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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Could you please make up your mind on the validity of judging a team's skill based on their strength of schedule? Because in one post you said, "you Alta lovers are putting way to much into a schedule. The only thing I can think is that you never played sports in your life", and in the very next post you spent the entire comment defending Syracuse's strength of schedule, listing all that "7 of 9" information. So if the opponents played don't matter, why are you bothering to defend Syracuse's foes?

The fact of the matter is that strength of schedule DOES matter, and as shown by Parry is a Farce, Alta's was much tougher. Several people, myself included, have agreed that Alta's SofSch was the toughest in the state.

That being said, and even as an Alta fan, I hope Alta isn't looking past this game, because Syracuse has plenty to bring to the field! And in talking with my brother, who plays for Alta, I don't think they are looking past the Titans. I can see it being close, or either of the teams running away with it.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Welcome Back BinghamAlum. So how did that move to Bingham work out for you? You won a couple of titles, that move must have really given a boost to your career in playing for a good Div 1 school right? Maybe you met your wife at Bingham, it can happen. You got a better education at Bingham, I think I am stretch'in it here. So you played at Bingham, that is great!

However, let me try to answer one of your questions. Why is Lone Peak the underdog at home to Davis? Because Lone Peak is not who everyone thinks they are just by looking at a record. I am telling you once again, Lone Peak is over rated, they still may win Friday, but I don't think so. Your a Bingham boy, I get it, you therefore think LP is amazing because they beat Bingham. Everyone who saw that game knows that Bingham should have worked them. Take away some last minute heroics by back ups, take away some stupid coaching by Bingham and they win easily. Thus the reason I say don't judge the team by a schedule, judge them by performance through a visual test.

Football Fan
Syracuse, UT

I could be wrong, however, I believe the same could be said about Alta's schedule last year as well. Remind me, how did that game end?

Saratoga Springs, UT


And it seems I must do the same to you that I did for Parry is a Farce. Your logic suggest that Lone Peak beats Davis because Brighton beat Davis and Brighton took Lone Peak to the end. In fact here is your ramblings..."Do you know Brighton beat that Davis team, and Brighton had Lone Peak until the last minute...."

So your theory suggest that Lone Peak will beat Davis because of the common opponent. So Davis scored 14 against Brighton and gave up 21, and Lone Peak scored 24 against Brighton but gave up 17. So in this game judging of course on the Brighton games, Lone Peak wins because they scored 24 and Davis only scored 14, and Brighton gave up less to Davis then they did to Lone Peak. So that must mean that Lone Peak even has a bigger advantage.

Seriously, you guys spend way to much time in the past and trying to justify your predictions. Be a fan, love the game, go ahead and make your pick, and if you win great, lose so what. We all have opinions, but your justification is flat out crazy. Don't be homers! Be fans!


@Football Fan

Syracuse won. Against a completely different team than Alta had used to achieve their #2 seed. As has been stated, several times, Alta's starting QB went down early. The backup QB went down a short time later. Then their star running back, who had carried the team all year went down, too. And who did they have to rely on in their passing game? Well, unfortunately their star receiver from last year (and this year), Ammon Barker, didn't play that game because of an injury the previous week. So cudos to Syracuse for pulling off the 2011 upset, but riding on last year's victory is a pretty weak argument.

Hopefully neither team suffers any game-changing injuries this year so they can just duke it out the way we all hope they will! With Alta winning in the end, of course :)


@Utah Bruin
It's called Sports Analysis! Every sports team and every sports network employs people to do this kind of thing, because it's fun and makes the sport more interesting, and helps build the anticipation and educate everyone about both teams history and expectations. No one is twisting your arm to read our analysis. Feel free to take your own advise; "Be a fan and make your pick", if that's all you want to do. No one is begging for more from you.

And if you'd like to continue posting, we'll be happy to keep arguing out opposing points of view with you.

Clinton/Davis, UT

I keep hearing how Alta's players went down last year. Maybe they need more conditioning to stay healthly for the playoff run. Dont blame that on getting beat. You plain got messed up. The scheduling needs to be talked about. Why arent you complaining about last years schedule for Syracuse? It is the same schedule as last years team. These kids cant control that scheduling stuff. They just go out and play their opponents. I do hope evryone stay healthly because we will be treated to and awesome game. You play to your competition.

Ogden, UT


Example # 6 of incorrect statements/flat out lies...

"I dont get how hagatha thinks becuase they go 4-0 in playoffs means they are the best!"

--I never once said or wrote the above statement. Go back and CHECK your facts! Stop making things up or putting words into my mouth that I did not say.

