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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Lynette Gaymon is a textbook example of the kind of teachers trying to brainwash our children. Children are sent to school to learn, not to taught that all Republicans are evil.

Saint George, UT

Right on Rifleman!!

Provo, UT

As a public school teacher for many years in a diverse inner city high school I valued the students who would share their beliefs and feelings. For over 18 years I and two other teachers held open discussion lunch. Our rules were simple, no put downs, listen quietly to any opinion and make sure you can give the source of your "facts". We didn't solve many world problems but many students learned to disagree without being disagreeable. And we as teachers sure learned a lot. Too bad this kind of teaching isn't part of every teacher's training.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The teacher asked her to leave the room???
Can that be right?
That goes way beyond light-hearted ribbing. The teacher needs to be fired.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Lets indite a profession that has over 6 million members by the actions of one teacher, that really makes a lot of sense. I know you can point out others who have used poor judgement as well. I am sure that no one in your chosen profession ever makes a mistake, exhibits poor judgement, or is incompetent.

Why don't we indite the entire medical profession because the doctor in Utah county was found guilty of murdering his wife. Why don't we indite all coaches because Jerry Sandusky is a pervert. Why don't we indite all Utah republican legislators because one of their members had an inappropriate relationship with a juvenile and they cheered him at the close of the session two years ago.

Sorry Rifleman teachers are people too! Lets not paint the whole profession by the actions of one, or lets paint every profession by the actions of one.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah
"Rifleman, Lets indite a profession that has over 6 million members by the actions of one teacher, that really makes a lot of sense."

Nice try but no cigar. This isn't an indictment of a profession but of the liberal biased teacher's union supporting this teacher. As you may, or may not, be aware the attitude of teachers in California is that they know better than the parents what is right for their children.

Thank goodness for those with the courage to speak out in the face of tyranny!!

Columbus, OH

Sorry Rifleman, you can't take back what you said. You called this teacher out (not the union) as a textbook example of the kind of teacher's indoctrinating our children. In other words, you demonized all teachers, and now you're trying to change your position. Sounds like you don't only support Romney, you follow his example. Unfortunately for both of you, we can actually go back and see what you said.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Nice try but where does the article say that the teachers union(s) and there 3 million plus members support this teachers position? What I read was the teachers union was going to sit down with the teacher the parents and the administrator and work through the problem. Seems like a logical way to handle this situation.

You say that you don't indite a whole profession, but you say "the attitude of teachers in California", so I am guessing that you mean all California teachers have the same attitude on whatever you may be referring to? Isn't that an indictment on all California teachers?

Its to bad we can't look for good in people and in groups, that we may not always agree with, instead of attaching labels to them "liberal biased". I am sure that overzealous people supporting both political parties have done things that were inappropriate.

I know tolerance isn't real big for the far right unless of course it is one of there own who makes a mistake, I am sure that maybe even you have made a mistake somewhere in your life. This was wrong, but tyranny it was not.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: OHBU Columbus, OH
"Unfortunately for both of you, we can actually go back and see what you said."

Yes, my comment is in black and white. I wrote: "Lynette Gaymon is a textbook example of the kind of teachers trying to brainwash." That isn't an indictment of ALL teachers, unless of course you are going to suggest that all teachers think as she does.

You really don't believe that .... do you?


How ironic...

A teacher (obviously a liberal/democrat/obama supporter) is critical and intolerant of a piece of cloth expressing nothing more than support for a pair of men.

The party of tolerance in action! Once again!

Obviously Obama's trickle down government isn't working, because his supporters are not in tune with the tolerance that he apparently embraces and promotes.

Springville, Ut

Re: CottageCheese,

Or, obviously, the teacher is foolish. I have no idea what her political preferences are, or whether she has any at all. It's irrelevant. She's clearly foolish and doesn't deserve to keep her job. That's all I can infer. Where did you infer the rest?

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

@ Fred44

Obviously this story struck a raw nerve. It portrays the thinking and mindset of a specific teacher and common sense would suggest that she isn't alone. Ever hear the folks down south saying "don't vote for the republicans cause they'll take your food stamps away"? Same mentality.

Salt Lake City, UT

This student learned one thing. That teachers are not without faults and bigotry. My youngest son had to learn how to stay in a class and listen to the a female teacher share almost daily her dislike for men. He would come each day and we would discuss what had been said that day in her literature class. He learned more about the cultural bias of the day from her than about literature.

Colorado Springs, CO

Waiting for Rifleman's response! And for every incident you recount about liberal teachers, I'll match you with the conservative teachers I listen to here in Colorado Springs!

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

@ xscribe

Alright, I'll take you up on your offer. Match this story.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

In every profession there are a few who believe that their opinions and views are the only acceptable ones.

In other professions, we ignore these blowhards. In the teaching profession it is tougher because the students lack the standing to fully protect themselves. But here the public reaction will serve not only Ms. Gaymon but any others who might be similarly minded (on either side of the political divide).

Public schools are not a place for politics - liberal or conservative. Any teacher who does not believe that should do the profession, themselves, and our kids a favor and leave. Now.

Colorado Springs, CO

I iyou to come to Colorado Springs and talk to many teachers here, and see if they spout off conservative views or liberal views.

I'm not trying to match this story. This teacher was wrong and frankly should be fired. However, Rifleman spouted off about how this teacher "brainwashes" children, and I can guarantee you children here in Colorado Springs hear just as much "brainwashing" propaganda. These sorts of incidents aren't isolated to just liberals, and you and I and Rifleman all know that.

San Francisco, CA

Just wondering.... if the young lady had been wearing a shirt supporting Obama-Biden, or gay rights, or Occupy, what would the teacher's reaction have been?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I guess what bothers me the most is the teacher is not really sorry that she belittled the Romney supporter, just that her belittling caused a ruckus.

The word is “indict”, not “indite”

I saw no one taking back any words. Nor did I see him demonizing all teachers. Nice stretch and twist. And the plural use of the letter “s” does NOT involve an apostrophe. You and Fred must have had the same weak grammar teacher.

"I'll match you with the conservative teachers I listen to here in Colorado Springs!"
"I'm not trying to match this story."
You have me confused, Which is it? Will you match or not?

Iowa City, IA

This is a classic example of bullying, not way around it, especially when an adult picks on a student. In addition I did think the apology was very weak. Notice the teacher didn't say I except when she said, "I was sad to see that WE let it get this far."

This teacher should be suspended and be recertified before she is allowed in the classroom. Of course if she is a Democrat, she'll most likely get a free pass.

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