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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

According to one of his campaign advisers Romney opposed the Lily Ledbetter act when it was being debated and his debate answer suggested that women need flexible schedules so they can do things like go home and make dinner. Why can't men make their own darn sammiches?

Kaysville, UT

The Obama campaign tactics will do anything with a benign statement and make it a diversionary tactic to take away any looking at his dismal record and performance in the past almost 4 years.

He had rhetoric and learned it well as Americans helped pay for his college education. He was persuasive in getting Hillary Clinton to stop running for President in 2008. He may have even promised her the Secretary of State job. He didn't want her as a Vice-President and he now has a great VP for the past 4 years and potentially for the next 4 years.

He can't show proof in the pudding so he will bring up 47 percent and other such topics as women in binders.

He won't answer the tough questions such as Libya, Fast and Furious, economic mirror shining but will go on television and stage to tout great jokes and smile with his friends in Hollywood.

His family has taken extravagant vacations all around the world not like common folk.

He has thrown Mrs. Clinton under the bus along with the Ambassador to the United Nations over this Libya issue.

He is amazing and Michelle is proud.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney tossed a lot of shiny objects last night. "Everyone gets a tax cut, while we increase spending, balance the budget, and bring down the deficit." That object is so shiny, it blinds us to the logic which shows it doesn't add up.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

JWB said: "The Obama campaign tactics will do anything with a benign statement and make it a diversionary tactic to take away any looking at his dismal record and performance in the past almost 4 years."

Maybe, but as usual you provide no evidence. The democrats didn't use a misquote as their central theme at the convention either.

Birth Certificate?
Christian or Muslim?

"He won't answer the tough questions such as Libya"
You mean like last night when he schooled mitt on Libya?

"His family has taken extravagant vacations?"
Presidents aren't allowed to vacation? ...and he isn't even approaching GW's record.

"He has thrown Mrs. Clinton under the bus " Wrong again it was her choice and last night in the debate he said it's on him or were you only listening when mitt was spinning?

JWB you've been busy today apologising for mitt's lack luster performance, it must be hard blaming everyone but mitt.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Funny that Jay chose a Mitt Romney lie [aka, Factcheckers] about the binder story.

Woman's Rights advocates have been putting these "binders" together for years.
Gov. Romney was given his "binder" Day-One in office -- NOT the other way around as he claims.

That said,
That was the OLD Mitt Romney -
Woman's Rights,
Contraception Romney
...before the Tea-Party morphed him into the fake Romney.

Murray, UT

Kaysville, UT

No one needs to spin anything.
Mitts biggest nemesis is Mitt.
All an opponent has to do is put him in a room, ask him hard questions, record the answers, and then play them back later.
And if you can record him when he does not know he is being recorded, the real elitist mitt comes out. You know; The one he does not want us common po folks knowing about.

Kaysville, UT

I know it is hard to live in Utah Valley and especially Happy Valley with the good people that surround the area and know your vote is going to count as everyone there votes Republican as in Davis county.

It can be depressing to know that what you believe that most of the neighbors don't agree with. Utah needs some balancing in their political process but to vote for a President who has shown his colors in a different way than is portrayed in the press and media is a shame.

Nixon liked the power of his office and unfortunately didn't stay the whole time his second term as his power was not appropriate. His "friends" helped take him down and some paid the price with a term in confinement, as it was in some military base. We don't need to go through even two years more to have that type of future.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Okay - it has now been a full day since the debate. Mr. Romney has had a full day to tell the world his plan to deal with pay inequality.

So what is the plan? Is it the same as his list of exemptions and deductions he'll remove? All I hear is crickets chirping...

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

JWB said: "I know it is hard to live in Utah Valley and especially Happy Valley with the good people that surround the area and know your vote is going to count as everyone there votes Republican as in Davis county.
It can be depressing to know that what you believe that most of the neighbors don't agree with."

