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Published: Thursday, Oct. 11 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Baltimore, MD


"why a home and home with Utah State is thought to be beneath the Cougars, but a 2:1 with the Badgers is cause for celebration..."

It no disrepect to Utah State, it's simple economics.

LES seats 65,000
Romney seats 25,000

Conservatively, BYU makes over $1 million more per game at LES (40,000 x $50, plus concessions), than Utah State makes at Romney.

By agreement, BYU doesn't pay Utah State anything when the Aggies visit LES; and Utah State doesn't pay BYU anything when the Cougars visit Romney.

The third game at LES is the payoff, where BYU pays Utah State a substantial guarantee to play at LES. Utah State can't even come close to matching what BYU can pay.

BYU simply isn't willing to take a substantial loss in revenue every third year to play in Logan.

With Wisconsin, that's not an issue, and playing at Wisconsin also gives BYU fans in other parts of the country an opportunity to attend a BYU game in person. For example, I'm already planning to attend the BYU - West Virginia game to be played in Washington DC.

Baltimore, MD


Spin it however helps you sleep at night, but the simple truth is Utah isn't good enough to qualify for a bowl without playing a couple of OOC patsies like Northern Colorado every year.

Unfortunately for U, Utah State didn't play the patsy this year, which has put the Ute's bowl chances in serious jeopardy. If not for BYU's gift touchdown to U on the missed snap to Riley, Utah's bowl chances would already be all but dead.

While other power conference teams are seeking to increase the difficulty of their OOC schedules to give them a better chance to qualify for the playoffs, the Utes are throwing in the towel and admitting that they simply aren't good enough to compete at that level.

Granstville, UT


What does economics have to do with it? According to the cougar fan base BYU; money is not an issue when it comes to the football team. The income source for the football team is pretty much unending, so now all of a sudden, money is the reason home and home can't be scheduled with Utah State.

Very nice spin.

Farmington, UT

The Nun

Utah State has never had a quality fan base and only since GA became the coach have they sold out their dinky stadium for a game other than BYU or Utah. Nothing personal here, just the truth. Will it last? Perhaps.....but history says no.

Remember Larry Miller folding up the Utah WNBA team and his reason? He was tired of losing money on the deal. So even well-heeled programs can at times take money into consideration.

With a resurgent USU football team, maybe things will change. The tricky part is making it last because pretty soon a bigger program will cherry-pick GA if he remains successful. If he doesn't, it's back to square one. Two good years a program doesn't make, unfortunately. And keeping a successful coach, other than Stu Morrill, isn't very easy, either. So good luck with the future.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You just accused me of spin? Please point out what fact I spun. Now you my friend, just threw out some spin if I've ever heard it;

Utah has played one full season in their new conference and now part of another. Last year we played one patsy and this year we play(ed) one patsy. Therefor your comment is an exaggeration ..."Utah isn't good enough to qualify for a bowl without playing a couple of OOC patsies like Northern Colorado every year."

Mind you, Utah played in a better bowl than BYU played in last year, and this year is far from over my friend.

Spin ... that's funny.

River Falls, WI

Please, please, please keep scheduling games with the top teams in the midwest. I'm all for a 10 for 1 with Wisconsin.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah scheduled one OOC patsy in 2011 (Montana State) and two OOC patsies in 2012 (Northern Colorado and Utah State). Unfortunately for U, the Aggies turned out not to be the automatic win you were expecting.

Utah played its bowl in the armpit of the country against #56 Georgia Tech (Sagarin rating), while BYU played in Dallas/Fort Worth against #35 Tulsa. Instead of spouting off about better bowl, you should consider the reality that BYU played in a much better location against a much better bowl opponent.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ


What does location have to with which bowl is more prestigious? Maybe it's more important for the fan experience, but it doesn't have anything to do with which game is more prestigious. I'd much rather go to Honolulu than New Orleans but that doesn't mean the Aloha Bowl is more prestigious than the Sugar Bowl.

One way to measure which is a better bowl is the payout. Again, this doesn't matter to the fan, but it does matter to the program. The Sun Bowl paid much more than the Armed Forces Bowl. The players that played in the Sun Bowl walked away with more goodies, too.

Another measure is which game is broadcast in a more desirable time slot. Again, the Sun Bowl is in a more desirable time slot.

Sorry, but it is hard to argue with the facts. If you're arguing about the fan experience, that's another discussion. But I think we're talking about which is the more prestigious bowl.

As much as I wish it weren't so, until BYU wins against big oppoenents the bowls we play in won't matter much.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Riddles in the Dark

You're funny! That was a great laugh.

Location of the bowl game I can give you ... but that's it. Pay out, exposure, and opponent was clearly in Utah's favor. Wasn't even close. You can throw your Sagarin rating stuff at me all day and I won't blink ... any team in the country would've rather played GTech last year over Tulsa.

Nice try on calling USU a patsy as well. That doesn't work in the context of the above discussion. You just can't compare teams in an entire different division of football (ie: N Colorado and Weber St.) to a team like USU - even when USU is bad. That said, if you want to make it part of the argument then remember that BYU scheduled USU as well.

Still laughing at your attempt to spin that conversation your way though. Good stuff as always.

pocatello, ID

Must be nice.
Wisconsin plays two games at home against a patsy cupcake. I thought they wanted to improve their SOS?

pocatello, ID

Utah's bowl game got higher TV ratings than BYU did.
Look it up.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

Sorry Uteology, but U don't get any smack points for admitting that you're not good enough to play BYU and Michigan in the same year, which is EXACTLY what Hill admitted.


Maybe not good enough to play "BYU and Michigan in the same year" but we are good enough to play:

@Michigan, Oregon, USC, Stanford, @ASU, @Oregon State, @ULCA

in the same year, see Utah's 2014 schedule.

So what he admitted is that playing 10 BCS teams in one year is tough enough without the a rivalry game that gains us nothing.

South Jordan, UT

Uteology, so what you are saying is you are not a bcs team because you can't handle playing a bcs schedule. Utes stink

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockwell

Please explain the simple economics of playing a home-home series with Middle Tennessee St. instead of Utah St.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Utah's bowl game got higher TV ratings than BYU did."

BYU's bowl was played Friday morning when most fans are working.

Utah's bowl was played Saturday afternoon when most fans are home.

That still doesn't change the fact that BYU played in a better location against a MUCH better team - #35 Tulsa > #56 Georgia Tech

Utah DROPPED in Sagarin after beating Georgia Tech

BYU JUMPED Utah in Sagarin after beating Tulsa.

GK Willington

re: WACPaddingOurSchedule 3:33 p.m. Oct. 11

"And BYU fans wrote the book on delusional escape from reality!

Once again, a BYU fan attempts to hijack a thread.
What does past scheduling have to do with future contracts? Nothing."

I agree but can't help but laugh @ how byu fans *interpret* the past.

Question: What else happen w/ local college pigskin in 2008? Hint: the Utes had already done it & byu never will.

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