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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Prince certainly adds the senior leadership and is a proven winner (3X State Wrestling Champion) but Elison is quick and a very accurate passer. In the OT loss to DH he hit his receivers in the hands on both third and fourth downs. If either catch is made we go into a third OT. Prince is able to play still and actually adds a strong wing to the Offense. This will really keep JD honest on their pursuit as the threat of Prince coming back on the counter is a big concern now.
I see this game being a very low scoring affair coming down to a field goal or TD on the last drive. Unfortunately, this has gone to JD the last three matchups so hopefully we are due.
Go Tigers!


I don't understand what it is with Bingham High School football fans, but for some reason you really like to disrespect Region 1 teams. Last year it was jar-ka-rus and now it's you. It's just like last year when you were going on and on about how Bingham was gonna roll over Fremont and make it to the state championship against Lone Peak. Unfortunately, you don't realize how strong Syracuse's defense is. Syracuse has consistently shut down every team they've faced and they still have a decent strength of schedule (i.e. every school except for Weber and Layton made it to the playoffs). Syracuse, if they beat Alta, will make it to the State Championship.

South Jordan, UT

SportsLover24: Just so you know, Alta was nowhere near supposed to win it all last year when Syracuse beat them in the first round. Alta had a very down year last year. Bingham right now is probably playing some of the best ball in the state, perhaps with the exception of Jordan. Their defense is scary good! Their Will LB just committed to a full ride to Hawaii last week. Not to mention Star's little brother on the D line. And now that they have finally stopped the shuffling of QB's in and out, and have gone with the Bowles kid, their offense is tearing it up. VS. Cottonwood last week, they scored 3 TD's in 5 offensive plays. And their defense made the Colts QB that is going to Alabama look like a 9th grader. A botched hold on an extra point vs. Alta, and a couple of very questionable coaching calls vs. Lone Peak, and this team is undefeated up to this point. Not to mention the beating of Valor Christian who is a very tough nationally ranked team. I do think Syracuse beats Alta this week though.

Jo Momma

I think that maybe my sheep could do better coaching at pv than their current system.

Man O War
Salt Lake CIty, UT

I love how region 1 people brag how they must be good because they have so many teams in the playoffs. Good job. its actually pretty sad that 2-7 teams get in. Good job beating Hunter, Granger and Kearns, Viemont yes the powerhouses of 5A football.

It also funny that Region 1 talks about that 1 good team that beats someone good each year, well done. I also love how region 1 is like the "defense" region, when in reality its mostly that their offenses aren't great.

I pick all Region 1 out this week with the exception of maybe Syracuse, maybe. We'll see how much Defense they really play up in region 1 this week.


Gunner, you must've forgotten that Alta went into the Syracuse game last year 9-1 and ranked #2, it wasn't a down year, you were thinking of their 2010 team which wasn't very good. Syracuse is the favorite this year, they've beaten some awesome 3A teams like Box Elder and Desert Hills, along with Northridge, Davis, Fremont, and Layton. I would think Syracuse should schedule their buses for the trip to RES next week to play Bingham, they're that good.

Jo Momma

I have really smart sheep but they are not smart enough to coach at Cedar. They have good coaches.

draper, ut

PV. is like West, all that talent and no leadership ..

south jordan, UT

Valor Christian is a "nationally ranked team" ??? yea they sure are....ranked #609(#9 in colorado) in the nation! thats WEAK. Bingham even though their ranked #211 is still WAY higher than Valor Christian. so really beating them isnt that much of a statement. Listen, i do think Bingham could suprise everyone in 5a but dont play the woulda coulda shoulda card on the games u guys lost. EVERY team with a loss or 2 can play that same card too but its just better to focus on the future rather than the past. im actually rooting for the miners to take the state title so i hope the players and coaches dont have the same mind set as you.(no offense)

Hurricane, UT

I would watchout for PV next year. I hear they have 13 returning starters, and of those 13, 25 have D-1 scholarships. Yikes.

