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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Anywhere but, Utah, Utah

Give it up already... I feel sorry we lost those great Americans but to continually make it about politics is frankly appalling and disgusting. For the DNEWS to keep posting stories of this tragic event in order to score political points for Romney is a shame. Stay classy DNEWS.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


Yeah, use silk and velvet for your coverups. Keep it classy.

Durham, NC

Republicantthinkstraigh - I second your comments. Can you image if this kind of stuff went on about other crimes, in SLC or Provo. A day, a week or even a month later, the opposition accusing the Mayor of covering up a crime, before even the police investigation is complete, accusing the mayor or governor of having a failed policy on crime.

For example, where were the partisan cries about the Susan Powell murder, or the later murder of her children. Everyone knew those kids were at risk. Where was the call for the Governor Hubert's accountability, or the Governor of Washington - who ever that is. We didn't hear anything, because everyone knew it would be tasteless to politicize those events.

But the Lybia event, before the mens bodies were even returned to the state, cries of incompetence and cover up were being raised, before the FBI had even had a chance to investigate. Partisanship has reached now lows.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Republicantthinkstraigh Anywhere but, Utah, Utah
"Give it up already... I feel sorry we lost those great Americans but to continually make it about politics is frankly appalling and disgusting."

These men asked for security but it was denied because it wouldn't look good politically. Our ambassador was tortured, raped, murdered and then dragged through the streets. Thereafter Obama tried to blame the attack on an anti-Muslim video when he knew better. Hillary Clinton then fell on her sword for Obama.

No, we aren't about to give it up.

Hayden, ID

If the GOP doesn't hold the White House accountable for this gross malfeasance and coverup attempt, who will? Certainly not themselves nor the media. Imagine the left's 10 alarm hissy fit if this had happened with a Republican in the White House!

non believer

So do we need to start harping on George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice for all of the missed warnings on 9/11? The fact that they allowed over 3000 civilians to be killed on American soil? In a way I do hope Romney is elected just for the " I told you so" moments! Romney's foreign policy stratagist is Dan Senor, who was a Bush advisor at the beginning of the Iraq war! Remember they are going to welcome us with open arms! So Romney is already handicapped with bad policy and will certainly get more American's killed.

non believer

To Mountainman

This did happen while a Repulican was in the White House. It's called 9/11 and there were lots of warning signs! Except 3000 American's were killed, not just 4!

Hayden, ID

@ non believer. And the cover up of 9/11 was what?

non believer

To Rifleman

Our ambassador was tortured, raped, murdered and then dragged through the streets.

Then why is there a video of good samaritans finding him in the back room of the embassy, still alive and rushing him to the hospital? This is very well documented, you should look it up! Fear mongering only works on the weak minded!

American Fork, UT

They've only got this one dead horse to keep trying to keep in the race. You'd think they had a binder full of them.

non believer

To Mountainman

You see this as an intentional coverup, I see it as an investigation with people now in custody and an full accounting of events still moving forward.

On April 10, 2004, the Bush White House declassified that daily brief — and only that daily brief —in response to pressure from the 9/11 Commission, which was investigating the events leading to the attack. Administration officials dismissed the document’s significance, saying that, despite the jaw-dropping headline, it was only an assessment of Al Qaeda’s history, not a warning of the impending attack. While some critics considered that claim absurd, a close reading of the brief showed that the argument had validity.

spring street

what cover up, what scandal? Obama called it an act of terror the day after it happened. Its desperation time with the right, we will see if it works out any better for them this time then four years ago.

Saint George, UT

All right-wing folks.

Please bring verifiable documentation of your daily prosecution and moral outrage of everything Bush did, did not do, knew, did not know, acted, failed to act, regarding 9/11 when nearly 3000 Americans were murdered on American soil while a Republican sat in The White House.

Until you bring, at least, that documentation, your daily headlong rush to partisan judgement is simply that and nothing more.

Thank you.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Obama has already made his position clear...sort of.
He claimed at the last debate that he KNEW the attack was by terrorists. Right? That's what he wanted us all to believe.
So if that was the case, all the dancing around the issue for two weeks what what? A campaign stunt?
He's going to have to own up to his behavior one way or another. There is no voting "present" on this one, Mr. President.

Mcallen, TX

Yes, we should harp on:

* four killed Americans in Libya
* men, women, and children being killed by Mexican cartels using over two and a half thousand American weapons which passed through ATF.
* the theft of GM.
* record high use of food stamps, and unemployment.
* having half our people on welfare, and two thirds of our school children on reduced, or free lunch.

Amazing how some people will defend the commander. Low expectations, or a desire for socialism? Go figure!

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

For everyone who is comparing this to 9/11 to make Republicans/George Bush look bad, look at the facts.

Bush may have been told that there was an impending attack, but he was not told where or how.
Obama was told EXACTLY where he needed to send more defense, but still didn't.

Bush declared war 9 days after the attacks on the World Trade Centers.
It took 14 days for Obama to stop blaming the attacks in Libya on a YOUTUBE video.
He may have mentioned the word terror once the day after, but then didn't refer to it for another TWO WEEKS.

Now, we are seeing that the CIA had given Washington information the day after that it was an attack by militants, but for the next 12 days Obama calls it a protest that got out of hand over a youtube video and you Democrats don't think that is important?

I see that it is very important news. Just because it makes your boy look bad doesn't mean it's not news.

And saying that we are beating a dead horse is very disrespectful to those who died, and their families.

Roy, UT

Most of the above comments are against blaming our government for a coverup...even though I knew it was a terrorist attack before the White House supposedly did. That's an attempted cover-up for sure. Of course the Pres. would like not to have this huge mistake come up now, right before the election. Its just incredible that anyone would side with Pres. Obama not owning up until 14 days after the tragedy.

Hayden, ID

@ What now. I am pretty sure if GWB got a call(cable from the CIA) that the embassy was about to be overun, he would have done something, anything to save their lives instead of ignoring it then lying about it.

The Skeptical Chymist

To SS:

Yes, after he was caught unprepared on 9/11, after ignoring repeated warnings from Richard Clark, Mr. Tennant, and others, Bush declared war 9 days later, and never managed to do anything useful in Afghanistan. He let Osama get away at Tora Bora. Then he declared war on a nation that was completely uninvolved (Iraq), under false pretenses (WMD).

I would MUCH prefer it if my commander in chief took his time, got his facts straight, and then took care of the problem in the most efficient way possible. That does NOT mean spending trillions on one war that was totally unnecessary and another that was prosecuted very poorly.

If you want to compare Obama's performance on this one with Bush's performance, be my guest. I'll take President Obama any day!

Centerville, UT

Either they covered it up or they are extraordinarily incompetent. There is no reason to keep the Obama administration for another term. This is ridiculous.

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