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Published: Friday, Oct. 12 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

Can't say I really understand the reason why. I hope it is not just because the neighborhood complained. I guess either way, the church proved to be the bigger man in giving in. I hope that the church can find a way to make missionary work progress and go forward despite of the neighborhood. I would have to say that beings that the neighborhood is right in the heart of BYU and Provo that several members are in this neighborhood, and they choose to put their views ahead of the church's motivation to move forward. Just don't get it.

Orem, UT

The details of this news were quite vague. I think the announcement may indicate a combination of trying to appease the neighborhood and reassess the needed expansion in light of the recent announcement regarding missionary service at General Conference. Though in general I think those living in this neighborhood need to be more understanding and cooperative with what appears to be an inevitable expansion of some kind when it comes back again. The level of rancor earlier was disheartening.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

The voice of the few... damaging the hopes of many.

Logan, UT

This decision reflects poorly on the members living in the MTC area.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a great thing the church has done. Back when they built the original MTC on that site, the church made a promise that buildings would not be very tall. I'm glad the church is not going back on their word. That location is not a good site for such a tall building, surrounded by residential.

If the church wants to build up, perhaps they ought to build a new MTC campus in a different location that allows them to build tall buildings. Maybe they could build a new MTC campus on the west edge of BYU's campus on University Ave. near Bulldog Blvd or University Parkway. Those intersections are prime for redevelopment and would be able to sustain 9+ story buildings.

Vancouver, BC

I suspect that a confluence of factors led to this decision such as the lowering of the minimum age of women which will result in a "permanent" increase in the number of sister missionaries. The increase in demand from this may have resulted in the realization that the 9 floor building is no longer adequate for the next phase in the MTC's growth. Neighborhood pressure seems to have also factored in. It may be that the demand will be such that it makes more sense to build a parallel campus somewhere else and that over time, this could replace the existing one if expansion were phased. There are both challenges and problems with having the MTC adjacent to BYU.

Kearns, UT

I think that this would be a perfect building to be built on the parking lot just to the west of the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City. The LDS Church does own a lot of parking lots near the Temple Campus that would be great to use for expansion.

With the coming Airport Trax line, this would save time and money if the missionaries would be able to both arrive and depart without needing to have trips to the airport. The missionaries could also be accompanied to the airport by their families on the Trax train.

If the parking lot to the west of the Conference Center wouldn't work, there is the lot to the west of the museum and family history buildings (where they stored equipment and offices while building City Creek).

I say bring it to Downtown Salt Lake City. At least there they could build higher and expand as needed.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

I don't see this as necessarily reflecting poorly on the members involved. It is legitimate to raise concerns about one's neighborhood. This was never an all or nothing scenario. There have always been additional options that might create more of a win/win situation. I was much more disappointed in the threats made by certain LDS church leaders in response to those concerns. It appears that cooler Church heads have prevailed and seen the value in discussion over dictation.

Kaysville, UT

I know the Church won their cause in places where many temples and other types of buildings have been built, in very difficult locations. Hopefully, it is not the local neighbors as the neighbors in other non-church areas will state that is a good reason to not build a temple, which can be very tall, in their area.

We all sacrifice for the cause, no matter where we live and where we work. That part of Zion is located at BYU Provo and people should expect growth and up is part of that growth. What a legacy that the MTC with the flow of missionaries to increase in the next year or two and to be part of that growth.

This is a complex situation but people in Utah sometimes lose the vision for progress and growth. This Church is not the government and they work so well with people of all religious, languages, cultures, local leaders and nationalities and ethnic groups, everywhere.

I know this was a difficult decision as the leaders are guided in their hard decisions in relation to missionary service and the mission of the Church.

The Provo temple is a perfect location for missionaries.

Bend, OR

Maybe they should build an MTC near Rexburg, Idaho where more land is available?

Sandy, UT

I can't help but wonder how many people this would have put to work in such a terrible economy. I hope the residents of Pleasant View neighborhood are happy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe the members in the surrounding area would be willing to house some missionaries in their humble abodes? Well,.................maybe.

Syracuse, UT

Every body here who thinks the neighborhood is in the wrong in opposing the tall building, would have done exactly the something if it were in your own neighborhood.


I don't know why the church doesn't just say why instead of saying "complexities" and "concerns". Just say the neighborhood didn't want a tall building and due to the recent missionary age requirement change we may need much more than 9 stories!

M. Butler
Brooklyn, NY

There's already a large piece of land that has a huge building on it--on the other side of that same neighborhood. And it surely is a bigger eyesore and causes more trouble to the neighborhood than a few missionaries coming and going at the MTC--few relative to the numbers who go to that great and spacious building.

The football stadium. Tear it down and build the new MTC there. As the dearly departed Steven Covey would say, it's "Win-Win!"

American Fork, UT

Kudos to the church for listening to the concerns of the local residents and not going back on previous promises.

I fail to see how the local resident's concerns about this being built turns them into bad members. I am sure if there were no other options and this definitely had to be done to move the work forward than most of them would be okay with it. I don't think that's the case though, there are lots of others options to consider that may work better for everyone involved.


I'm thinking that perhaps the neighbors were not consulted prior to the decision for a 9-story building was made. And if the Church actually did make these plans without talking with neighbors then I am glad to see that it stepped back from plans to move on it; for such a tall building that is not in the immediate vicinity of the BYU campus with taller buildings would seem out of place.

I don't think there is any need to be judgmental toward either side. It's important for any business, when planning to build, to consider and consult residential neighborhoods if possible if it will impact them. I don't live in UT but would be disappointed, indeed, if there were any hotheaded "threats" made by Church officials. And it's just as important for those in the neighborhoods not to be hotheaded and to speak respectfully with their concerns of opposition. I'm sure the Church will come up with a solution that will benefit all. After all, they are being led by the Lord and it is His work. Whatever is decided will probably be better.

Taylorsville, Utah

Hmmm! "Lovest thou me more than the value of your property and the view of the mountains?".

Maricopa, AZ

Sorry but here in AZ where we fight for every chapel and temple to be built, the thought of "good church members" fighting this expansion makes me shake my head.
Would love to hear what brother Brigham would have said to those who didn't want the Salt Lake temple so tall.
We are becoming a selfish self indulging people who think that sacrifice is good....you go first.

St. George, UT

i can't believe their are people on here putting the blame on the neighborhood. someone already pointed out a promise made years ago about mtc buildings not exceeding a certain size. but because homeowners nearby voiced their opinions, and exercised their right to disagree with something the church wanted to do-they are made out to be the bad guy. just because we live in utah, doesn't mean the dominant religions needs come first.

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