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Published: Saturday, Oct. 20 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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I think it is a sad day when you get someones hopes up and then take it away.Even though East is playing I think they should have not taken the chance for Cyprus to play away! Very many disappointed players,coaches and parents. I think this whole think was handled poorly and I think there should have been a spot made up to place Cyprus in the playoffs! Sad day!


Well, I think it's going to be cool that the real best teams will meet right away. East, Logan, Timp view. MC got lucky with their draw. Other than Bountiful, should make state game easily. Logan definateley got screwed in this. But if you going to be the best you should have to beat the best. Just like they did last year.

Just Saying 2
Morgan, UT

Are these final? UHSAA you going to change your mind again? Why doesn't East play Timpview in the play in game and then have to play on the road every game, but take the spot of Region 8 #1 seed. That would make it fair to the teams that didn't do anything wrong. Or does that proposal make too much sense for the UHSAA to handle?!?!


Did Cyprus earn the right to play in the playoffs with their on-field play? If not they don't deserve to be in.


You know Cyprus has come a lonnnnnnnnnng way.They have done so much better this season with the new coach.Right or wrong,why get there hopes up and then take it away from them? Do you call that right? No matter anyway they are not in it.But just watch out next year because they are going to have a good team and hopefully earn a TRUE spot in the playoffs. Just sayn'

Saint George, UT

Region 9 will win it all no doubt in my mind

Stansbury Park, UT


Watch out for Stansbury! I think they will surprise you!

Park City, UT

I have to send some love to Wasatch's team. They finally knocked the PC monkey off their back. To my friends and family at my alma mater, congrats. Also, I've heard that the PC coaches and players were calling you classless after the game and I want to say that from a parent/fans view, that is not the case. It's been a very trying few years for PC football after having been one of the better 3A teams year in year out before Matich left. I'm sure that their frustration was just coming out and they should apologize for those comments. When you haven't beaten your rival for 10 years and you finally do it, I think that a celebration is warranted, and I wouldn't say that yours was excessive at all. I noticed players on both sides were very emotional and excited during the game and you would expect that in a rivalry game, but overall, I thought both teams maintained composure throughout the game. Good luck in the playoffs.

South Jordan, UT


Juan Diego wins this state title.

You watch and See for your self!

Stansbury has found alot of ways to win games about poor competition. Well see how good you are now mr stallions, and yes same with JD in there Region, but they have the most determination Ive seen from a team in a very long time.

Sooo happy East gets to play Herriman on saturday! I get to go to see this so called amazing Herriman team,! lose first round at home!

Should be a fun week of high school football

Provo, UT

One could argue that Cyprus deserves to be in because they played their entire season with legal players...


If Jordan can give up 33 points and nearly lose to Cottonwood, and can give up 37 points to West Jordan, I'd have to say their defense might have something to worry about with Pleasant Grove scheduled in round 1. PG is pretty talented, and coach Les Hamilton has a good record against Jordan from his days at Alta. Should they beat PG, which they are certainly favored to do, I still think Syracuse is favored to take the title this year, if my Alta Hawks don't get revenge in round 2 from their first round loss last year, that is. As talented as Jordan is this year, I just don't think a championship is on their horizon. Kafentzis may have to wait one more year to achieve that particular goal.

draper, ut

@ southpride56,

you heard it here first,your #1 team from down south, will play their last game of this season at the Eagles Nest when they play JD... just like you and your pride in the south, I have pride in my Soaring Eagle..


Saint George, UT


utah County, UT

Not so fast - if you look at KSL, it appears that Herriman has filed a motion to the UHSAA. This fat lady hasn't sung yet!

Salt Lake City, UT

Mark my words, East will cruise to a state title!

Stansbury Park, UT

Stansbury doesn't play in the best region, but they had to beat Morgan, and beat Desert Hills who beat Hurricane. Don't forget that they are 10-0. I see them playing for a state championship. Maybe in a rematch with Desert Hills?

draper, ut

Reagion 9 or any other region is going to be surprised to see how REAL the JD Soaring Eagle is this year. dont under estimate a team by what Region their in. this JD Team is te Best team its ever had IMO,including the teams that won the state titles. and its full of juniors. I will say it first JD wins State..!! lets get it boys...AC2 is watching..!!


St George, UT

We all know that Juan Diego is for real, calm down! Winner of Juan Diego and Hurricane will play winner of Spanish Fork and Desert Hills in the final.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Should be #1 in Region now #3 Timpview vs. #1 in Region Logan. #1 in Region Herriman vs. Should be #1 in Region, now #4 East. (Sorry Mtn. View you will not win). Also a tough Woods Cross and Box Elder teams all on the same side of the bracket. Way to go UHSAA, this was a great move on your part. NOT!

#2 State / #1 4A - East (8-1)
#4 State / #2 4A - Timpview (9-1)
#9 State / #4 4A - Logan (8-2)
#12 State / #5 4A - Herriman (8-2)
#14 State / #6 4A - Woods Cross (7-3)
Unranked / #10 4A - Maple Mountian (8-2)

All on the same side of the bracket. 48-11 on one side of the bracket. Add Westlake (3-6), Unranked State, who knows 4A and #18 State / # 9 Box Elder (6-4) and the record is still 58-20

Whats the other side of the bracket look like.

#7 State / #3 4A - Mtn Crest. (7-3)
#15 State / #7 4A - Bountiful (7-3)
#16 State / #8 4A - Highland (6-4)
#24 State / #10 4A - Orem (7-3)
(6-4) Olympus
(5-4) Skyline
(7-3) Timpview
(5-5) Skyview


Spanish Fork, UT

@ Just Saying 2

That was a very good idea.

How about the Monument Valley @ Rich Game
I googled the mileage: 492 miles, some 8.85 Hours... Average speed = 56 Miles per hour
Lots of climbs on the bus, MV is about about 5200 feet, you have a climb to Monticello at 7100 ft, solder summit 7800, Park City 6700 and then some point toward Evanston has to be 7000+. Need to charter a Jet and it would still be 2 hours. Good Luck to the MV Mustangs!!!

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