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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Here is how I see the 5A Regions breakdown on skill level. To simplify it, I'm using a 5 Star rating system.

Region 1:
Syracuse - 5 stars
Northridge - 4 stars
Davis - 3 stars
Freemont - 2 stars (based on performance, not what could have been without injury)
Layton - 3 stars
Weber - 1 star
Total: 18 stars

Region 2:
Hunter - 3 stars
Granger - 3 stars
Kearns - 2 stars
West - 1 star
Viewmont - 1 star
Taylorsville - 1 star
Total: 11 stars

Region 3:
Jordan - 5 stars
Alta - 5 stars
Brighton - 4 stars
Cottonwood - 2 stars
West Jordan - 1 star
Copper Hills - 1 star
Total: 18

Region 4:
Lone Peak - 5 stars
Bingham - 5 stars
Riverton - 3 stars
Pleasant Grove - 3 stars
American Fork - 2 stars
Lehi - 1 star
Total: 19

Based on this, it seems like pretty much all the regions except 2 are fairly equal. Couple good, couple average and a couple bad teams.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

UtahBruin and Hagatha,

I never said Region 1 was not good. My point is that Region 2 is bad. Region 1 people want to say that they are good because they went 4-0 in the first round. Bad argument because Region 2 is that bad. You might argue that Region 1 is good because they beat a bunch of 4A schools in their non-region games and that is a better argument than going 4-0 against Region 2. 3A schools would probably go 4-0 against Region 2.

I agree in principle with ProudBigBrother. Regions 1, 3, and 4 each have a couple good teams, a couple average teams, and a couple bad teams. Region 2 has a couple average (or slightly below average teams) and several bad teams. From here, I think Fremont and Davis have virtually no chance to win 3 games, but any of the other 6 could and be hoisting the trophy at RES in a couple weeks.

Saratoga Springs, UT


I have heard that Kafentzis kid has already given a verbal to BYU? Do you know if this is true. I just thought that as highly touted as this kid is around here and for his age he is only going to get better and bigger schools may come calling as Alabama with the C-Wood kid. What do you know on this?

As for your Five Star System, I like it. However mine would go a little more like this.

Region 1 - 17 Stars - I gave Layton a two instead of a three.
Region 2 - 12 Stars - I actually gave Kearns a three, I thought the top of that region was very equal
Region 3 - 16 Stars - I dropped Alta and Brighton 1 a piece
Region 4 - 17.5 Stars - I dropped LP to three and a half stars if I can, I have seen them play to much to justify a five. And for Riverton and PG, I will give 3's also, I think both teams are on the cusp of being legit 4's or even 5's in the next year or two

Parity is only among three regions right now

Saratoga Springs, UT

@Parry is a Farce

I agree with you that Region 2 is bad. I never said Region 1 was good because of who they did or did not beat, I am looking only at on field performances. Seeing the athletes, speed, discipline (which by the way I think is a huge part of football) coaching decisions, etc. Don't strictly judge by who they play, 3a, 4a, does not matter. It is how they perform, what they do. If you have played sports you know that many times athletes play to the level of competition, that is why we see upsets every year in high school, college, etc. Judge by who they are and how they play. People say, (I am not saying you) Syracuse is not that good because of who they have played and are overrated. They have given up 70 points this year, they did not have many let downs like Bingham who should have beaten Lone Peak. Don't judge a book by the cover, judge by what's on the inside, in this case the team itself, not schedule. That is all I am saying and what I think Hagatha is saying.


I can see changing LP to 4 stars. However, I think Bingham is worthy of 5 stars, and since LP beat then I had a hard time not giving them credit for that. And since Alta beat Bingham (and Timpview), I'd say they deserve 5, as well. But we all know in bias when it comes to Alta :)

The main point of rating the teams in that matter was really just to show that regions 1, 3 and 4 are just about even in talent. I think it did that.

I know that Kafentzis has been approached by BYU, and that they made a soft offer of interest, but I don't think he actually committed. Schools aren't allowed to approach players with actual offers until after the player's junior year, or something like that. I'm sure plenty of other schools will come knocking later on.


My hopes for the playoffs: Northridge upsets Jordan, and ends up in the finals for a rematch with Syracuse. Any other region 1 fans think that would be crazy??

