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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Thank you Coach Doman for your offensive wizardry. Seems like I recall a new OC who talked all about restoring the glory years of Cougs offensive and the vertical passing game. Um, still waiting on that one. BYU has turned into nothing more than a running first offense. I've never seen this many QB draws this side of Florida during the Tebow years. Hill's injury is the sad yet expected result of a "running-first" philosophy. Let's see how long Riley lasts with his recovery from "back fractures." Better hope Lark and Munns are ready to go! Riley will take a beating the next 3 games. Let's face it, if Doman was the DC, he would have been "let-go" a long, long time ago. How can he still be holding onto this position? He's nothing more than a QB Coach, with the team actually needs. Dude's in way over his head and has been ever sense he was hired.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

RE: Parkite1 "due to Bronco's failure as a leader and making sure that the right decisions are made a prolific defense deserves much better but unfortunately poor coaching decisions have resulted in two losses!" I couldn't agree with you more. With Coach Bronco's sole attention on the stout and strong defense; in essence he's given the keys to a Mercedes to a "new driver" with limited to no prior driving experience. The offensive car has more than crashed. Time for a new car and driver!

Riverton, UT

So if Hill had been injured in any one of the running plays previous to this one, would Cougar fans be upset and say he shouldn't be running at all? It's unfortunate, but stuff happens. Freshman or not, Hill could have just run a dive off-center. Instead he chose to make yardage and exposed himself to injury. It is still great to be a Cougar fan and follow the boys in blue.

Highland, UT

Let the turnovers begin.

Cardston, Alberta

Let's stop talking about Riley getting hit and focus on being able to move the ball towards the opposing end zone(and getting in the end zone)..Our two losses should never have come down to the last minute or about going for two. Our two losses are all about Riley can't move the ball.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Wait a minute, before the season we were told that this offensive line would have two NFL draft picks...no, that was last year, this year we were told that it was the deepest offensive line we have had and it was full of talent. Everyone was slim and trim and in condition. Oh, and it was said that Riley is a quarterback...and Doman is a creative offensive coordinator. It must be easy to write for this newspaper.

Pleasant Grove, UT

James prepare like your starting because before you know it you are going in. Riley is not and unlike most BYU fans I have said this since last season ... he is NOT a D1 QB.

Oregon State +5 TO's, 4 from Riley. This year just got very long again.


Sorry Duckhunter, but it is not a dumb thing to say Doman was promoted too early and lacks the appropriate experience. If he had the chance to study under an "experienced" OC for a while, then his promotion may have made sense. If that were the case then today we would be saying Doman is just not a very good OC. However, Doman was put in a position to fail not having been properly trained for the position. You don't send soldiers into war without training from experienced soldiers unless you want them to get killed! Doman is now getting killed because of his lack of proper training. This is a Holmoe and Bronco management mistake. Too bad since I hear that Doman is a very good man.

Nevertheless, since Bronco is so fond of saying "Our System is Perfectly Designed for the Results We Are Receiving", he must make a change if BYU is to achieve its potential!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

@ Wayne Rout- Yes. Last years' two "NFL draft picks", one of which is a non-drafted free-agent, signed to a practice squad. And don't get me started about this year's predictions. Yes, indeed, being a sports writer for DN is the easiest gig in town because it doesn't require any in-depth, critical analysis ... unless it's critical of a certain QB only after he decided to leave the program and never once while he was playing for the team. I'll keep saying this but the only critical analysis I read in this paper comes from Vai in his weekly column, and then he quickly gets branded simply as a "Bronco-hater" by many. This offense is rudderless, Cougs fans, and it will only get worse over the next 3 games. But, the reality is whether we limp in with 6-7 wins or win-out, our Cougs are still guaranteed the same Poinsettia Bowl-- they can do no better or worse. I do like my Cougs, but more than tired of the over-hype and complete lack of any critical/objective analysis by DN.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

It is obvious the coaches have no confidence in Lark which if fine if their assessment is correct. However, if for some reason Lark is forced into playing and plays well, I for one will join the growing grooup of frustrated fans calling for changes at the top. We know what we get with Nelson and it's short of spectacular. He is competitive and will find ways to beat the couple of pasties still on the schedule, but he doesn't have the talent to move the offense against Org St and Nortre Dame. Maybe Lark has even less ability but in game action that's uproven and in times you know what you have isn't good enough you at least get credit for tyring to find something better. I would give Lark a chance to state his claim by his performance. We have nothing to lose since that is what we have already accepted by starting Nelson.

South Jordan, UT

Nelson has never beat a good team. Just take a look at his win/loss record. Back fractures healed in 2 weeks? Really? It will probably take only a couple of hits to knock him out again. I appreciate Nelson's passion and leadership, and I would hate to see him injured again, but Lark should be the starter IMO.

Bronco talks about how he and Nelson have been through so much together. Well, Lark has been with the program much longer than Nelson, and he has stuck it out showing his dedication for years despite the lack of opportunity. Also, Lark is a great QB. Give him a REAL chance coach.

Nampa, ID

Doman's gonna get Nelson killed in this game if they don't throw the ball.

If he wasn't ready, Doman should not have accepted the job. He obviously advertised himself as qualified. I hope BYU management can see that it was false advertising.

Running QB's get hurt. That's the rule.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Ah, such is the life of a football player. Emotionally hang Doman if it makes you feel better, but it was merely a mistake followed by an accident.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

Last year, BYU players handled the Beavers. This year, they're hoping to expose the Beavers on national TV.

Washington, UT

This has got to be insanity starting a QB with spinal fractures. Why would Doman even consider it? For that matter why would Nelson? I'm no spine surgeon, but this just doesn't make sense. Is Doman really so desperate to keep Lark off the field that he would risk permanent injury to another kid? There has to be some kind of back story no one is telling, because this whole episode with the QBs is just too bizarre to be believed.

Cedar City, UT

I love Bronco (his defense is awesome) and the Cougars, but why tell the QB what he already knows...the clock is running. Signal in the victory formation or call a timeout. Can't Doman just call a timeout or does it have to go through the HC? Doman needs to take off his ra ra cap and put on a more cerebral OC approach. It's almost like he figures what to do beforehand and then can't manage the changing conditions of the game on the fly.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Face it... we will be depending on the Defense to defend AND score points. But with this defense maybe it can be done.

Fresno, CA

I'm sorry to hear about Taysom. I hope he heals quickly and heals well.

Lindon, UT

I want Andy Reid!! He may be done in Philly soon and he is getting older and has all the money he could ever need..... Just a thought.

Malad City, ID

Negativiy, negativity!!!!! You so called BYU fans should stand behind the FB coaches, for indeed they are totally fully invested in winning games for the Cougars. Are they perfect ... no, but name me any coach in America today who is .... any player, any coach? Real true BYU fans are SUPPORTIVE of their team ... that includes players and coaches. If you feel they are doing it wrong, do not play it out in the blogs, running down your team ... make your complaints known privately to people who make decisions ... do not tear down the program like a bunch of bloodthirsty sharks in a feedig frenzy smelling raw meat. Please, if you Monday morning QBs are so good, apply for the job. I'm sure Holmoe would relish having someone so awesome, so wisely knowledgeable that is mistake-free and not prone to error.

And for you Ute trolls adding fuel to the fire ... for shame! You are going way beyond trash talking... YOU are showing your class!

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