Example # 7
0 football titles since 2003 (davis). That will continue!
Same with basketballbutthatwas2004.(fremont)

--Davis won the state title in football in 2004, not 2003.
--Fremont won the state basketball title in 2005, not 2004.

Get your facts straight before posting!

Ogden, UT

"you guys spend way to much time in the past and trying to justify your predictions."

I agree with you here. I am a fan and love the game and love to know the facts about teams and schools etc.

There are others (we won't name any names) who spend waaay too much time in the past trying to justify their predictions and they call it "sports analysis" yet they can't even get their facts straight.

Once you get your facts straight, then we can have a discussion on sports analysis and we can analyze without bias what our thoughts are on the games.

At least you are one person on here that has some common sense and doesn't just live in a fantasy past.

Saratoga Springs, UT


Just when I thought you were an educated poster you fail me. If you read my post like you say you did, you would see that I was mocking Parry's Farce. Also, I didn't defend 'Cuse schedule, again you have to read. I simply stated a few facts in contradiction to the Farces statement. I made a simple statement in regards to someone else's comment.

And you say it is called "Sports Analysis", if that is what you and Farce think you are doing, then in Mr. Farce's and Bingham Alums case the homer glasses need to be removed before you do it. You can't analyze something while rooting for someone, that is my whole point. I have no problem with peoples comments or analysis, but don't give the watered down version of anyones school colors. Along with your so called "Sports Analysis" that nobody here is professional and getting paid, myself included, it is called debate. You have to read all the post, not just the ones you want to, it makes more sense that way. Man I am so disappointed, I thought you were one of the logical ones. Tisk Tisk

Saratoga Springs, UT


You indicate that strength of schedule "DOES" matter.

Two things here.

First, I have never said that Alta did not play a tough schedule, they did, they played some pretty good teams. I don't think anybody disagrees with you or the other bunch of posters on here crying the same thing about their schools, myself included. They played good schools.

Second, Strength of Schedule does not mean a dang thing, this is proven year after year in the College BCS poll. Aside from that, it comes down to the play on the field, execution, discipline, execution, discipline.

Give me 22 good players who execute and are disciplined and you take your 3 or 4 great players with your team, (your reason for losing last year, not mine - because of injuries) and my 22 good players will beat you every single time. Doesn't matter where I play, or my schedule compared to yours. 'Cuse executes and plays disciplined football and are better this year than last, thus my reason for picking them. I question Alta's discipline and execution. This is my "Sports Analysis". I will gladly say I missed when Alta wins if that happens. I don't thinks so.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Just keep it real, that is all Hagatha and I are asking. Real, True, Unbiased Opinions.

Alta is good, nobody doubts that.

'Cuse is good, everybody doubts that because of a schedule they played (But Dominated)

Jordan is good, nobody doubts that

Bingham is good, nobody doubts that

Lone Peak is good, right? I don't think so, but they must be they beat Bingham and are 8-2. Go watch them play, they are average at best, thus the reason Davis is favored this week and why most anticipate a close game either way.

The title in 5A this year goes through (in my own opinion of order) 1)Jordan 2) Syracuse 3) Bingham 4) Alta. I have seen all 4 of these schools play more than once or twice, this is where my opinion comes from. Does it mean I am right, absolutely not. But I just might be right. And with the defense that I have given on all these teams, you have to consider that I could be or agree with some of it. I do not doubt any of these teams putting it all together and winning it, Alta is 4th for me. Sorry.

Ogden, UT

Exactly UtahBruin.

And you don't need to be sorry about putting Alta 4th. I know that is just your opinion and I know that you are a fan of the game that isn't biased like others, so I respect your comment about who you think will win te 5A title.

South Jordan, UT


Utah bruin,

no more talk!

Ill let the Salt Lake Valley schools do the talking! Becuase that is where 5Afootball state title will be this year! It took one year off and went to Utah county.

But this year, its Jordan Vs Bingham/Alta/Syracuse

With Jordan Alta Bingham deciding who wins it!

Ive stated no one is affraid of Region one because for 8 years, not one single title has went north of Salt Lake in 5A football

Basketball will be the same thing, Lone Peak will keep it down there, 7years.

There are your facts.

My picks so I wont comment again

Alta Wins 24-21
Bingham wins 50-7
Lone Peak wins 28-17
Jordan wins 50-14

How can you say that Lone Peak is not who people say they are???
What more do They have to do????
They won region 4! They lost the Utah HS football POY in 2011, you have a brand new QB, They won the region still.

