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Published: Thursday, Oct. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

If something ever happened to Obama, Biden would be in charge....

Cedar Hills, UT

Say what you want about Joe but I would take Joe 100-1 over Obama as president. Not saying much I know but at least Biden - although he may be dumb - isn't a radical + dumb.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Your interpretation of Ryan and his budget indicate you have been watching too much MSNBC

You site where she went to high school and college
They say what has happened in the last 4 years
and THEY need to update their bios? REALLY?

salt lake city, UT

Hopefully Joe just take his false teeth out and dumps them in a glass of water right at the start. That will startle Paul "I never had a job" Ryan and get him back peddling faster than B.O. at a presidental debate.

Salt Lake City, UT

@man of few words
"If something ever happened to Obama, Biden would be in charge...."

You do realize that the alternative was Palin right? Anyway, I'd much rather have Biden in there than Ryan. Ryan's radical budget that lowers tax rates on Romney to 0 (by eliminating the capital gains tax) and slashes Medicaid by over a third, as well as his far-right extremism on social issues (he's the one who worked with Akin on limiting abortions to just "forcible rape") is not what we need.

O-town, UT

Ann Romney on Mitt, "I think my biggest concern obviously would be for his mental-well being."

If Romney wins, Romney will be in charge--well actually not really, Koch Enterprises et al would be, but you never know what Mitt would be at the podium: moderate Mitt or severely conservative Mitt.

"A well-lubricated weather vane"-- Jon Huntsman Jr. on Mitt Romney

Romney is like the Governor of Texas in the show The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: he likes to dance a little sidestep. The reporters talking to each other on that show sum him up well.

"Did you get any of that?"
"I hear him talking but he don't come in."

"Is that a yes or a no?"
"It's a possible maybe."

Saint George, UT

90 minutes is not enough time for ryan to explain his various explanations regarding his budget proposal...so eagerly adopted/reset, rebooted, etch-a-sketched by severely moderate (today) multiple choice mitt.

ryan's own words.

And, don't bother fact-checking the debate.

Which Romney has stated he won't let fact-checkers (except FOX NEWS) determine the daily reclarifications of his campaign.

So, ryan can feel free to avoid all archived positions on the economy, foreign policy, immigration, personhood, woman's rights etc., and make-up new position statements.

Just like Which Romney.

No problem.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Romney team stays right of right.

Kaysville, UT

After seeing the debate with the tirades of Biden interrupting Paul Ryann almost once a minute was not professional, courteous or orderly. The VP must have had the orders from the President to be disruptive for Ryan, which is normal with his loud voice and snearing smile everytime Ryan attempted to talk.

I believe Ryan is right that Biden didn't speak about their performance and just blamed everything on his inheritance from President Bush II. They would have had such a wonderful 4 years except for the budget and economy. He wanted to be able to spend us into delirium if he had the economy of Hillary's husband.

Well, the one commentator I saw said it was the worst debate from a Vice President in 40 years and since the moderator was a good friend of the President, I guess there was no bias on her part. If Biden gets judged to have been second fiddle with Ryan, I guess their campaign will blame the moderator as they did with Lehrer last week.

It was comforting to know that Biden believes everything he says. He mentioned that he really cares for people but his yearly donations are $300.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I thought it was interesting at the end when joe states that he is very Catholic and practicing for all of these years and believe in it's teachings. Which their faith states life begins at conception. Then biden explains that a woman and her doctor have the right to terminate that life for any reason. So from biden himself, he states that a woman and a doctor have the right to slaughter an unborn child for any reason (inlcuing "mistakes"). That's a kind caring bigger government taking care of the weak and those that can't protect themselves alright.

I like that Congressman Ryan pointed out that if Catholics under this regime are able to practice their religion and to protect life from conception, then why is the church having to sue the Federal government to keep that right?

I would have liked a response from biden on that.

It just amazes me that democrats "love people" unless it is an unborn child then use taxpayer dollars to kill them off asap. But if a terroists takes American lives, then we did something wrong and can't bring them to justice.

Kaysville, UT

This President doesn't move forward in anything and so to hope it halts a forward movement is probably very satisfying for him.

His man, Joe Biden, was practicing just want the President does very well to us, speak down to us at whatever costs.

Joe Biden didn't put forth anything original and with conviction. He just couldn't even speak when he was told he didn't speak about performance of the past 4-years of the President's administration.

How could he? There is nothing positive. The VP even showed his religion colors last night. What a shame for his church. He didn't even do that well. His definitions of what he is practicing must be different than the people of conviction.

I can't believe we potentially could have this person in front of our faces like last night for 4 more years and with the potential of being the President for a moment or other length of time.

It was dismal last night. I bet the President was sweating worse than when he killed Bin Laden. Probably even more than as a pusher of abortion and in litigation with the Catholic Church for us.

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