Provo, UT


I find it funny how you believe "Region9Tiger" is "conceding the game to JD already." There's a difference in a lack of faith and being humble. Region9Tiger is obviously a Hurricane supporter and believes they can win it. He also shows humility, something I believe a lot of PV and others lack.

I also find it funny how every year Pine view comes in hyped to take state and be the best in the country then fails to win crucial games. We can always blame others for our defeats, but I mean can't we ever praise the opposition for there performance.

That being said, the Hurricane JD game is going to be a great game. I can't wait to see how we stack up again against JD. Hopefully this time we can take one from them on their own field.

Does anyone know how JD will be affected in the six classification scenario?

draper, ut


Where were they this year? Prove yourselves first, then warn everyone to watch out...!

JD Fan..

Provo, UT


Lous65 was being sarcastic..... go back and read every preseason review about PV since the beginning of mankind, they are picked to take state every year... It was a joke. my goodness

on the other hand god bless to all.

Hurricane, UT


I think Louis65 was making a Joke. Good stuff

Washington, ut

Sounds like you're trying to defend someone "Irrelevant", if that is your real name.

Layton, Utah

Make no mistake Truesilverwolf
Bingham has the #1 defense in the state. Fremont will be a speed bump this year, sorry your team is a one hit wonder. We hear every year Fremont fans hate for Bingham. But you sure know how to spew smack as well. We heard all about how Davis was going to beat Bingham in the championship and that didn't happen. Syracuse may or may not be great. But you are really fooling yourself if you think the teams they have played save maybe North Ridge are like Bingham or Alta. Alta isn't a dominant team this year and may lose . They beat Alta last year yes, but did they make it to the championship? No. Why the difference this year?

draper, ut

Lol...my cell won't let me look a previous post.....

Saratoga Springs, UT


No I have not lived in Utah County my whole life, I am one of the many California transplants to Utah over the years. Thus, my unbiased opinions for any school in Utah unlike yourself with Bingham. Bingham is a good team, but they're not the best in the state, not even second best. They win this week, with the easier road out 5A teams to play a down C-Wood team and then Fremont. I pick 'Cuse to beat Alta, and Bingham will not beat either 'Cuse or Alta, whoever wins that game. I realize you are an Alum, but be partial, you are not a player anymore, if you were then. School pride is great but when it comes to playoffs you have to have an unbiased opinion. In 5A Jordan is the team to beat, after that it is 'Cuse, after that, I think it is Alta and after that it is a toss up between Bingham and N-Ridge and after that who cares.

Oh and by the way, yes I have seen Bingham play - Live. And yes I have seen 'Cuse play - Live. It is about being a fan, not an alum.

Ogden, UT

Ok, people...listen up...please stop posting things on here unless you have done your research and know what you are talking about.

Example # 1 From Jarka-rus: Fremont will be a speed bump this year, sorry your team is a one hit wonder.
--(One hit wonder?)(You say one hit wonder, because Fremont beat you last year?) They have beaten you other times as well, and have made it to the state finals the past two years, so I guess you could say they are a two hit wonder if you wanted to)

Example # 2 From plyxply: (In regards to Syracuse) they've beaten some awesome 3A teams like Box Elder and Desert Hills
--Please note that Box Elder is a 4A school and not a 3A school as you wrote.

Example # 3 From SportsLover24: Sorry Fremont, but I think you'll get smashed by Jordan...
--FYI, Fremont doesn’t play Jordan this week, NEWSFLASH: They play Bingham! The only way they would play Jordan is if they make it back to the State Championship again this year, which is not likely.

Please know what you're talking about it you are going to post on here!

Ogden, UT

And finally, just for good measure,
@ Binghamalum
“will people quit comparing Bingham of Old to new Bingham teams! Stop comparing Bingham right now to the same team that was ranked #4 in the country. Please stop that.”
I think the reason people compare them, is because all of the Bingham fans I have spoken with only love to talk about how great that team was and then compare this year’s team to the # 4 ranked team. They are a measuring stick for BHS and will be for many years to come. Sorry that you do not like it, but you’ll have to deal with it. Life isn’t fair…as we saw with the UHSAA ruling for East and against Timpview.

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