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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 24 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Orrin, but we all remember the failed policies of GW Bush (even the Republicans openly disdain their former president now). So pardon us if we are distrustful of Mitt Romney as he surrounds himself with former Bush advisors. If that group gets together again, look forward to the nation backsliding into the recession again, and at least one other war that "will pay for itself".

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

And I say Orrin Hatch was a rubber-stamp for every Bush fiasco there was. That's why were at this point in our history.

Orrin is simply and obfuscating, obstructionist who is a huge part of the massive problem we have as a Nation.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: embarrassed Utahn! Salt Lake City, UT

The more we learn about the attack on our consulate in Libya the more it becomes obvious of what Obama knew and when he knew it. That, and his dismal failure in the first presidential debate will be cited as his failure to win re-election.

The man from Chicago just isn't up to the job he has failed to do, and no, he can't blame Bush for it.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


If you judge presidential candidates by the advisers they surround themselves with, then why on earth would anyone even consider voting for Obama? Note that the "failed policies that got us in this mess" could very well not be Bush's policies (the Democrats' bad housing policies and banking regulations are the main causes).

one old man
Ogden, UT

This from one who has been an abject failure for something like 36 years.

Yeah, right . . . .

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I just glanced over the booklet. On page 12 Obama mentions that he lowered taxes and Romney's plan will raise taxes on middle-income families by $2000, quoting the Tax Policy Center as his source.

So I went to the Tax Policy Center to take a look for myself. Contrary to what Obama said, it's actually the other way around! Obama's plan keeps the current tax rates the same as the current law (raising it for high-income families) while Romney's plan lowers it in EVERY category. Check for yourself: go to the Tax Policy Center's website, go to Tax Topics and look at the table for the presidential candidates' tax plans.

salt lake, UT

Rehash of the same old ideas? That’s rich coming from a guy that has been touting the failed idea of trickle down economics for 40 years.

salt lake, UT

what he knew? you mean the fact he was aware of the protest happening outside and sent support before it ever turned violent or the fact that he called it an act of terror the next day? The only conspiracy here is the one in the far rights mind as they try to find a political angle and shows a complete lack of respect for those that died.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: one old man Ogden, UT
"This from one who has been an abject failure for something like 36 years."

Interesting description of a man who has won six consecutive elections with an average vote count of almost 2 to 1.

He'll win this election without even breaking a sweat.

Cedar Hills, UT

Barack is so darn smart. I mean a HUGE 20 page "how to" booklet and we will soon be on the road to easy street again!!! Yipppee!!!! I also like the timing of the booklet - right AFTER the last debate!!! Yes we sure don't want those darn Republicans to pick it apart during a debate for all America to see. Never mind the fact that Joe and Barack criticized Mitt for not having more detail on his 5 point economic plan he announced BEFORE the debates. Makes you wonder why this 20 page "how to" booklet wasn't published 4 years ago - I mean if it is the golden blue print for success why not publish it 4 years ago? I guess we just needed 4 years to figure it out. Yes that has to be it. Such a detailed economic plan of 20 whole pages does take at least 4 years to figure out for sure.

It warms the heart to know we have such smart guys running the White House doesn't it.

Sanpete, UT

Hatch is what my family would call a dingle berry. He has flipped and flopped on everything. Anything to get elected. I have yet to decide if I will vote for a third party for Senator or skip that one entirely. A conservative he aint.

the truth
Holladay, UT


It was NOT a act or terrot by protestors

But a terrorist attack by a terroist group

They were able to watch the terroist attack live for four hours from drone, and Obama still did nothing to help.

Obama even tried to blame it on portestors over a video, which he knew to be a lie.

All to cover up an Arms Deal similar to fast and furious but with a terroist group in libya.

A fail that cost human lives.

American Fork, UT

Orrin, you're something of a rehash yourself.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Moderate" and the other liberals here. You fail to realize that Obama's domestic policies are the same as Bush's, only bigger.

Bush gave us Medicare Drugs, and Obama gave us ACA
Bush gave us TARP, Obama gave us Porkulus.
Bush gave us Sadam's overthrow, Obama gave us Gadaffi
Bush gave us tax cuts, Obama continued them and added in 2% off SS taxes.

Romney is a true alternative to both Bush and Obama.

Kaysville, UT

I concur that this High-priced Pamphlet is too little too late for any commonsense person to actually change their mind.

He doesn't want to say what has happened over 4 years as his performance is next to zero or less.
The economy hasn't changed upward due to his policies. Obamacare is the worst thing to have out there for business to improve.

As he is a community organizer, only taking from government and not giving, he didn't ever realize you improve the economy before adding to the burden by adding government to what private industry has been doing. He is backward economics, sort of like having a Secretary of the Treasury who hasn't paid his taxes. Obama wasn't vetted so he didn't have his Secretary vetted. What a debacle to have these men, who don't know how to spell budget be in charge of handing out money to some of the richest companies in the world and their associated unions.

Senate Hatch is not perfect but he is needed whether this President is in or Governor Romney is. We need someone who knows the path forward. Governor Romney knows from his experiences.

Kaysville, UT

What is amazing is to see Scott Howell campaign against Senator Hatch with the same wording that Governor Romney uses. Elect me because of my business experience.

Governor Romney has had much more and better experience in and out of Government than Scott Howell has had. However, Scott Howell has more experience and better experience including voting record than President Obama.

Senator Hatch is what we need today and his judgement on the President's come too lately Pamphlet is important to highlight to the world.

Campaigns, just like business strategy and plans change over the years. One thing that is important is to keep up to date on what is happening. This President is so satisfied with looking into the mirror such as in the Snow White book. He knows the answer but he likes listening to what the mirror or Hollywood and his Czars are telling him. He lives in his protected world and thought he could keep on coming out with his Plan as then it would be on paper. 3M copies of this high cost Pamphlet is a written document to criticize his policies which he didn't have. Axelrod said it has been the plan.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

Wow, amazing to see so many "blame Bush" mantras being hummed. Guess Obama got the free cell phones and food stamps passed out in Utah after-all!

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