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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

I'm everywhere binghamalum, you beloved bingham fan that exited in teh 2nd round last year!!! Woot Woot!!


@Utah Bruin
So basically, you're claiming that if Brock Anderson, and his backup got injured, followed by Mason Woodward and Kiwa Mo'o, Syracuse would still win, because the rest of Syracuse is so fundamentally sound and diciplined? Wow, quite the claim. I highly doubt that, and I doubt that even Hagatha would agree.

And just because Alta has some outstanding players, as I would also consider Brock Anderson to be, doesn't mean that the rest of Alta is undiciplined.

Saratoga Springs, UT


Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough in the several other post I laid out. I was responding to post directly to specific statements. I will try to be clear.

1) Last year is last year and I do not care what happened last year
2) This year, I think Alta is a very good team as well as Jordan, Syracuse and Bingham
3) I really do not think anyone else other than the four just mentioned have a shot at winning the title in 5A
4) I am not saying you, with your contact who plays for Alta. But, many are looking past Syracuse Football judging merely on their schedule this year. I am only saying, do not look past Syracuse, I have seen them play, they play very disciplined football.
5) Those who have played football know that a disciplined football team that plays disciplined assignment football is very hard to beat. They are talented.
6) I pick Syracuse to win this game, could Alta win, Absolutely! They are good.
7) If anyone disagrees with any of this other than my pick of course. You have never played football.

Nothing different than I have already said.

Saratoga Springs, UT


I have to address the Farce.

Your FYI, sorry but all opinions are not unbiased. Those who have ties to certain schools are not considered biased. Thus the reason that many TV stations and referees are not allowed to broadcast or referee their alma maters school. Because they cannot remain unbiased. This is a true factual statement.

You picking Alta has nothing to do with "Homer Glasses", the fact you responded the way you did. You don't know what homer glasses are.

The theory of comparible scores that you say never works was a mock on your theory of why a certain school should win of who beat who. I was mocking you, and your thoughts that Davis will lose because Brighton beat Davis, and Lone Peak beat Brighton and it came down to the end.

Seriously, folks you have to know what you write yourself and read all the post so that their is a full knowledge of what is being said. It is not just two people taking here, there are several. You can equate which post goes with which by reading them all.

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