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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 10 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I don't get what Jay Evensen is upset about. There's no requirement for early voting. Just the opportunity for those who wish to beat the rush, may not be in town, have something scheduled, etc.

You'll never be as informed as you might be, even if you wait until election day. But if you already know how you want to vote, I don't see what there is to make a fuss about.

Steve C. Warren

Maybe people are burned out over the long and pervasive presidential campaign, and by voting early they are saying, in effect, "OK, I've voted, so now I finally get to tune out all this politcal crap."

The presidential campaign has been going on for two years. I'd like to see the GOP and Democrats prohibit their state parties from having primaries and caucuses before Feb. 15 of the presidential election year. Plus, I'd like to see the media pretty much ignore the presidential contestants until Jan. 1 of the year of the election.

House members, with their two-year terms, are constantly raising funds, a form of campaigning. Perpetual campaigning contributes to political divisiveness.

Saint George, UT

Only if it hurts repubs.


I plan to vote early because I will be out of town and thus away from my normal polling place on Election Day


So Jay, has your position on candidates or issues changed a month before the election? We haven't received the voter information material with the details of the propositions which will be on the ballot, so i am not yet prepared to vote.

It seems like we're almost in non-stop campaign mode. Thank goodness we don't live in a swing state. Perhaps people in swing states know all they need to know about the candidates. We need to either limit the length of campaigns or increase the presidential term from 4 to 6 yrs. with a simple yes or no vote for 2 more years, 8 yrs total. Afterall, Senators have 6 yr terms. It seems legislators and presidents focus on the job for 2 yrs and then nobody wants to do anything until after the election.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

If early voting gets more people out to vote I think it is a good thing!

H. Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

Are we to infer from this editorial that Mr. Evensen has yet to write his "Mitt Romney Wins!" editorial? I'd bet it's sitting patiently on a hard drive somewhere waiting for the last few details, but somehow someone doing their due diligence a couple weeks before Election Day is somehow gaming the system. Oh well, at least this editorial did some good. I'm filling out my mail-in ballot right now.

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