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Published: Saturday, Oct. 13 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Central, UT

Boys of Fall, your post are usually dead on, however, if Emery decides to play 4 quarters they will be in Cedar, but that is a big it, they are as good as any team. San Juan I have no idea what they will be like, it will be interesting to see how these first round match ups play out. I think Millards line is better than last year, your skill players are the same bunch, but you have a big powerful back.

South Jordan, UT

bigbenzo and 2020
(Herriman lovers)

you seem to really feel that we all should bow down to the all mightynew Herriman,


You say there the #1 ranked offense, yes they have the most points scored.

Here is some stats for your lovely team.

Combined record of Region teams, 17-28 not one team besides yours has a winning record.
5-4 skyline (who won 4 games in its own region, including against Herriman)
5-4 Olympus (who won 4 games in its own region, 1 elseware,
You lost to 5A Riverton after talking all year that you should of won lsat year and will win this year, but again DIDNT.

You complain about the East first game, you cant be serious, did Juan DIEGO get mad they won region in baseball last year, Snow canyon ranked #1 in 3A has to vacate region wins, gets the 4th seed, and beats region champ JD
(o and JD didnt have to win a 3 way Coin Flip)

You would of played east in semis and lost,

Wait, your time will come, your little league program is THE BIGGEST in state, youll have your time.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


In High School sports in Utah, they do not use a tiebreaker to eliminate a team from the playoffs. If a tiebreaker can be used to determine seeding, it is, but if that seeding eliminates a team from the playoffs, then they use a play-in game.

The situation in Region 1 this year (and likely in Region 3) is 3 teams being tied for 2 playoff spots. Any tiebreaker that could be applied would eliminate one of those teams from the playoffs so they do a 3-way coin flip. The 2 losers of that coin flip have to play an additional region game against each other. With that additional game, the standings will reflect the seeding. For Example, this year in Region 1:

Syracuse, 5-0
Northridge, 4-1
Davis/Layton play-in winner, 3-3
Fremont, 2-3
Davis/Layton play-in loser, 2-4
Weber, 0-5

Fremont therefore finishes 4th and gets the #4 seed from that region. There is an advantage of winning the play-in and getting the #3 seed, but also the disadvantage of playing 3 games in 10 days and risking injury not to mention fatigue.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

ABITOUTSIDE- I do feel Emery has a good team, but have a hard time playing all 4 quarters against the better competition. I agree IF they can play the whole game against SJ I think they have a chance of winning. It will be interresting to see how that game goes because it will be SJ's 1st real challenge since week 1. I give the edge to SJ since they are at home & Emery has shown they have a big let down in the second half against the better teams. So, it will be close at half time, but unless Emery changes some things they will again fold in the second half.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Easy fix....Too many teams get into the playoffs....

Top three from each Region should be allowed to fight on. How many 2-8 or 3-7 get to continue the misery of playing football for another week. Top three teams from each region finish with a winning record, and can compete with the top region teams. Why do we continue this madness, too many soft minded people at the UHSAA!

Teams from the FBS and NFL work their butt off to have that bye in the first round. Why not reward the Region Champs with a bye, then play teams that compete rather than the 40 point blow out wins in the first round of the playoffs?

minersville, UT

san juan has had more than one test. the game with Beaver was 6 to 0 at the end of 3rd quarter. then san juan scored twice in the 4th to get the 20 to 0 win. san juan is definatley the team to beat in 2A but Manti, millard south summit and Beaver all have a chance, but would have to play nearly perfect to beat the Broncos

South Jordan, UT

East should be on probation this year and not allowed to participate in the State Tourney,,The should be the ruling

Spanish Fork , UT

You heard it here first, the 3A state tournament will be completely ran through by Spanish Fork just because of the STAR running back Braxton Argyle. There is no one that can compare with his sheer and raw ability on the gridion.

draper, ut


I think Logan if Im correct was able to stop your STAR runnin back. If SF does end up playig JD I know you will surprised but the JD Defense. It doesnt matter how many yards you gain, or passes you catch, if you cant get in the endzone it wont make a difference,juat ask Grangers STAR running back..JD will be the hardest team for anyone to beat this year, and if you want the 3A title it goes through JD..


Spanish Fork , UT

On his biggest off day of the season, he still managed to score. Underestimating this kids strength, speed, and elusiveness on the gridiron could really kill anyone in the long run. The poise and cuts that this kid makes are truly legendary, godlike if you will. He is the best runningback in the state hands down.

Bountiful, UT

Watch out for WX - the 20+ year monkey is off their backs, and you cannot ignore the momentum factor in sports. WX now plays where they live.

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