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Published: Friday, Oct. 12 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

It matters not. Riley can't throw, panics quickly, is short, and slow. Doman is not the right person for his job. We need an experienced offensive coordinator and someone learning on the job. At the rate Doman is learning it will take years.


BYU has a ton of talent at wide receiver and tight end that is languishing in obscurity. Heaps took the heat for BYU's offensive woes last year. This year it's Riley. The play calling is straight out of the 80's Nebraska/Oklahoma option playbook and doesn't utilize the talents of some of the best athletes on the field. Get it in to the hands of Apo who is a big, fast, Michael Irvin type receiver. Hoffman and Falslev are possession guys that run great routes and have good hands. The dump offs to the tight end were a game changer last were a game changer last week.

Proud Ute

BYU fans are the most fickle, fair weather fans around.
Harmon's stories that read like Sunday school lessons can't hide the discontent in an enthusiastic but unrealistic fan base. Teams lose and people make mistakes.
Com'on Cougs, give your young men and the coaching staff your support.

It appears sometimes you guys have a hard time separating your faith from your football.
Just sayin......

rock springs, wy

If Nelson has a fractured vertebral transverse process, he probably shouldn't be playing football in this game or any other until the fracture heals, which normally takes six weeks--longer if he remains athletically mobile. His throwing motion hampered, he will be tempted to run more and risks aggravation of the injury. Lark should stay warmed up and ready to play--he will probably finish the season. And, given a real chance, he may prove to be just what the Cougars need-a quarterback who can find an open receiver.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Riley and Doman are so dang awesome.

Truth Seeker
Zion, UT

@ HCB63

You have one thing wrong with your predictions. I don't think BYU will score the extra point.

Allen, TX

Got his chance. Failed.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Dick knowing how much you care about the Cougars and the football program it's time to take the lead in advocating what has to be done; replacing Brandon Doman with a real offensive coordinator who can take us back to the historic passing attack. It's clear the man is incompetent the job is just too big for someone with so little experience. A Steve Kragthorpe would be what a Cats need, a steady hand with no need to reinvent himself each year. The guy did it at Tulsa he can do it at BYU.

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