South Jordan, UT

But it does matter who you play. If Bingham played a season full of Lehi's, they would have given up 7 points all year. One reason Syracuse didn't have a letdown is because they played a bunch of weak Region 1 teams. The reason you don't see the top teams like Bingham playing 3A-4A teams is because it does nothing for them. They would walk all over those teams and they would learn nothing from it. They try and schedule the best out there so they are ready and battle tested come playoff time. I'm calling at least a 35 pt win this week by Bingham over Fremont. This team has a very bad taste in it's mouth from last year. As do the coaches that I've spoke with. So I don't see them calling the dogs off very early in this one. Again I am calling Syracuse beating Alta at home. But if that does happen, their winning streak will end at 11 having to get Bingham in the semi's.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Have to agree with points from both Gunner and UtahBruin. If Bingham played a schedule of Lehi's (or 3A and 4A schools), they'd only give up 7 points all year. Also agree that teams play to their competition. So if you play better competition, you are better.

BTW, Bingham last played a team from a lower classification in 1988.

Clinton/Davis, UT

Here up north we would get hung for throwing the ball in the second half. Jordan won 56-0. I think there was also a record involved with this win. Syracuse could have run up the scores on a bunch of teams but that is not how we judge how good a team is. I also think stats are getting inflated as well for some of the state honors at the end of the year. But dont blame the kids this year for playing a weaker schedule, the team last year played those same teams. It will be a great game and I think all that go will see a good fight. This years team is even better and more rounded than last years team. And they do have depth. Dont hate this years team from what last years team did with the same schedule. We were to play East last year for the first game of the season but they backed out to play Pineview instead. They are trying to schedule better teams. Go "Cuse"!!!!!!!!!!

South Jordan, UT

And I started at LB for that team. It was vs Provo and they thumped us! :(

California Preps
Los Angeles, CA

Syracuse has played no competition this year! If Alta had that schedule, they too would be 10-0, and have the least amount of points scored against them. All you Region 1ers that think that syracuse is going to roll all over Alta, have another thing comeing. Alta has a great defense, and behind Jordan, has probably the second best offense in the state. Their offense is loaded with weapons, that I don't think Syracuse has seen this year. They are not one deminsional. Alta also plays their best games on the road. Alta's has played the toughest schedule in the state of Utah this year, and that has prepared them for this game against Syracuse on Friday. Lets not keep remembering last years gam as well. Alta entered that game at 9-1, and ranke #2 in 5A. Yes Syracuse beat them, but they beat a sophomore quarterback that had no varsity experience. Offense was very lackluster after losing their starting quarterback, their starting running back, and yes their backup quarterback, all to injuries in one game. That doesn't happen very often to a football team. Alta will take it to Syracuse on friday. Go Hawks!

Prep Fanatic
Los Angeles, CA

Syracuse has played one of the weakest schules in 5A, so they are unproven against good competition. Their schedule consisted of two 3A teams, with only one of them qualifying them for the playoffs in Desert Hills. They played a very weak 4A Skyline team, that got crushed last week against Bountiful in the first round of the playoffs. And then there's Region 1. Weak, weak teams. 10-0 is a great feat, but who did you play? Alta on the other hand, played the toughest schedul in the state, and probably the toughest region in the state. Yes they got crushed by Don Bosco Prep, but there isn't a team in this entire state that wouldv'e been in that ball game as well. Don Bosco is currently the fifth best team in the country. Alta will be Syracuse's first real test of the season, and this Alta team has way more talent and depth than last years team.

5A Semi finals:

Alta vs Bingham
Lone Peak vs Jordan

Sorry Region 1, but none of your teams will make it past this week.

Ogden, UT

Example # 5 From Prep Fanatic (In regards to Syracuse schedule)
Their schedule consisted of two 3A teams, with only one of them qualifying them for the playoffs in Desert Hills.

--As I have stated before and will state again if necessary, Syracuse played one 3A team this year in a very good Desert Hills team. Unless there was some mystery 3A game that they played that I don't know about, you need to check your facts before posting incorrect statements. Posting incorresct statements will not give you credibility.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I think goaggies1 makes some very valid points that I agree with. I am not a Alta or a 'Cuse fan, I am a fan of the game. But you Alta lovers are putting way to much into a schedule. The only thing I can think is that you never played sports in your life. So all of you can honestly say that when you played on the ultimate favorite team(s), you never got upset. I hope Alta goes into 'Cuse thinking like you all that this is an easy win because of the schedule 'Cuse played. I guarentee you that if your Hawks walk into 'Cuse with that attitude they are going to get smacked in the mouth, and hard.

I wish both these teams luck, it is ultimately the absolute game of the week next to Hurricane and JD. But this one is bigger just because it is 5A. I hope it is a great flawless game for both and may the true best team win.

