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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 24 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

You mean Obama lied
I am shocked, absolutely shocked (not really)

Hayden, ID

Darn, Obama caught in yet another lie! Don't worry Democrats, the news media has Obama's back and will just sweep this under the rug along with fast and furious, Solyndra, GSA scandles,the White House intelligent leaks and the "recovering" economy. Hey, maybe Obama will issue another executive order and have the Benghazi murder investigations "sealed".


Dictatorships can only control the people when the media is an adjunct to their tyranny.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mendacity or is it incompetence, thy name is Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

Such silliness. Anytime there is a crime against Americans, there are numerous groups claiming responsibility. While it is unusual that conservatives vehemently trust the word of terrorists over their own goverment, it explains so much. These are the same yahoos who trusted terrorists when they said "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" even though our intelligence agencies said "No, Iraq does not." We had to spend billions of dollars and hundreds of lives to show that our intelligence agencies were right all along.

salt lake, UT

what lie? Please tell us exactly what he said that was a lie. Did he claim at any point to not having receivced these emails or about anything in there actaul content? So far every claim you all have made has turned out to be wrong.

Hayden, ID

Can someone please help me understand why Democrats demand and accept so little from Obama but demand so much from everyone else?

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"what lie? Please tell us exactly what he said that was a lie."

1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.
2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.
3. an inaccurate or false statement.

Obama/Rice/Clinton all claimed it was about a silly video - not terrorism: How would you classify that obfuscation?

Or are you "all in" on rationalizing Obama's Pinocchio politics

a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

Every day, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence compiles intelligence from the CIA and other intelligence agencies and provides the White House with the President's Daily Brief. This is understood to be the very best intelligence available.

From September 15 to September 21, the CIA told the president in the President's Daily Brief that the attack in Libya evolved from a protest. The President reflected this intelligence in his comments about the attacks.

So what, exactly, did the president do wrong? David Patraeus is now the director of the CIA. Does this blog mean to imply that the President should have ignored the briefings the CIA provided and instead formed his own conclusions based upon the email the White House received?

a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

Counter Intelligence: You asked, "Obama/Rice/Clinton all claimed it was about a silly video - not terrorism: How would you classify that obfuscation?"

Do you believe that CIA director David Patreaus and the CIA lied when they told the White House the attacks evolved from the demonstration? Why didn't you list Patreaus in the list of people who obfuscated and/or lied about what happened? After all, that is the source that Obama and the State Department relied upon in their assessment of what happened.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And the WhiteHouse Staff didn't wake up Ronald Reagan to tell him what was happening every minute of everyday in every part of the world.

The President is not God, people.

There IS such a thing as Chain of Command.


BTW - I listened to Glenn Beck go off about this morning too....

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Why didn't you list Patreaus in the list of people who obfuscated and/or lied about what happened?"

Because he was not on the front lines telling the public a story long after they knew it was false

But if you want to add him to the list - that is fine by me

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, LDS Liberal, Obama is not God. Deity does not lie. It's the Nixonian cover up (It was a protest, Oh - Hillary Clinton was to blame, no one knew, gosh we get lots of emails, it was someone else's fault, ad infinitum. All of which have been disproved.) of gross incompetence that compounds the betrayal of Americans in Libya. The WH is the Keystone Cops of foreign policy.

American Fork, UT

On the 8th of April 2004 it was revealed that, on August 6, 2001 bush was warned of impending attacks on US soil. Remember that? I do. The Guardian notes that, at the time of the warning memo, "Mr Bush was on a month-long "working holiday" at his Texas ranch and spent much of the following days fishing and clearing undergrowth on his land. He did not cut short his vacation or apparently take dramatic steps in response to the briefing." For whatever indignation people can come up with here, I'm more comfortable with President Obama than MittRo or republicans in general. People here have despised President Obama since day one. That doesn't make romney a better choice.

Orem, UT

I'm sure the same people calling for Obama's head were also calling for Reagan's head after Iran Contra....

Right repubs?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Who cares if this was an act of organized terrorism or the result of a demonstration on a stupid movie gone bad?

4 Americans were killed. Lets work on preventing these acts from occurring again. If that requires sanctions or restricting foreign aid to these countries, then do it. If that requires us beefing up security, then do it. If it requires that we maybe shut down a few embassies around the world in these hot spots, then do it.

I personally don't care whether it was a crime, terrorism, or senseless violence in a demonstration about the movie.

It seems like the only folks trying to politicize this are from the far radical right. A few months ago it was the "you didn't build this" thing. Now that that has run its course, now they're grasping at straws again.

Folks, why 4 Americans were killed doesn't matter. The fact is that they were killed and we should work on preventing these types of incidents from happening no matter who the President is.


Focus on your own foreign policies instead of agreeing w/Obama on everything.

spring street

please quote and site when exactly Obama said it was about the video. full quote please.


Know that you have looked up the meaning of a lie will you please stop spreading them? Obama stated at least three times in the first two days he thought it was an act of terror.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


Finally someone in the media had the courage to tell us exactly who Obama is and what he has been doing during all of his political career.

"The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" is not something just found on Perry Mason. Every President of the United States is expected to be above reproach and to tell the whole truth. The liberals will stutter and stammer with their "yeah buts". They will continue to try to mislead and to use guile, but the evidence is before us.

If we are so foolish that we will ever believe another word coming from Obama's mouth, then we deserve to be misled.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah

Do you, CI and Mountain Man have a direct line to the basement strategizing sessions where these talking points are developed and put out to the right-wing radio talking heads? I know the election is just two weeks away and everyone is getting their rage on. The four-year dream of eliminating Barack Obama is so close, and yet, there is theis palpable fear that he might win again.

Talking points are just a regurgitation of someone else's thinking. They don't add substance but do give a "feeling" that the individual repeating this stuff is contributing. But be careful of flaming. The trolls are out in force, but for all their bellicosity, they are either sounding off to the choir or completely ignored for what they are.

We have seen "seriously conservative" Mitt morph into "moderate" Mitt and then finally transform into Obama II. It will be interesting to learn who he really is if elected. Certainly the Tea Party faithful will be watching to see if "their guy" stands tall. They certainly don't want "compromise" Mitt working across the aisle. They want "Paul Ryan" Mitt, tough talk and all.

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