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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

The republican response to Benghazi disaster is tantamount to a bunch of guys who after seeing a man hit and run over, stand around and argue about whether it was a ford or Chevrolet.

Could some straight thinking person please tell me just what is the difference between a non-religious terrorist attack and an attack by a religious terrorist force, in as much as the action we would take. In either case just where is the town we should obliterate with our bombs.

Other than the possible misuse of some words, did the American government do the right thing or the wrong thing. The republicans seem to have a lot of we-would-not-have-done-that, but they steadfastly refuse to say what they would have done.

American Fork, UT

The mystery is how much political hay the republicans think they can make of this. Oh, and thanks to Candy Crowley.

Tremonton, UT

The mystery here is why the American media is not demanding an independent investigation into, what appears as a White House cover up of fatally poor decisions. The mystery here is why the news media is not screaming and yelling for justice, and writing exposes on what went down, to get Hillary Clinton to take the fall for a White House cover up.

The debate performances are not what will lose Obama his presidency. What will lose his presidency is a total loss in trust of the American voter. I have met no one who believes the Obama administration has been honest with us about the events at the Libya embassy. It will be interesting to see how the news media reacts when they realize they could not save the president they covered up for, for four years.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

What mystery is there?

There's no conspiracy.

Our embassy was attacked.

It's amazing to me how repubs have jumped all over this to make a political attack on Obama. Give it up folks and focus on your own issues. You're losing this election not because you haven't attacked the President but because the majority of Americans just don't agree with your "conservative" approaches (whatever those are. Since we don't really know any of your plans. You folks merely attack the President without explaining what YOU will do for your country).

If repubs have any hope of winning this election then they MUST start to explain their plans and win America over. Stop with the wacky attacks on the President. They aren't working! And quite honestly, we're getting so tired of them that even moderators are calling you out.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: The Real Maverick Orem, UT
"Our embassy was attacked."

No, it was our consulate in Benghazi and not our embassy in Tripoli that was attacked. Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador was tortured, raped, murdered and then dragged through the streets. Obama got Hillary Clinton to fall on her sword for him on their failure to protect our people.

When the dust clears on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7th, Obama is going to join the ranks of the unemployed.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's really frightening to read some of these posts from
blind partisans who don't understand why this is an issue. It's an issue because the President went on the Letterman show and told the Country that the Benghazi attack and the murder of 4 Americans was the result of a reaction to an anti- Islam video that no one in the world had ever seen.The administration sent Susan Rice out to all the Sunday talk shows to give the same response. They knew immediately after the attack that it was a coordinated military style attack that was well planned in advance and was no "spontaneous reaction". If you are comfortable with leadership that will blatantly lie to your face then have fun with that...
I think this is much more sinister than just a cover-up to protect Obama politically- I think this Administration was trying to make people comfortable with losing their first amendment rights to free speech- I really do

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