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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

just watch on Saturday...

I think that Northridge is going to surprise Jordan and it will at least be close, although I think Jordan is better. Davis will beat Lone Peak and Syracuse will beat Alta. Bingham is going to slaughter Fremont.



Super excited for the games this week! Should be some good ones!!! I stand with mykalijordan in the belief that the winner of Juan Diego and Hurricane will be the eventual state champion in 3A. Unfortunately, this is only a quarterfinal game. This postseason has already had too many semi and championship match-ups too early, but you got to beat the best eventually whether in the beginning or the end! Good luck to all and Go Tigers!!!!

Saratoga Springs, UT

@cubs4Life - You make my point exactly, it shouldn't be determined prior to season. Rank and Seed them. I know it is uneven with schools and playoff spots, but do not give the 5 Seed out of a reg. a playoff spot until the season is done. Also, don't pair up regions. Seed the teams.

As for state.

5A - Bingham wins this week and then they are done. Not the Bingham of old, they are over rated just like Lone Peak. Davis beats Lone Peak. 'Cuse beats Alta, 'Cuse beats Bingham. Jordan beats Davis and 'Cuse.

4A - Orem beats Highland, and I think Mtn Crest beats Bountiful, which sets up a great passing game with Orem and Mtn Crest that I think Orem gets at RES. Timpview gets Woods Cross, East rolls up BE. East proved to be easy to pass on with Logan throwing for 437 yards and Herriman throwing for 302. Timpview rolls big and beats Orem again for the title.

3A - I think Region 9 is to tough, Spanish won't beat D. Hills, and I think Hurricane gets past JD and Stansbury and wins it all, like they have been there before.


@ goaggies1
Alta only returned 3 starters this year, and only 1 of those was from a line position. Barker and Handley were the other two. So while you're correct in being impressed by Syracuse doing something similar, Alta has that impressive fact going for them, too.

Northridge is the only team with a good offense to play Syracuse, so far. When they played, Northridge was the second highest scoring team in 5A. But Northridge earned those points against easy defenses, so it wasn't too shocking when Syracuse shut them down. Alta will be their first real defensive test this year, and their DBs better be on their game or Alta's WRs will tear them apart!

St. George, UT

I would be curious to what a Desert Hills Fan, Coach, or player thinks about the Dixie/Stansbury game? Both teams played Desert Hills, and played them in close games. I feel Dixie has a chance to knock off Stansbury if they can protect the QB, and catch the ball as they did against North Sanpete. I don't know if their defense can stop Stansbury's run game, but I think Dixie has the tools win a high scoring game. Anyway, that's my two cents.

Washington, ut

Does anybody else think it might be time for a change in coaching at Pine View? So many good teams and talent squandered away the past few years...

South Jordan, UT


You've lived in utah county all your life right?

Have you been to one single Bingham game thisyear???? Have you even seen Syracuse yet living down in Saratoga Spring?

HAVE you not seen Bingham has beat there last 4 opponents 183-27
( not great competition)
done since a blown game to Lone Peak

BINGHAM is HEALTHY if you dont wanna hear it from me, Go read what Coach Peck said him self about this same team your thinking is overrated!

will people quit comparing Bingham of Old to new Bingham teams! Stop comparing Bingham right now to the same team that was ranked #4 in the country. Please stop that.

Why do people think Davis who had to win a playin game will go down to Lone peak and Win??

They beat a bad kearns and people think that region 1 will have 3 teams at Rice eccles next week!

Bingham kills fremont
Alta beats syracuse a very goood game
Jordan whoops Northridge
Lone Peak squeak one out at home.

Leaving 0 teams from Region 1!
Remember people 2003 the last region 1 football title.
making it 9 years in a row

Sugarhouse, UT

The way I see it, it's pretty up in the air in 4A. And 5A is pretty set. Bingham, Lone Peak, and Jordan are all going to roll this week, Alta and Syracuse will be the game of the week, and will go to the wire, Ultimately though, I think home field takes it. In 4A, the only sure thing that I see is East beating Box Elder, Box Elder isn't that good, East will tear them apart. I realize that Timpview is an obvious favorite over WX, but I think WX is underestimated, and their home advantage will be big, I think they win. Bountiful and Mt. Crest will be interesting, both teams have the potential to blow the other one, up, and it's going to be a momentum game, whoever grabs the momentum will win. As for Orem and Highland, I'm saying 4A game of the week. Orem's Offense is good, but their D isn't too great, Highland is the other way around, but I think Highland takes it.

What I see:
Syracuse - Bingham
Lone Peak - Jordan

Highland - Mt. Crest
East - Woods Cross

South Jordan, UT

Binghamalum forgets that Jordan's toughest challenge last year before Lone Peak was Northridge and Northridge has everyone back. They have arguably the best running back in the state along with a very underrated QB and defense. Expect them to give Jordan a serious challenge.

He should also note that most of the points against Syracuse have been against their 2nd and 3rd strings. Their starters never play the fourth quarter and rarely all of the third. The same story was said against Syracuse last year when they knocked off Alta.

