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Published: Monday, Oct. 22 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, Va

Not buying. Coaches by nature are control freaks who don't like to be proven wrong. Heaps was run out of town and Lark is buried so far down the bench it isn't funny. Why ? Because Bronco made a bad hire for his offensive cord thats why.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Nelson may be better than Lark, but you never know unless you play him. I don't see why Lark couldn't complete all the 5 to 10 yard passes that Nelson does. Plus he might even be able to hit wide open receivers down the field.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Why would a coach choose to play a player who doesn't give him the best possible chance to win?"

Because they have poor judgment, that's why. The author acts like coaches obviously choose the best option, because its their livelihood. Does that excuse fly when coaches are fired? Do they tell the AD that they shouldn't be fire because they made all the best possible decisions because it was their livelihood? No, they get fired because despite their best judgment, they make poor decisions which is demonstrated by a lack of success. So, dear Mike Sorenson, think twice before you try to make all the fans sound like a bunch of ignorant cry babies. I mean, what was your opinion of the Jake Heaps/Riley Nelson QB sharing program a couple years ago? Was that the best option? Is Bronco immune from criticism? Does he make all the best possible decisions because it's his livelihood? Sheesh.

play by the rules

Bronco had the chance to bench Nelson after the fumble in U game. He didn't do it and let the same poor play continue against Boise State. Hill was more than capable and was much more agile.

The loss to Utah and Boise lie directly on the coaches.

Allen, TX

Both O-lines are a bigger reason for the failures than the QBs.

Richmond, VA

I'm oh so tired of the same old same old. Both programs are much better than their records shows. Please wake me up when the coaches can finally take responsibilities for the reasons their seasons are floundering. I'm tired of looking forward to next year for things to change. Exposure is wonderful and fun only if it partners with winning, otherwise it's a painful nightmare.

I'm so anxious to see the Cougars do well consistently against top competition. If that means a change to the whole coaching staff, so be it. Go Cougars!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I liked this article. But I believe with half of this statement: "While I believe both coaches are quite secure in their jobs." Whittingham- yes. Coach Bronco? Not so sure. I believe he has more than shown that the program has reached its zenith under Mendenhall. I simply don’t think he's the coach to get them to the next level that Holmoe, et. al., has said they want the program reaching. I LOVE the job that Mendenhall has done & stability he created from the Crowton mess. I just think the program has stagnated over the pass 2-3 years. Other Cougs fans will point to 10 win seasons. I get that. But one also has to look at the level of competition for those 10 wins- thanks to the WAC! I, for one, am ready for a change in Happy Valley.

Orem, UT

At this level of play, you would think a coach would put in a quarterback that can (1) throw a spiral, and (2) accurately throw to a receiver. As to (1), my daughters can throw a better spiral and (2), Nelson's passes are seldom on the mark. Too often they are ahead, behind, or not within five yards of the receiver, even when he is open. As for Utah, well, it's Utah.

Orem, UT

So, according to Mr. Sorensen, coaches are really smart, fans are not, and sportswriters are smart enough to know the difference? Oh, and football is rocket science too.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I've played, coached, been raised by a coach, observed, and read about sports my whole life. Along with other intelligent, observant, insightful fans, my opinions are important and valid. Coaches and administrators know this, as evidenced by how much time they spend with and deference they pay to boosters...the super fans...whose opinions actually matter much more than those of sportswriters.

Bronco made a bad hire in Doman for OC (Brandon's a great guy with fine potential, just not ready yet to be an OC). And, Bronco's insistence on Riley as the starting QB may have cost them 3 games...we'll never know whether Lark could have done better.

Nampa, ID

Consistency is what makes a good team good. BYU is not a consistent team. I'm not buying that these teams are better than their records show either. They won and lost games based upon the team as a whole: coaches, QB's, O-lines, poor secondary, etc... BYU and the U aren't very good this year, or at least, not as good as half of the teams on their schedules. If they were, the records would be different.

Murray, UT

I have said ever since the loss to USC that we should start Wilson. The chance at the PAC 12 championship left with that loss. Wilson is in our future. I think it is best to see how ge does and to get him ready to play next year. That being said I do believe he could take us to a bowl game this year.

As for BYU with Hill injurged you have 2 seniors. If the one can't get you wins. Then try the other one. One of these 2 teams needs to help the college football in the state of Utah this year. And right now it seems my Utes don't have the disicpline nor the capacity to put a full game together.

