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Published: Saturday, Oct. 13 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It's a sad state of affairs; both BYU and Utah are average at best. Sad.

Sandy, UT

I thought Riley did well. But look what Oregon State did with a pocket passer. Lark got ripped off plain and simple. Make things right and give him a chance. Help us feel good about being Cougar fans again.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Once again! BYU can beat all the cupcakes on their schedule and lose to all the good teams. The Cougs proud "10 win season" streak is on the line.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Goood to see Riley is back in form. Seven interceptable passes or was it 8, 2 fumbles or was it 3. There is no hope as long as this guy is playing.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

and utes going to become winless in pac12 - ask Chris B.


@Bleed Crimson

Alas! Utah's streak of 6 win seasons is on the line...

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

BYU has nothing to feel badly about. They played a good game. OSU is simply a better team and a better program. All the analysis in the world won't change that. The better team won, which is the way it is supposed to be.

Richmond, VA

Let's be real about the quarterback situation. Riley Nelson is not a good passer so it's time to give Lark a chance like Hatch suggested. I was also very surprised at how much time the other quarterback had in their pocket to make passes. It was very disappointing to see that because I thought our defense was better than that. Looks like this season is already shaping up to be another same old same old...win the patsies and struggles against real competition. I dream of the day when we can win consistently against tough competition. Will it ever happen? Yes I'm excited to see tough opponents in our future schedule but I fear it may only result in giving us a kind of exposure we don't want nor need and give the haters more reasons to hurl insults at us.

Go Cougars! I'm still rooting hard for your luck to change.......soon I hope!

Alexandria, VA

So BYU's defense gave up 35 points and the team is blaming it on things not bouncing their way? More like unprepared yet again.

It wasn't so much that they lost - OSU is a top ten team, but it was the way that they lost. This is the first time this season that BYU has faced a real passing threat, and we all saw what happened. I think the defense is a bit overrated, although the run D is legit. The game against ND next week isn't going to be pretty.

Nephi, UT

Bleed Crimson, please tell us how your beloved Utes' season is any better. Are you mad that you couldn't beat one of the cupcakes BYU did? Yup, you beat BYU, which despite all Ute fan's and Chris Hill etc. claims of your being beyond the rivalry is obviously still the biggest game on your schedule. Congrats on getting up for that one game each year and your awesome 4-9 record in the PAC.

Springville, UT

Spokane Utesie depressingly lamented...

"It's a sad state of affairs; both BYU and Utah are average at best. Sad."

Well as a Cougar fan I'm not taking anti-depressants quite yet. I'm coping quite well, thank you very much. BYU will win some more games as the offense showed some improvement. The play calling seemed a little more varied.

Yes, we will have to endure the 'Oh Riley factor' but if the effect can be mitigated we see some hope. Short passes and shuttle passes seem to do well. Glad to see some success with these plays.

As for your Utes... they are now less than average. 4-9 appears to be trendsetting.

Lehi, UT

Y fans, stop the sugarcoating please. Let's face the truth, BYU is pathetic. Starting with the coaches (Doman HAS to go) and the quarterback. I feel for some good players on the team but poorly coached. When did BYU start becoming an option team? or the quarterback running the ball thirty percent of the time? I see the word "Tradition" written on the field and everywhere - what is BYU's football tradition? PASS, PASS and [they] came to PASS! Please let's get back to that! Look at all the dominating teams in college football now - they're all passing while BYU is trying to run the option. Holmoe please let's get back to BYU's PASS TRADITION!! What puzzles me is you recruit good tight ends and great receivers and yet you give the quarterback the freedom in his running tendencies. Also, all major conferences are slowly losing interest in BYU because of its lackluster performances.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hey Bleed Crimson...when Colorado beats you again this year are you still going to make your bold posts...??? Considering you beat us by 3 and we handed you turnovers...what does that say for your mighty crimson clad utes...???

salt lake city, UT

@kcougfan considering they let you back in the game what does that say about your horrible team????

Bountiful, UT

BYU's defense was so highly ranked because it hadn't actually played anybody, Utah and Utah State included. A few weeks earlier it took everything Utah State had to beat a mediocre Utah team who was also playing badly. It was predictable that a good team would come in and pretty much run over BYU. This wasn't a defensive collapse - it was just what to expect. Notre Dame will do the same thing, and possibly Georgia Tech. The state of football in the State of Utah is pretty disappointing, but I am glad to see Utah State improve on that program, having over the weekend thoroughly thrashed a San Jose State team that lost to Stanford by only 3 earlier in the season.

So, then, go Jazz! (I mean, what else have we got?)

Riverside, CA

I thought it was a great game. Riley did a fine job and would have been better with a few less dropped passes. I even liked the play calling. But a tough day for the defense. Hated that pass interference call near the end. Very disheartening and we were in it until then.

Let's see an upset of Notre Dame.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Once again we just beat ourselves and the refs made us loose.


@WAYNE ROUT,all i have ever seen you do is mean mouth the cougars and Riley Nelson, since you seem to be such an authority on football and you think you can do any better i suggest that you put your money where your mouth is and try out,but i highly doubt if you could do any better,so until you can prove otherwise i think you need to be quiet,people who are true cougar supporters are getting tired of your know it all attitude,first its the team then the coach and now its Riley it just shows how ignorant of the cougars you really are and we as fans would be better served if you just supported the UTES because you surely are not a Cougar fan

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Bleed Crimson

"BYU can beat all the cupcakes on their schedule and lose to all the good teams."

At least BYU doesn't LOSE to the cupcakes on their schedule like the Utes - see Colorado.

btw, the Utes are now 4-8 since joining PAC, and the Utes haven't beaten a single PAC team with a winning record. Your four PAC wins have come against:

Ore St(3-9)
Wash St(4-8)

Combined record (17-33). So who exactly have U beaten since joining the PAC that you would consider "good"?

As they say, people who live in glass houses...

Sugar City, ID

I really would like to get some information on a low tackle on OSU"s quarterback by a BYU linebacker. If it was an attempt to injure the player then I hope BYU loses all of its games.
It has no place at BYU. A good Mormon kid playing at another school, outside of Utah, seems to do the Church a l0t of good. And a dirty player for BYU has the opposite effect.

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