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Published: Monday, Oct. 15 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The recruiting was improved the last two years, except they didn't get an adequate QB when it was clear that Wynn had incredibly weak connective tissues, and O-line. A few years ago they only signed two O-linemen, which isn't enough in any recruiting class.

Holladay, UT

I personally think it is a great idea to play Wilson. He gets half a season of game experience so that next year, the game slows down for him and his production improves. This should definitely set up Utah better for next year. But a question for you BYU fans: What is going to happen next year with Nelson playing out this year and graduating, and with NO EXPERIENCED QBs with your upgraded schedule next year? Thoughts..... Plans....?

Highland, UT


utah didn't get those qb's because their recruiting failed. Who cares if they offered them, what matters is actually getting them. So yes you are correct not getting them hurt utah's qb situation, but the reason they didn't get them is because the coaches failed to do a good enough job recruiting them. You can try to claim "almost" or "changed their commit at the last minute" all you want but the end result is the same. They failed to convince them to sign with utha, their recruiting was not good enough, it was actually bad.

As far as the two this year are concerned, well, they are not highly ranked recruits. Neither is ranked in the top 35 qb's in the nation according to the utah "fan" recruiting bible. Now they may turn out to be good, who knows, but they are certainly not "top" recruits, they are average qb recruits, 3 stars. Sorry but they just aren't what you seem to want to pretend that they are.


Duckhunter, you contradict yourself and continue to not check your facts. Not surprising, but pretty funny. In one single statement from you:

"Even these two that have committed to utah this year are not top recruits despite utah "fans" trying to claim they are. Neither is ranked in Rivals (the utah "fan" recruiting bible) top 35 qb's.

Ironically though utah does have a top 20 qb recruit this year, he is a kid out of California who is the 16th rated dual threat qb recruit on Rivals"

And then...

"As far as the two this year are concerned, well, they are not highly ranked recruits. Neither is ranked in the top 35 qb's in the nation according to the utah "fan" recruiting bible."

Well, no need to point out you're wrong about Cox's ranking, you already did that for us. And as for Manning, it remains to be seen what his end of year rating will be after re-writing the California prep record books this year.

U 90
Corona, CA


In your post, replace Utah with BYU, then replace pac 10.2 with The Independent Conference. Then replace ASU and AU with Army & Navy.... and your post still works.

Salt Lake City, UT

U 90

Not really, but nice try.

Utah fans who were expecting the Utes to be instant contenders in the PAC are now learning the harsh reality that Utah's two perfect storm seasons were not nearly enough to make the Utes a regular contender in a major conference.

While it's nice to be able to rub shoulders with a big name program like USC, the truth is, Utah's overall athletic program now faces the same fate as Arizona's, only without Arizona's basketball and baseball programs to take some of the sting out of Arizona not really being all that competitive in football.

A few losing seasons with no bowls and even the staunchest Utah fans will begin to accept that fate.

U 90
Corona, CA


And BYU's fate is much brighter, right? I'll take the direction of Utah's football program over BYU's any day. If going independent is such a great thing why is ND moving closer to aligning themselves with a conference? If going independent was the answer for "legacy" programs why don't we see Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio State all moving that direction? The BYU fan base will eventually catch on that as soon as they lose their first game each year the season is essentially over. Despite Utah going 0-4 in the PAC last season they were still in the race until the last game of the season. If BYU does not get themselves aligned with a conference within the next 3-5 years they will continue further down the path of irrelevance. A long stay in the ranks of the independent league will eventually lead to BYU dropping the football program... maybe not within 5 years, but do you really think the BYU faithful will put up with the status quo for 10 more years?

U 90
Corona, CA


No really it does work.... look

crazy to see all the BYU fans sooooo excited over the independent conference...and thinking that one day they will be challenging ND for conference champions....um, how long has Army and Navy been in the independent conference? let me remind you guys that you will forever be in the an independent what Army always has been and what Navy is now...and that's low man...you guys will always be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd every year...from the bottom that is.

Layton, Utah

"all the teams are good, all the teams have NFL caliber players, and great coaching"
bwhaahahahaa wow that really was a good one.

Highland, UT


No contradiction. cox is rated in the nebulous "dual threat" qb rankings, not the real qb rankings. In otherwords he is on the list of hs qb's that are simply athletes and will play safety or wr in college. It's already been reported he is an "athlete" recruit and not a likely qb recruit.

I know you badly want to be right and badly want me to be wrong but in the end he'll play some other position, just like Chase Hansen will, and I'll be right again. As far as the other kid is concerned, well doesn't BYU have a qb starting right now that not only "rewrote the state recrod books" but litterally anihilated them? Yet despite all of that recrod breaking he was never a highly rated qb recruit because he was never all that good a qb. There is a reason that a kid can "rewrite the California record books" and still only be a mid ranked recruit. It means he is only ok, nothing great


Duckhunter, sorry you're wrong again. I'm not saying Cox will definitely play QB because nobody knows that at this point. But you proclaiming they already have announced he will not play QB is clearly fiction. And a DT-QB recruit is still a QB recruit, if he intended to play another position, he would be an ATH recruit. And um I don't know if you knew this, but Southern Cal competition is quite a bit different than 3A Utah high school competition.

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