San Leandro, CA

I'm actually not really perturbed about Wilson being in at the U. He's not the only one making mistakes out there--see offensive line, tackling, dropped passes (and pitches)--i was much more concerned about how the coaches handled the last two minutes of the first half, having three timeouts left and your team having some momentum and moving the ball--the play calling and waiting to use your timeouts not to preserve a drive but just to make sure OSU could squeeze in one more play... baffling... and poor judgment.

Park City, UT

Well let's see if Bronco or Doman had called a time-out in the waning minute + of the Utah St. game when Taysom Hill was in the QB Draw formation instead of pre-victory stance then Hill wouldn't have had a season-ending injury. Boy then would BYU have beat both Oregon St. and Notre Dame, yes I think so. I just wonder though if Bronco had put in Lark in a few occasions like would Lark have hit a wide-open Hoffman for the probable game winning TD, yes I think so..

Murray, utah

I agree that both BYU and Utah have mediocre teams this year, primarily in the QB and O-line areas. Both teams have some strengths. As with the other arm chair quarterbacks I still just can't believe Riley is the best QB at BYU. Nothing against him but he is not a big time QB. He would likey thrive at Snow or SUU. His coaches are to blame for putting him in a position to fail, i.e. plying quarterback. It's amazing that Riley continues to miss receivers with passes that are usually into the ground and behind the receivers, not to mention the pass into never never land that should have been an easy score for a wide open Hoffman. Opposing defenses only need to cover 20 yards downfield instead of the usual 30-45 yards as they know Riley can't throw more than 20 yards. No wonder the receivers are covered most of the time. No wonder is seems like opposing defenses have 18 players on the field. It's no mystery why BYU continues to lose these games.

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

"So this idea that coaches are idiots who can't see that X quarterback is better than Z quarterback doesn't make any sense to me."

It wouldn't take an idiot to realize that an average HS QB could have hit the wide open Hoffman on the pass Riley embarrassingly botched with very little pressure. I find it hard to believe that no BYU QB on the bench could have completed that pass. The 3rd string punter could have hit Hoffman.

It's Hoffman and Apo I feel most sorry for. Wasting superior receiving talent running routes that seldom ever receive decent passes from run happy Riley. Isn't an experienced senior supposed to be better than run of the mill? I was in the stands at both Salt Lake and Boise when BYU's "experienced" QB cost BYU's exemplary defense potential wins.

Ironically, Riley's best game was the bigger loss to OSU. Until midway through the 4th he actually didn't embarrass the fans. All the other 3 losses could have potentially ended in victory with even slightly better than mediocre "experienced senior" QB play from Riley.

Coaches make good decisions...Just ask Taysom Hill

Bonneville, ID

I feel for Riley but how many Coaches would have stuck with a Quarterback after so many turnovers, bad passes that even when caught the player could not do anything with because they were high, low or behind them.
No one can fault his good heart, desire, and cheer leadership. He is great to have on the team because he is team player not sulking when not playing but cheerleading.

I think he tries too hard and puts too much pressure on himself and it hurts him as a QB.

It is not simple to do it at this level. Look how few HS QBs are recruited to college and of those recruited how many play. Each team has generally 3 to 4 QB on Roster. How many times do we see a player go down or get pulled and the back-up comes in and plays as well or better than the starter but how many time he doesn't

I would like to see Lark to see how he could handle the pressure. It may not be pretty though. Playing at this level is no sure thing.

Herriman, UT

Actually, Bronco said winning is 5th on his priority list, so we should all fully expect him to play the guys he thinks can make a non-football impact. Riley is a great guy by all accounts and a superb example to many kids out there. But most of us fans are pretty sure that a different QB would not have gone 0-4 vs Utah, Boise, OSU, and ND this year.

Of course, it could be the OC more than the QB, but poor Riley will be stuck with his legacy of being one of the only senior QBs to not beat Utah or any other decent team his senior season. Doman is fortunate that he will be given a few more years to change his OC legacy.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU needs a passing QB again


If Riley had better offensive line and better recievers, he would be one of the best quarterbacks in the country... the guy has more heart and leadership than any quaterback in BUY history...

He just needs a little more time to heal his back and he will be leading the team to victories.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

No one can argure that Lark did not get thrown under the bus. It may be that Nelson (or Hill) is better than Lark, but that argument cannot come from seeing Lark play. He's never been allowed to play. Doman clearly wants a QB that was like him. and if we had a running back like Staley, that might work for a while. But with Staley hurt, Doman did not win many games. Given what we've all seen, one has to come to the conclusiion that Bronco is in love with Riley and winning is not most important to him. and lastly, our offensive line is not strong. that hurts our running game.

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