It is also hilarious that he says Syracuse has a weak schedule considering the fact that they have four of the eight quarterfinals teams in 5A and they won that region undefeated.

Syracuse has much more speed on defense than they had last year when they lost in OT in the Semi-finals. Fortunately, they actually have an offense this year that can put up points for once with five legitimate receivers with speed and a very accurate dual threat QB.

All that being said, I think Jordan is in a class of their own with Alta, Syracuse, Northridge and Bingham as contenders for runner up.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

@utahbruin, IF Orem gets by Highland, they will get buried by MC. Orem should have lost to Sky View last week and MC is a much better team. MC doesn't get challenged until the Championship game.

Hurricane, UT

Can't wait for another JD/HHS match up. Sucks that it has to happen so early in the playoffs. Although our defense isn't as stout as it has been the last few years, look for another classic! Not having Prince under center is gonna hurt us on offense. I'm afraid this will make us one dimensional allowing JD to just put 7-8 guys in the box to stop the Tiger rushing attack. I'm actually looking forward to the tail-gate with MykalJordan, than the actual game.


As someone who's watched Salt Lake high school football all his life, i'm thoroughly surprised EVERY SINGLE YEAR by all the Salt Lake fans who put down and underestimate most teams from region one. They play the game it's supposed to be played and I love watching them play. The get a team to the finals every year, some "scrub" team upsets a powerhouse Salt Lake team, and they still get no respect. It's annoying and I don't get it at all. Syracuse barely made the playoffs last year and weren't that good and upset Alta in the first round when they were supposed to win it all. They have an absolutely incredible and well-rounded team and they still have no respect. Northridge also plays smash mouth, tough, smart football. Davis is always explosive and can't be underestimated. Sorry Fremont, but I think you'll get smashed by Jordan... But anyway, I could see any other of the matchups going either way. I think they'll be great games. Be more open minded and respectful to the northern teams, people.

Just my two cents...

Provo, UT

Skyline is the home of the Eagles' Nest. When Juan Diego wins 16 state titles they can have that nickname for their stadium...

Washington, ut


Sounds like your conceding the game to JD already to me. P.S. 7 guys in the box is normal example- 4 linemen 3 linebackers = 7. or 3 linemen 4 linebackers = 7. or even 5 linemen 2 linebackers = 7.

Syreacuse, UT

Ok, binghamalum do you not see that syracuse has the almost the exact same thing. In the last 4 games syracuse is 152-29 and if you just add one more game to make it the last five. it is 183-29 I don't know about you but if Syracuse allows the same amount of points as bingham does and they even did it in 5 games. Doesn't that mean that syracuse's D is better.

I know that is not the case but because of different teams and what not. And don't get me wrong Bingham is good but they are not the obvious best. The only reason Syracuse would loose is because your guys are bigger. I think syracuse has more skill but they are just to small.

I know you are so proud of your bingham team, but there is better teams out there and syracuse can and might be one of them.

And utahfootballfun you bring up a good point, Syracuse is not respected enough. I really hope one of the region 1 football teams wins state(I hope its syracuse) Maybe then some people will realize we can play football too.


I'm just curious with you being so versed in high school football. How many Region One games have you watched this year? You seem to be so high on Bingham and some other SL County schools yet you seem to be surprised year after year by the performance of the Region One Teams. You don't need to remind me that the last Region One state win was Davis in 04 and that made 4 state titles for Region one in the last 12 years (not a bad stat for 5A). But none the less the teams in the North are very competitive and pretty strong top to bottom(well except for Weber) Four of the Region One teams are in the quarter finals. Region 4 has American Fork, Lehi and Pleasant Grove (not the strongest Region in the state for sure). Let's just sit back and watch the fireworks. Surprises always happen this stage in the playoffs. Only one prediction for me at this time. Bingham will not have a state championship this year.

draper, ut


these post are for teams?fans still in the Playoffs. you can have the nickname back when you win another title..JD will get there. their still a new school, butthy will get there..you can come to the JD Eagles Nest this friday and watch the 2 3A teams that were able to beat Skyline go at it..tailgate starts at 2.

JDs Nest maker...

draper, ut


So your 16 state titles mean what to me again? when will you get 17? I would love to come and watch a game at Skylines Eagles nest, if there was anymore games..


Washington, ut

Just because Skyline perfected "the art of attraction" before JD doesn't make them any better than them...

south jordan, UT

Game of the Week: Juan Diego v. Hurricane.

No doubt in my mind.

Both teams have much history and are both aching to battle each other once more i'm sure. Hurricane will be back to try and get revenge while the Soaring Eagle try to remain perfect against Hurricane.

This will be a close game but I have the Soaring Eagle edging Hurricane the final score being 14-0. Juan Diego has a very dominant Defense that no one seems to give them credit for. Very stout at every position. Wouldn't expect another shut out from the Juan Diego Defense considering Hurricane QB Z. Prince is sidelined.

That is just my prediction. Can't wait to see another great game from this rivalry. This game could go either way.

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