as Muslims move in enmass to take control.

"... not to mention turning wall street loose to return to the policies that allowed them to practically destroy the economy's in this country and around the world."

It was the government loosening real estate mortgage requirements allowing for the proliferation of sub-prime mortgages to people who couldn't pay that almost destroyed our economy.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

My question to everyone is why would you take the endorsement of Europe? Those countries do not have a leg to stand on. While my vote is still undecided, I will admit that this story has me leaning more towards Romney.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr Bennett- you should have clarified that Western Europe (the sclerotic, one foot in the abyss side) supports Barack Obama while the relatively vibrant Eastern Europe supports Mitt Romney

Ogden, UT

@one old man:

"Maybe the Europeans are smart enough to recognize flips and flops."

Europeans seem to love the major flip-flopper, the one and only Barack Husein Obama. Mmmm, mmm, mm.

Salt Lake City, UT

Europe is a mess. You want heavy social programs and medicine, take a one way flight. Europe has historic and beautiful places to visit. Some, and only some countries actually make their primary and secondary educators have graduate degrees. That's about all the value to be desired in Europe. Oh, good food too. I love how the panelist that was slinging garbage about Mormonism apologized only after he realized a Mormon was in the room. Classy. Lots of character. Why do so many want to emulate Europe? Talk about a sinking ship. I know the American boat is taking on water as well, but let's not pull the plug by adopting a healthcare plan like Canada has had for 50 years, that they are now undoing because it costs so much. And Mike in CC, that's a real rose colored view of your man BO, but they really don't place much value in religion because of what took place under pretense of religion for so many centuries. You're exactly right, they like BO because he's not a threat. He's a pushover and they know it. China and Russia are perfect evidence of that.

Saint George, UT

Ah, the one panelist gambit...


One panelist does not make a trend...

Neither does a smattering of like minded conference go'ers.

Thank you.

Glendora, CA

I served a mission in Germany during the mid 70s. The constant discussion with the Germans was always socialistic leaning. They thought, (and still do), that religion is purely an institution and state-controlled, that should not be looked upon favorably at all. Furthermore, it is taught in the classroom, like we are beginning to see in our public schools, especially college, that religion is a man-made crutch, etc, etc. Karl Marx never died in Europe. Obama's Nobel was rushed to him, after just 6 weeks as POTUS. This was quite laughable, but not surprising to me.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

WRZ in Ogden. Obama oppologizing for America is one of Romney's biggest lies. You might consider doing a little independant fact checking. If you do you will find that Romney and his campaign have told a whole bunch of "whoppers" -- this was one of their first.

Other Romney lies: "The economy is worse" It's actually noticeably better. "Obama has doubled the deficit" Actually it's a little lower. I could cite at least 18 more misrepresentations or outright lies. But there is not enough time nor word space available in this comment block. Spend a little more time doing your own analysis and a little less time on Fox News is my advice to you.

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