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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 10 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Pass the popcorn. This is getting interesting.
Benghazi is starting to look like another Ft. Hood; our government ignoring signals in the name of political correctness.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I find this hard to believe as this administration has been so transparent and forthcoming.
I am shocked. admit it ain't so Barry, say it ain't so.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Perhaps Romney will go soft on Obama over this issue in the upcoming presidential debate. Perhaps Obama can use Muhammad Ali's rope-a-dope technique to defend this failure. Either that or blame Bush for it.

Durham, NC

Say No.... did you read the whole thing? The report says there were no early warnings of the pending attack.

Rifleman.... and who blamed Bush for the 2,700 killed on American soil after his "failure" to prevent the events of the other 9/11? Were you making the same kind of remarks about the Republican administration then? Or how about the bombing of the US Marine facilities and Embassy in Lebanon during Reagan, were you calling the Republican policies a failure then. Or how about the downing the Pan Am flight over Scotland? Were you calling the Reagan administration a failure then?

And how long after 9/11 (the original) did it take the Republicans administration to get the people responsible for that event?

Yes, do please pass the popcorn. The conditional ethics on display is most entertaining and amusing.

Saint George, UT

Mitt will fit right in with these people...

A new version...

Every day...


Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
"Rifleman.... and who blamed Bush for the 2,700 killed on American soil after his "failure" to prevent the events of the other 9/11?"

The 9/11 most like would have been prevented if Bill Clinton hadn't gutted the CIA and oversaw the reduction in the intelligence budget. You must have forgotten.

In Bill Clinton's defense he did respond after the attack on the USS Cole. He bombed ..... an aspirin factory.

West Jordan, UT

Obama claimed in 2008 that President Bush had offended the Muslims, and as soon as he got elected and bowed to them that they would love us. Thats why the first explanation from him and Hillalry was that the attack was the result of a phoney U tube video. The phony video was a convenient scapegoat. Otherwise they would have to admit his theory had failed, that catering to the Muslims didn't work, and they do indeed have a cultural hatred for America.

Durham, NC

Rifleman... you are right. The CIA wasn't credible back then.... heck, we only launched a war in Iraq based on this intelligence from them..... which also turned out to be false as well. I am sure that is Clinton's fault as well.

Oh wait, but I thought blaming the previous president was something only liberal democrats didi... right?

Blew up an aspirin factory..... over 100,000 dead in Iraq.... same difference.

We could go in circles like this forever. Bottom line, you need to hold both parties to the same standard, else everything is at best just hollow rhetoric, and on the other side much worse

Liedrav - do you actually even know any muslims? Your claim about Obama and Bush, and the Muslims are just silly. There have been plenty of presidents who have offended a some group of muslims... and the taking out of Al Quida and Taliban leadership by Obama probably was viewed as being pretty offensive as well. Lets get over the partisan goofiness.

salt lake, UT

@ute alum

where in the world do you get the idea this is some grand conspiracy?

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