Not at all, being part of a herd has never been my thing.

Funny thing is most people whom disagree with my political leanings are quite naive of politics in general.
Right wing emails filled with birther and socialist nonsense are there only knowledge of the candidates.
Most reasonable people after finding out that they are forwarding complete "Malarky" are embarrassed.
Some will never face the facts and blame the media, or anyone but the person lying to them, these are fans of the master disinformation specialists rush, sean, glenn ect...

one old man
Ogden, UT

I heard a whole lot of distortion and outright lies from Mitt last night. Are those "memes?"

American Fork, UT

Candidates get stuck with these things, right or wrong. Except sarah palin. She may not have said she could see russia from her house, but she did utter some incredibly unintelligent things.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Mitt Romney's attitude concerning women is basically anti-women. His views during the Republican primary morphed and shifted because he had to please the extreme wing of his party. Now as he tries to move somewhat into the middle, his "acquiring resumes" is not sufficient when he basically believes a woman's place should be in the home taking care of all the babies she will have to bear since she will not be allowed to have control of her own body.

Mad Men meet Mitt Romney. Both from the same era with the same attitude.

spring street

I think it was a pretty humorous miss speak but thats all it was and conservatives getting all riled up over it is only making the feeding frenzy worse. Smile its almost over.

Salt Lake City, UT

you are so wrong, Jay. As Freud said, it's the little revelations that tell you what a man is made of. "Binders full of women" is Romney's unconscious way of expressing that all human beings are to him are "human resources," "ASSETS," the businessman's way of seeing people as things. "Binders full of women" tells you pretty much all you need to know about Romney.

Salt Lake City, Utah

From the article: "And not the slightest step had been taken toward a substantive discussion of pay equity."

From a Yahoo article about the debate: "Before answering the question, Romney had been reminded that women earn about 72 percent what their male counterparts do—and his response was to say, “Exactly! That’s why, given half a chance, I hire women!”"

Romney is the one that was showing shiny objects and distracting from the question - not to mention his story is a misrepresentation of the facts....

and when he did appoint women it was to cabinet positions that were a little less than important....

but, hey! Let's get distracted by Jay's shiny ball......


'Binders full of women'. Comedians are going to have a field day.

Far East USA, SC

A non-issue. Much more important things to discuss.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Liberals want to distract. They want us to ignore the real problems as they force-feed us their nonsense. The question was about equal pay for equal work. Romney told us how he solved the problem. It was an actual solution that took into account the additional responsibilities that most women have outside the workplace. Because he had a solution, the liberals immediately mocked him. They had no solution. He had a solution.

Romney showed how he would reduce the deficit while lowering tax rates by INCREASING the number of people who pay taxes. That was not what liberals wanted to hear. They are too busy telling us to go on welfare, to become part of the problem, to demand that some "rich guy" pay their welfare checks.

Each time a valid and workable solution is offered, liberals go on the offensive to destroy that solution. They don't want things to work. They want us to look to Washington and to use government's trickle-down programs.

Look at the polls. Americans are rejecting the liberal theme. Americans can see through their smoke and mirrors.


This morning I was listening to the radio on the way to work and the airways were full of anti-affirmative action rhetoric in anticipation of the upcoming Supreme Court case.

So, if Republicans are so opposed to affirmative action, why do you all consider it commendable for Governor Romney to insist his cabinet be 50 percent female?

Contridiction much?

J Thompson

Hiring qualified women is not "affirmative action". Hiring qualified men is not "affirmative action". Hiring someone who is unqualified because he/she is part of a under-represented group is "affirmative action". No business can survive if it is required to hire unqualified people when qualified people are available.

Romney asked about qualified women. He asked what needed to be done so that qualified women could have those good paying jobs. He asked what changes had to be made so that qualified women could feed their families and handle their financial responsibilities. Nothing in his remarks referred to hiring anyone, man or woman, who was unqualified for the position.

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