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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

I,yi,yi,yi,i,i this is hilarious!

It would appear that the Biden Debate School has worked its charm on Obama.

And the result of this is another devastating loss for the Democrat Party and another surge for the Romney / Ryan ticket.

Mitt again comes through with the demeanor of a believable person that cares for all people.

Obama coming off as... angry, confusing, nothing new to offer and desperate.

Mitt is feeling the swelling approval and will ride the wave to a landslide victory.

I smell another big victory tonight.

Way to go Mitt and congratulations!

salt lake, UT

no partisan slant there right? sad that the only thing you took from this very lively debate is the chance to scream shallow chants.

Eugene, OR


Is today Opposite Day? Obama was cool, collected, and in control. Romney looked inches away from a tantrum. And I loved how Candy Crowley called him out on his lying about Obama's response to Syria.

I know the DN won't like to hear this, but President Obama won. By a mile.

Salt Lake City, UT

Eesh. Romney sounded like a wind-up Ken doll. Obama destroyed him.

Eugene, OR

Oops, Libya instead of Syria...

West Valley City, UT

I hate how Obama tries to say there is a middle class.... There is no middle class and Obama has done nothing for 4 years. Give Romney a chance and just see what happens these next 4 years.. Obama needs to go, that is for sure. ROMNEY/RYAN!

Saint George, UT

I appreciate romney giving so many opportunities for DN readers give thoughtful comments.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "KJB1" I don't know what debate you watched, but you could see how unglued Obama was getting the more Romney quoted statistics and Obama's own words, the more irritated Obama became. Obama was annoyed, and it was clear that Romney was getting under his skin.

Romney stayed cool and calm. Obama was going nuts anytime he was pressed against a wall. Obama had about 3 talking points that he kept repeating yet never really answered the questions.

Go and review what was said when the question was asked about what Obama has done to earn a second term. Obama gave a non-answer. What policy has actually done anything to help.

Orange County, CA

Obama's response on Libya, not Syria, was disingenuous. Yes, he said "terror" in the Rose Garden, but it wasn't a specific link to Benghazi as an act of terror, and he and his administration spent the next couple of weeks talking about spontaneous demonstrations - not referring to it as an act of terror. In fact, he refused to answer the question when it was posed several times saying it was under study. Obama stretched the truth by a mile, KJB1, he didn't win by a mile.

We really won't know who won the debate until November when the scoreboard gives us the definitive answer.

Provo, UT

@SammyG, let's be honest, most people have made up their minds and are seeing what they want to. When it comes to it, it's more an issue of whose lies you're willing to believe more. As a Romney supporter, I'd say that on style Obama won tonight, and clearly. Romney seemed agitated and whiney. As for substance, well that's really not the issue because all know what each campaign is going to say at this point. We can get substance from all their stump speeches.


Best line came from a commentator afterward: "Two alpha-males circling each other"

USS Enterprise, UT

The fact checkers should check Obama's story about the rose garden speech. On Sept 12, 2012 Obama said "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for." He never said that what happened in Libya was a terrorist act. Romney was right.

Springville, UT

Dear delusional Obama worshipers...

Undecided voters will say Obama was angry, attacking, interrupted, impolite, and unable to defend his record.

And they will say simply say that Mitt was... presidential.

Informed voters will note that Obama lied about the Libya issue and the media will have a heyday on this.

Conservative talk show will be on fire tomorrow and the White House will be in full damage control again, worse than after Joe's debacle.

Moderates and undecided voters clearly were moved this evening.

Watch the polls surge a few more points for Romney / Paul.

Big win for Mitt!

Provo, UT

All those people who said Romney is a liar have not heard Obama....He Lied on Libya he lied about oil permits, he lied about China....he is a big fat liar.

Solutions not Stones
Spanish Fork, UT

Both had stumbles. Some fancy footwork by the President to completely avoid answering questions. Some seriously missed opportunities for Mitt to pin him down and make him squirm again. I do not think that this will slow Mitt's ascendency in the polls or to the Office of President.


I thought most Republicans believed the wealthy--the "job creators" need more tax cuts to stimulate the economy and people not paying any income tax need to start paying income tax. Now Romney is saying the opposite and I don't see any Republicans complaining or calling him on it.

What gives?

Notice how Romney didn't cite the 6 studies purportedly supporting his idea for $5 trillion worth of tax cuts?

Eugene, OR

CNN and CBS polls have both declared Obama the winner, and even George Will and Charles Krauthammer just said that the President came out ahead tonight.

Keep spinning though, guys...

salt lake, UT

So childish name calling is suppose to make us cower and agree that you must be right? very convincing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously, if any of you thought that Romney did well tonight...

Your universe is shrinking, and shrinking fast. Agreeing with each other on your right wing blogs and DesNews comments is not the same thing as coherent, reality-based analysis, it's just groupthink.

Favorite line of the evening, Obama to Romney: "You're the _last_ person who's going to get tough with China!"

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

So what to you expect. Partisan probably had determined their positions yesterday. Watching Fox News spinners seemed to be reading from a script prepared by writers hastily composing the necessary spin to meet management guidelines.

Of course, comments like "delusional Obama worshipers..." from sammyg (Springville, UT) are basically useless tripe since the commentor apparently considers all Obama supporters to be "delusional".

So, where does that get you. Absolutely nowhere. But then, what do you expect. Either sammyg is a troll or sockpuppet just trying to stir the pot with extremely partisan comments or sammyg is a true believer who may be aligned with the Birthers and other extremist anti-Obama forces angry that he was elected in 2008.

As for legitimate dialogue, it is missing here. However, kudos for saying the very talking points the choir loves to


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