Davis BARELY made it into the playoffs, then Beat Kearns! (congratslookout)

They dont do it pretty but you know what they have done..........

Saratoga Springs, UT

SeeYa BinghamAlum, it's been good, not! You asked questions and I was one who you addressed at the top so I will give my two cents.

1) You let those SLV teams do the talking, I would hope they would since we only have 4 5A schools compared to your 13 and we have to somehow count Lehi as 5A. Darn, you win.

2) I haven't polled all the SLC schools on fear of an opponent, so you got me there because you have. Dang, you win again.

3) You included 'Cuse as one of four schools where the title will be, then you exclude them the next sentence. I agreed with your first statement of the 4. Yes, a draw.

4) ???Basketball??? This is football. I win!

5) Your picks, you might be right. I disagree, but you very well be right I don't doubt that.

6) Your LP question, I have seen them play

7) Lone Peak has to play and execute better

8) Last year, nobody cares about last year ask the SF Giants what they thought about St Louis this year because of last year.

9) They are in and they won

10) Last year

Ogden, UT


You have no credibility at all, whatsoever.

"With Jordan Alta Bingham deciding who wins it!"
--Please explain to me why these three teams will be the ones that will decide who wins the state title? Is it because someone will get paid off to have one of these three teams win it? And don't tell me it hasn't happened before, because I have proof that it has.

--And please stop getting so defensive in your posts...you "Salt Lake Valley" folks sure don't like when people prove that you are wrong...sheesh!!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

I think I give Syracuse credit. I HOPE they win Friday. I'm a Bingham Alum and it pains me for Alta to win. That said, I think Alta wins Friday - hope I'm wrong. I do think Syracuse is a little overrated because they have played a lesser schedule.

Someone tried to tout how good Region 1 was because they went 4-0 in the first round. I argue that it is more a function of Region 2 being bad than Region 1 being good. I think Region 1 is on par with Regions 3 and 4.

I still think that Syracuse has played a weak schedule and others have argued that it is not that weak because "7 of their 9 opponents made the playoffs". I just argue that other schools have 7 of their 9 opponents make the playoffs too. [sarcasm on] If it wasn’t for that region schedule, Syracuse could have replaced Layton and Weber with Duchesne and San Juan and then 9 or your 9 opponents would have made the playoffs [sarcasm off].

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


“. . . that is all Hagatha and I are asking. Real, True, Unbiased Opinions.”

FYI, All opinions are biased. Just because my opinion is different than yours does not mean mine is biased and yours isn’t.


“And you say it is called "Sports Analysis", if that is what you and Farce think you are doing, then in Mr. Farce's and Bingham Alums case the homer glasses need to be removed before you do it.”

If I was wearing my homer glasses, I’d pick Alta to lose every time. I was at Bingham in the 80s when Alta killed us. They were winning State titles and we were fighting Taylorsville just to lose in the first round. Picking Alta is the last thing homer glasses would let me do.

You also try to make a case using who beat who by how much. That is a losing argument: “The theory of comparative scores” never works.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Davis is not favored over Lone Peak. Parry’s system favors Lone Peak by 7 over Davis (and from my name you can see that I have my doubts about Parry’s system). The DN prep editor, James Edwards is picking Davis. Just because he picks them does not mean they are necessarily favored. Parry picks Alta and Edwards picks Syracuse.

I'll go out on a limb and give Syracuse credit (since I’ve been accused of not doing so – does this count as an “unbiased opinion” too?).

My Predictions:

Syracuse 273, Alta -7 (Syracuse defense is that good that Alta will actually lose points!!)
Bingham 52, Fremont 7
Lone Peak 23, Davis 19
Jordan 42, Northridge 34

South Jordan, UT

papi chulo is back
The fremont fan last year who loved when his beloved Silverwolves beat the Miners at there home field! and still didnt win state! even though you did beat Bingham, 2nd is as close as exiting first round.

-Ill explain I said my picks are Jordan Alta Bingham to win the state this year.

Why do I HAVE TO explain ?

Its very simple in my mind, because Syracuse has not shown me they can win state because I dont credit any of there wins at all. They will be given MUCH credit after they can beat ALTA two years in a row! Then i will tip my hat!

But this is about my opinions and my picks!

Im standing by it! saying Region 1 tomorrow is going to be eliminated!
If they arent Im not going to be suprised at....
Syracuse winning, or even Davis!

But I am not worried about Bingham or Jordan at all.
State runs through Jordan this year! So all our talk is for nothing in my opinion.

and my talk,

My pick is Jordan this year, Not Bingham just so you all know.
Best team in Utah gets 0 respect!

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