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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I think as soon as the guys figure out how to flip the switch so to speak we'll be a force in the Pac 12, just like last year.

I think tomorrow is the day the switch will be flipped - against a top 10 team! Not many times has a team from Utah beaten a top 10 team.

Utah 27
OSU 21

Mark that down!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

ASU lost last night, so we're only 2 games back from the lead. Crazier things have happened, just like last year. It may not happen, but it sure feels good to be on a team that still has a chance at a BCS bowl.

Sorry byu and usu.

Mcallen, TX

Chris B--we do believe you're sorry.



mark my words

Springville, UT

Ute outlook for a win today... 'not optimal'


Cinci Man

I wish my alma mater Utes well. Knowing Kyle, he can pull off this incredible upset. It's going to be very tough, but my Utes can do it. GO UTES!!!


While I always do agree with optimism being a Ute fan that we can come into any game and compete to win, like Chris B, I think someone needs to give him some mental pills. Even as a life-long Ute fan, there has to be some realistic viewpoints to the Pac-12. Usc is not going to have a meltdown this year. There is no way in anything they will lose 4 conference games, nor Arizona State, both of who have the upper-hand against us. The only team I see potentially having a meltdown is UCLA, which also isn't very realistic. So, no Utah will NOT be going to a BCS bowl game, but I would like to see them get to a bowl game.

Mcallen, TX

Two comments:

* utes will lose because of PAC 10 refs----to hold on, to as many ranked teams as possible, utes become the punching bag.
* BYU will win, because of no PAC 10 refs.----no pass interference calls.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

"ASU lost last night, so we're only 2 games back from the lead. Crazier things have happened, just like last year. It may not happen, but it sure feels good to be on a team that still has a chance at a BCS bowl."

It's nice to live in your own little fantasy, but the truth is the Utes haven't had a road win against a PAC team with a winning record since the 90's. And, no, you're not two games back, you're three games back from BOTH ASU and USC since you lost to both of them and would lose the tie-breaker IF you ended up with the same record, which is a moot point anyway, since U have absolutely no chance of beating Oregon State.

At least you have basketball season to look forward to...


Raleigh, NC

Isn't christine the one who is always telling BYU fans we are delusional? This is what hating one team too much and loving a loser will do.


Cougar fans, You let Chris B get into your heads too easily. Relax. Spend more time on your own team and less on the Utes.

Highland, UT


Why shouldn't we "spend time" mocking utah, utah "fans", and christina b in particular? There is a lot of stuff there to mock. I know you don't like to read it but it sure is fun for us.


If that's your idea of "fun," you lead a sad, sad life.

Highland, UT


No, what is "sad" are those that can dish it out but cannot take it in return. That is basically the definition of a utah "fan". Usually you try to sort of be one of the good guys but this season has obviously taken a toll on you. I on the otherhand am still having fun despite BYU's struggles. Sorry it is all so personal for you ad sorry it obviously affects your life to this degree.


Not affecting my life any differently. Disappointed in seeing the team's losses, but being at each home game is as fun as ever, and look forward to seeing them play regardless of the previous week's results or what an opposing team's fan who doesn't know me thinks of me.

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