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Published: Monday, Oct. 15 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Juan DIEGO wins 3A, no question.

4A is a little open, and pending what happens tomorrow for East.
(some others are Mt. Crest, Logan, TIMPVIEW, Herriman, and thats really it.

I saw a Timpview/mt crest in one semi, East if it doesnt have to forfiet vs Herriman.

Those 4 teams all can beat one another in my opionion.

Its Jordans to lose,
Final Four teams
Syracuse beats Alta in quarters, and will play Bingham who got a nice draw, Brighton will be a harder game then Hunter will be 2nd round.

Jordan easily, and then Im not sure of the other teams who could get there, well see how good Northridge possibly is, same with what ever LP shows up,

4A-ummmmmm ill take Timpview
5A-ummmmm Ill take Jordan( HATES ME SAYING THAT)


East is actually 0-8

Heber, Utah

Bingham- I tend to agree that it's JD's to lose in 3A but I would shy away from the "no question" but that's just me. The potential Quarterfinal with Hurricane would be a great Semifinal game with the history those two have. Anything can happen though, so let's buckle up for a fun ride in the playoffs.


I see Syracuse upsetting Jordan for the title.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


How do you figure Bingham gets Brighton in the first round? I see there being a 3-way tie for 2 play-off positions between Brighton, Cottonwood, and West Jordan in Region 3. This will involve a coin flip and a play-in and Bingham could get any of the 3.

And Bingham does get a very favorable draw provided they beat PG.



I agree that 3A is all for Juan Diego. They've crushed everyone in their path all season long and will do it in the playoffs as well. I also think that Timpview is the favorite in 4A but don't leave East out of the talk or Mountain Crest for that matter. In 5A it's easy to say Bingham gets an easy draw if they win against PG. Getting go play against Hunter or Fremont in the second round is always nice. Too bad Syracuse and Alta will probably be in the same bracket. Best of luck to the Miners!!

South Jordan, UT

Parry is a farce,

I was thinking Bingham plays Brighton based on that Cwood who is playing good, could upset Alta, and if say they do that, then Brighton would get the tiebreaker having beat West Jordan,

But ya your right,
But even then, Bingham handled WJ, Handled Cwood, I wouldnt mind any of them 3 teams.

Opposite side of Jordan is always nice,

PG is a solid team, so hopefully the miners show up, or else they could easily be the 3 seed and have to go to ALTA first round......

ha shoot common miners.

Im very suprised I didnt see all the 3A fans on here,
Usually when I post that Juan Diego is going to win it, there is 30 comments after about
Dixie, SC, Pine View, Hurricane, Desert Hills.
SOOO CANT wait for state football, its a fun time to watch how hard the kids play
But ya Juan Diego may have to play Hurricane 2nd round, but at least the little advantage they will have will it will be a home game for Juan DIego, not up at the U.


Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


Alta has looked pretty good the past few weeks too. I don't think Cottonwood touches them.

The 3-way tie means that the Miners would get whoever won the play-in game on Tuesday. Thus whoever the Miners get in the first round likely has had less prep time and will be playing their 3rd game in about 10 days. All this adds to the beneficial draw the Miners get.

I think with the 2 loses, everyone has forgotten about Bingham and with the tournament draw they are appearing to get, they may surprise!

Stansbury Park, UT

Don't sleep on the Stansbury Stallions in 3A. That triple option offense is unstoppable when it gets rolling (33.5 points and 331 rush yards per game), and that defense led by Colton May has allowed 80 points all season. Don't forget they beat Desert Hills and Morgan (the Morgan game was on the road), both great teams. I'm excited to see this team make a run at a state championship, and I can definitely see them putting it all together and winning one. Go Stallions!

Sportstown, UT

@ binghamalum, truesilverwolf

ummm...who has Juan Diego played that's actually good? The only team that is decent that they played is Skyline, and they didn't beat them by much. Juan Diego's region is so weak it's laughable. So of course they are going to run over everyone. I don't know why you think that they are better than everyone else. When they play someone good, then we can truly judge how good they are.

Washington, UT


Nobody from Region Nine responds to you, because your predictions and breakdowns aren't credible.

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