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Published: Saturday, Oct. 13 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Wait so fremont wins the toss and gets the 4th seed while layton and davis fight for the 3rd seed?

Ogden, UT

I know, right? Doesn't make sense to me either footballfan8. They should go in as 3rd and the others should have a play-in for fourth.


Are you really complaining about Fremont drawing Hunter or Granger? I mean, if Fremont can't handle either of them in the first round then their chances in the post season aren't looking good anyway.

Provo, UT

Not really a big fan of fremont just curious of why they gotn a 4 seed instead of the 3 for the coin toss


I can only speculate that it's because with the coin toss they are free and clear with a playoff spot, whereas the other two teams have to play to decide theirs, so they give one of them the #3 spot. But honestly, I don't know. Maybe George Felt can enlighten us, if he's reading this?

Provo, UT

If the three teams have no other criteria to separate them like head to head wins it is pretty typical in a three-way tie for two playoff berths that the "winner" of the coin toss gets the fourth seed. The advantage of this is your automatically in the playoffs while the winner of the play-in game gets the third seed. However, the loser is out altogether. If there was a tie for fourth place between three teams for one berth, what would happen is the winner of the coin toss would get a bye. The losers would play a half of football. The winner would advance to play the winner of the coin toss and they would then play a half with the winner moving on to the playoffs. If there is a three-way tie for second place with three berths, if it is a situation where they all beat each other than they would flip coins. If there is a situation where the tie can be broken with head-to-head criteria then that would be used.

Dickshooter, ID

I'm guessing the 5A bracket will look like this.
Riverton @ Alta
Viewmont @ Syracuse
Fremont @ Hunter
Brighton @ Bingham
Davis @ Kearns
Cwood @ LP
PG @ Jordan
Granger @ Northridge

Blanding, UT

South coin flip. Beaver is by far is the second best team in the 2A south region. To bad it came down to the flip.

juan val dez
Kanab, UT

Region 9 in 3a needs to have a coin flip. Both d-hills and hurricane have the same region record.

Heber, Utah

Juan, but DH beat Hurricane, and that works as the tie breaker. No coin flip needed

White Knight
Kanab, UT

Yankee. I know that is how it will come out. But, I still think that with d-hills losing to dixie, that loss should put them in a tie with hurricane. So with both losing once, they should do a coin flip.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

sjhsports from what it looks like, it appears you are right. I was hoping Beaver would win the flip because I'd much rather drive to Beaver than Moab.
Here's how I see this week going in 2A:
Beaver/Gunnison- Rematch of week 2 that saw the Beavers winning in OT. This game won't be that close. Since then it appears the Beavers have got better & the Bulldogs haven't improved much during the year. Beaver 35 Gunnison 14
Millard/S. Sevier- Hate to dissappoint JD Books but this game isn't going to be close & the Rams can start concentrating on basketball. Millard 42 S. Sevier 7
Emery/Kanab- Emery seems to play good football, but only the 1st half. Against the top 3 teams in the North Emery was either tied or winning at halftime. But, were then outscored a combined 77-21 in all 3 losses. Emery 35 Kanab 21
Richfield/N.Summit- Should be the closest game with neither team really dominating any of their games. Richfield 28 N. Summit 21

Good luck to all the teams. Have fun!!! It's almost over so enjoy the time you have to play.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Will someone please explain to me how the Region 7 #1 has to have a play in game? Are you kidding me. I am a Westlake parent and support the Thunder (God help us at East in the first round) But why is the #1 having a play in game with a #5 finisher. Why not make the #5 and Westlake have the play in game. This is a huge problem with the UHSAA playoff system, you only have 16 teams, rank them for crying out loud so that we don't have the championship game in the Quarters and Semis anymore. I am sorry, but Westlake finished 3 and 6, they should not be in the playoffs.

St. George, UT

The brackets this year in 3a seem to be a little imbalanced as far as tougher competition. Really its just chance I guess. Based on the bracket the UHSAA had posted last week, in the upper bracket you've got Spanish Fork, Desert Hills and lower bracket Juan Diego, Hurricane, Stansbury and Dixie. I would say Spanish and Desert Hills has an easier road to the Championship game. I predict, PV will win this Wednesday, and PV will give Spanish Fork a good game, but will lose to SF in the first round. I predict Desert Hills will beat North Sanpete in Round 1, Wasatch in Round 2, and play SF in Semis. I think SF is the more balanced team this year. In the other bracket, its too bad we'll see JD and Hurricane in the 2nd round, but Juan Diego will win and play Dixie in the Semis, but they will win, and play SF for the state championship, and I predict Juan Diego to win it all.

Herriman, UT

@UtahBruin - Herriman just won the coin toss and has the #1 seed for Region 7. We don't have a play-in game....we will play the winner of the play-in game of Region 6 #4 and Region 8 #5. Westlake finished as the #4 seed in Region 7 and will play the #1 seed in Region 6.

St George, UT

White Knight Dixie lost to SC which DHills destroyed. Your theory is completely confusing! Head to head should always take care of equal records. Hurricane and Desert Hills both are 4-1 if they should end up 5-1 then the head to head should take care of the tie. I know Dixie beat DH but now that Dixie has lost its second game their record will stand at 4-2 because of their bye this week. If Snow Canyon beats PV then SC and Dixie will be tied at 4-2 then SC would be 3rd seed and Dixie would be 4th seed because of the head to head record. If PV beats SC then PV is 4 and Dixie would be 3rd.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Sorry, I miss read the pairing the way it was typed. Herriman or the Region 7 #1 does not have a play in game. But in any case, why is a legit #4 seed out of Region 6 have to play a crappy Salem Hills or Springville team to get into t he playoffs. Seed the teams and get on with it already.

Thanks BigBenzo88 - Do you know who got the two and three seeds between Skyline and Olympus?

Rural sport fan

About the weird differences between rankings and seeds...that's just how it is. Since rankings are often simply a best guess, and arguments can be mode for and against all sorts of ideas (think BCS) Utah uses region places to seed the championships. Since ties are possible, and teh breaking of those ties is pretty simplistic, it does make the first round or two a bit strange, and sometimes bigger games are played in the semis than in the finals, but in the end, you gotta win 'em all to be the champions.

I grew up in Oregon...my senior year my team lost only two games in a 10 team region, went 9-3 overall, and still didn't go to state, as only the top two in region went. Utah obviously has a very different system, when 2/3rds of the teams (or more) can qualify for state.

Holladay, UT

The play in game is a result of the UHSAA giving in to Springville after they said that 3A/4A was set, which then gave Region 8 and extra team. Part of the reason for having the regions as they were was to eliminate these types of games. Then, Region 8 whined that since they had more teams, they should get another one in to the playoffs. So now, the 4A regions (Region 7 had its turn last year) have to take turns every year accommodating Region 8 in a play-in and then turn around and have to play a #1 seed on a short week.
That about covers it.

Heber, Utah

Mammoth- that "imbalance" happens all the time in playoffs. It seems every year there is a tougher region and it usually changes every few years. Football, basketball, baseball, they all have tougher regions in cycles. It does kind of suck when the top or bottom half are loaded or unbalanced, but it's what the system is and has been. I remember a few years back in 3A basketball, Wasatch and Morgan were both having amazing seasons with like 1 loss between them, they met in the Semis, although it was clearly the championship game. However, Wasatch won, then lost the next day to a spunky Tooele team. I think the day before had drained the wasps emotionally, but that's how it happens sometimes. Oh, and don't count out the Wasps, I think they match up way better against DH than most would think. It will be close, but Wasatch will win by 6

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