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Published: Friday, Oct. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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provo, Utah

What problem has government ever solved? What?

Uhhh sewer systems solved cholera and a host of other disease outbreaks...

If you have children, that creation of GOVERNMENT socialist sewer systems have kept you from burying half of them.

Should we even start on clean water....

Cottonwood Heights, UT


If a group of homeowners in a meeting decide that rather than mow their own lawns they would be happy to pay someone a reasonable amount to do it for them. The expectation is that the cost to the homeowner would be less than when each homeowner has to own and operate his own lawnmower.

If one of the homeowners who has a fine lawnmower and a couple of teen age boys volunteers to take on that responsibility, a business opportunity is thus is created. And permission to operated that business is given to the one homeowner along with some specifications as developed by the homeowners in general. Specifications like hours of operation of the lawnmower, the height of the grass, the frequency of the cutting etc. etc.

Question: Who owns the business. Who has the right to control the operation of the business? Who has the right to benefit financially from the operation of the business?

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mike Richards.

I think the best indicator of the success of a society would be a change in the average age of a person dying. It would be the most overall measure of success in the quest of the good life.

The question of whether or not government is the root cause of longevity is debatable but if you compare the longevity of the American people versus other societies and forms of government I think we come out ahead. Not that we always have the oldest people, but that we have the best average.

Eugene, OR

That's right, Mike. I guess if your home gets burglarized, you don't call the police department. If your house catches on fire, you just put it out yourself. The mail gets to your postbox by magic. The roads you drive on pave themselves. The food you buy at the supermarket and in restaurants is safe to eat because they just care about you that much. And I suppose that the US military doesn't count as "government", either.

Are you being serious? Really?

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

Mountanman Hayden, ID

Taxation, by it's very nature, is redistribution of wealth. It is the way government pays for the programs and services it provides. We as a community create government and in its creation allow for taxation for programs, goods and services, we want government to provide.

Redistribution is necessary because we have created this covenent to have a government and to have that government do things. The only way to have government do the things we want and pay for it, as mentioned, is through taxation.

If you are opposed to redistribution, you are opposed to taxation. If you are opposed to taxation, then you don't want government. And if you don't want government, you don't want community. And if you don't want community, then . . .

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah

Mike, you're a stitch! What would the world be without people like you? You're like a lighthouse, keeping rational people from crashing on your shore. You're a true believer if ever then was one, and as long as you believe what you want to believe, that's OK. It really doesn't matter to me. Like I said, it only reminds me that life is a continuum. There are many perspectives on any issue, ideology is oftentimes the path out of the light and into the swamp.

We need you. I need you. As long as you're out there writing your stuff, there will always be a need for a progressive mind in the discussion. It make people like myself think more critically and more carefully about the issues of the day and why our type of democratic government, albeit flawed, is necessary for a free people.

provo, Utah

According to Redshirt the government can't do anything correctly so disband the military and stop governments from carrying out the death penalty.

My goodness why would you let the government kill people if it can't do it right.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


No question that the rights of employers need to be respected and that without it, capitalism fails. But we have been rethinking the exact parameters of those rights for 200 some years. Minor adjustments are likely okay. Major redoes lead us to ruin.

Although segregation and Jim Crow laws were in the (then) largely Democratic south, it was hardly liberal. It was liberal northerners who chipped in with blacks in the Civil Rights fight.

Mike Richards,

If govt. is the problem then it is deficient in all areas, true. It does NOTHING right so the military, police, etc. are all hapless, correct? Please. Govt. does some things well, others not. Business does some things well, others not.

As to what problems has govt. ever solved? Let me see . . . the rebuilding of Japan and Europe, the Hoover Dam, the National Parks (which drive lots of tourism), forest fire fighting, etc.

If you are looking for societal things, civil rights comes to mind. And poverty is certainly much different (less severe) in America than it was a century ago.

Many of the issues you cite are cultural/moral issues. They are not governmental.

Spanish Fork, Ut

Mike Richards, you make way too much sense to be posting out here in anonymous comment wasteland. You may want to find better places to spend your time and talents.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Mountanman Hayden, ID

"Freedomingood. If you don't want to be poor, don't be!"

Don't be old. Don't be sick. Don't be handicapped. Don't be part of a minority group which is discriminated against. Don't be young with not family.

"Develop job skills and market them to the highest bider employer!"

A fine sentiment, but unrealistic for the disadvantaged and disabled. A woman working in Utah, on average, makes 55% of what a man makes. Perhaps "highest bider employer" opportunities are lacking in the state.

provo, Utah

Quote "Freedomingood. If you don't want to be poor, don't be!"

I'm far from poor mountainman. I just happen to believe all those christian pricipals and vote accordingly. I'd rather build schools than blow up infrastructure in other countries so oil companies can get the oil.

The fact is that republicans spend more tax money and borrowed money than democrats but on the wrong things. So if you want to have the free will discussion start in your own side of the isle.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Ultrabob403" that is too easy. The business is owned by the 1 homeowner who is taking the responsibility. The other home owners are only stipulating conditions of the contract. That one homeowner controls his business. If he agrees to the stipulations, including price, then the job is for him to oversee.

In this case, the only person that most likely will benefit financially is the guy mowing the lawn. He could be charging the same or more than the other lawn services because of the restrictions put on him.

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