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Published: Saturday, Oct. 27 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

@ numer35

Love your rose colored glasses.

You apparently haven't seen him play in the NBA. He does just fine.


You all are being rather silly. Ah yes, I just used the word "silly". Worst case is Jimmer gets another couple of years in the NBA trying to find his place. If he is unable to, he goes to Europe, where he will still make millions of dollars and get to enjoy a different culture. Oh, how utterly horrible that would be. Even Roger Reid's favorite recruit, MR. Burgess, a perennial bench warmer at Duke, made a career for himself in Europe. If you have money, Europe is a fabulous place to live.

Washington, UT

they said the same thing about Roger Staubach, the All-American QB from Navy. But he just went on to become the greatest QB in Dallas Cowboy history. Yes, it took him a few years.They didn't think he could play QB, they tried him at receiver, but he knew he could play QB and they finally gave him a chance--and the rest is history. I would not count Jimmer out in the NBA. Just because he's a white guy playing in a black league, don't bet against this white boy who could probably beat any of the All-stars in a one on one game.

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