Saratoga Springs, UT

And Hagatha is back with hopefully the final knockout blow. He is right, only one 3A team folks. Not to mention it again to you biased fans who keep hammering the 'Cuse schedule, they also played 9 games with pre and regular season, 7 of those 9 teams made the playoffs, and 5 of those teams are still alive in the playoffs. Don't care who won and who lost, 5 are still alive because they are winners, and I would really only call one an upset if you really want to give it that much credit of Fremont over Hunter. I have to agree with my friend Hagatha, this is all getting old. Same ole stuff and nobody tries to learn from it. And @ Parry is a Farce, you said you agreed with my points and then you hammer my point of 'Cuse only giving up 70 not 7 points is I think what you meant. 'Cuse didn't play a bunch of Lehi's, you are confusing that with Region 2, see notes above, 'Cuse played 7 playoff teams of 9 of which 5 of the 7 are still alive.

South Jordan, UT

UtahBruin: I'm curious because I don't have the stats on the 7 playoff teams Cuse played during the season. How many of those 7 teams had winning records during the season? Region records, and over all records? Like I said, I don't know so am just asking an honest question because I'm curious.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


I agree that at the High School level teams often play to the level of their competition. That being said, if you play a tougher schedule, you play better because your competition is better. I argue that Alta has played a tougher schedule and therefore, I think they are more tempered than Syracuse.

I also think that if you schedule weaker opponents, you can inflate your stats. You point to the Syracuse defense. If Bingham had played a 3A school instead of Alta, and a mid-tier 4A school instead of Lone Peak (I know it is a region game and so not really an option, but . . .) and another mid-tier 4A school instead of a good out-of-State team (Valor Christian), they probably give up 20 to 30 fewer points which puts them near where Syracuse is, defensive statwise.

I think Syracuse is incredible to be 10-0 at this point of the season , regardless of who they have played. Going 10-0 is tough. At the same time, I think they might be a little overated because they went 10-0 against a lesser schedule than other teams (e.g., Alta) played.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

People are throwing out that 7 of the 9 teams Syracuse played made the playoffs to try to validate Syracuse’s schedule. Well 7 of the 9 in-state teams that Alta played made the playoffs too. Lets line them up and see how that falls out:

Both played Riverton. Push.

Both played two 4A schools, Alta played Timpview/Olympus; Syracuse played Skyline/Box Elder. I think Timpview is best of those 4, Box Elder is worst, and Olympus beat Skyline so Alta had tougher games on both counts.

The teams they played from their own regions (listed by final region standings): Jordan/Cottonwood/Brighton versus Northridge/Davis/Fremont. We’ll know for sure on Friday about Jordan/Northridge but I’d give the nod to Jordan. I think Fremont is the worst of the other 4 and Davis/Brighton/Cottonwood are fairly even. Advantage 2 to Alta with 1 push.

So the last one is: Alta played 5A Bingham while Syracuse played 3A Desert Hills. Desert Hills has had a nice season. They went 1-1 against 5A and are 7-3 overall. But I gotta go with Bingham on this one. Advantage Alta.

South Jordan, UT

OK im back!

@hagatha and Utahbruin

I grew up in Box Elder, but I knew Northern Utah was not going to get me seen and not allow me to win state titles.

Moved to Bingham, won two state titles,
I like northern utah football enjoyed one town one team, but........ comeon

To the Region 1 believers......Like I said 0-4 this weekend! region 1 is gone.

Bingham Kills Fremont!

Lone Peak wins by 10 points, which is a typical game for them,

Jordan willllllllll win by 30 points! (no way is it close at all)

Alta will go into Syracuse and win (Best game)
I dont get how hagatha thinks becuase they go 4-0 in playoffs means they are the best!

You just beat 4 really bad teams, Bingham would of stomped Hunter by 40 points and is going to stomp fremont by 40

How does lone Peak who won there region, become the underdog to Davis who had to win a playin game to just be in!

Do you know Brighton beat that Davis team, and brighton had Lone Peak until the last minute....

0 football titles since 2003 (davis). That will continue!
Same with basketballbutthatwas2004.(fremont)

Saratoga Springs, UT

Gunnar: 5 of the 7 had winning region records, 5 had winning overall records and one was .500

ParryisaFarce: I am not denying Alta played a tough schedule. The thing is don't knock 3A schools to hard, they beat several teams still in the 4 and 5A playoffs. The wins came against winning 5A and 4A playoff teams. Don't sell these 3A boys short, they can play with almost anyone and have beaten some good competition. So when you are judging competition, since we have a comparable in Riverton, well 'Cuse shut them out and scored 23, Alta gave up 7 and 14 and scored 19 and 27 in two games, average those out and Alta gave up 10.5 and scored 23, so in your theory 'Cuse scored 23 on Riverton and Alta averaged 23 on Riverton but gave up on average 10.5 points to 'Cuse's 0, that means 'Cuse would win on averages. Right? Listen, I don't know who wins the game, I pick 'Cuse, my opinion. But Alta very well could win this game. I get what you are saying, the difference is I give Alta credit, you give 'Cuse none because of a schedule.

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