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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Orange County, CA

Sad on all counts.

West Jordan, Utah

James Lark? Am I seeing red or is something missing here?

Everett, WA

Our country needs talented leadership to re-ignite its great potential. So does BYU football.

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

"That's all gone, because I don't feel pain anymore. I don't feel hurt. I'm back to myself.", said Nelson.....just before taking his first big hit by an OSU lineman while trying to run the ball because he can't throw accurately past 5 yards. Sorry, but he won't be healthy long if they put him back in this early.

Danbury, CT

Doman is a disaster. This is only the latest costly mistake from hiring a guy with no experience and letting him learn on the job. This is not a ward where you can "call" people to lead with no prior experience whatsoever. I feel sorry for the kids that languish under this offensive team's lack of leadership.

Alexandria, VA

Doman, you nailed it - Lark is literally one hit away from being the starter. And with this offensive line, Munns better start warming up as well.

There is no way that Nelson is anywhere near 100%.

Park City, UT

The latest of poor executions for Bronco, way past time for him to be relegated to defensive coach only. Until he is removed as coach I hope other fed-up Alumni/Boosters will ask that their donations do not go to the football program. Until Holmoe finds someone else the football program is destined for mediocrity. Last year and this year the Cougars could have finished with one loss (TCU last year and Notre Dame was my expectation this year) but due to Bronco's failure as a leader and making sure that the right decisions are made a prolific defense deserves much better but unfortunately poor coaching decisions have resulted in two losses!


What's up with the coaches not being able to take the blame for a bonehead call? Taysom is lost for the season and faces a grueling rehab, yet it was a miscommunication and he took his eyes away from the call too soon. With the play calling display that has been on show this season, I wouldn't be surprised if they called a running play. Take accountability coaches, you made a mistake. Now we turn back to Nelson. Is he really healthy? Did he learn anything from his time away? I just hope we can open up the offense and take advantage of the big targets we have at wide receiver and tight end. Also, give Williams the ball more, I don't need to see Lasike. Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

So sad! Get well Taysom. We need you!

Go Cougars!

Frisco, TX

"He's one hit away from playing," Doman said of Lark, "and the way this season has gone, gosh, the percentages are high that he'll play."

I think Doman meant to say, "He's one hit away from playing,and the way I've been calling plays, the percentages are high that Riley will get injured."

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Fractures that are healed in 2 weeks?
Something is fishy here!!!

Ogden, UT

Fractures don't heal in 2 weeks, if ever. Nelson will get smashed by OSU's defensive lineman and be paralyzed for life and then Bronco can be responsible for that one too. Then I'm sure we'll see Bronco pass up once again on James Lark and probably put in another backup. I don't know what his deal is with Lark. He was an awesome quarterback in high school and deserves the chance to play. I'd rather have him play than Nelson anyday.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Good coaches anticipate what the next play will be. If you anticipate that you will only need to do the victory formation, then call the victory formation! Why tell him the clock is running and then tell him the play? This doesn't make sense.

Orem, UT

Too bad the "Savior of BYU Football" is going to step once more into the starting role. If BYU were going to play Idaho or NM State, that would be different. But going up against Oregon State? The OSU defense will target Nelson's back injury and he will be less, ahem!, 'effective' than usual. (Extreme facetiousness inserted!)
With Hill down, the likelihood of BYU winning more than a couple more games is in serious doubt. With the entire offense struggling even my Hee-roh, Riley Nelson, can't bring this team back from the brink of collapse.

Saint George, UT

What will it take for Lark to get some playing time at BYU? He has been so patient for 4 years as he watches all this go on around him. Riley claims he is okay to start but I doubt he is 100%. He just wants to compete again. Hopefully Lark will get to play this week. That will all depend on Doman's lucky quarter as he flips it throughout the game to call plays or see who plays QB.

Lincoln City, OR

Sorry, I am not buying... Doman ran out on the field and called a time out... I believe that that was done before the injury... If Doman's intention was to play cautious in order to avoid an injury, he could have made it very clear in that timeout... Or after the first first down in the series, Doman could have made it abundantly clear that he just wanted Hill to take a knee... That didn't happen and what took place was crazy and irresponsible... Further evidence that Doman is not ready for the OC assignment... He was simply promoted too fast.

This lack of ability on Doman's part will soon begin to manifest itself in recruiting... Kids are not going to want to play for an OC with the reputation that he is developing...

Again, Bronco needs to bring on another experienced and successful OC and put Doman on an Apprenticship program... Let him dvelop for a couple of years and then give him the playbook.

Murray, utah

Sad, Sad, Sad, I guess everyone else has said it all already so the only points I will belabor are....Please don't continue to run our QBs us the middle and please give Lark a chance and use Riley as backup.

Highland, UT


Everyone has to get their 1st chance somewhere, the "no experience" accusation is a stupid one. Where Mendenhall made his mistake was not in giving a guy his 1st chance, it was in giving it to the wrong guy. Remeber Norm Chow was once a 1st time offensive coordinator at BYU and so were several other guys.

So if you want to crticize Bronco for giving that promotion to the WRONG guy I am with you, but this "no experience" claim is a dumb one and I'm tire of hearing it. If no one else is ever given the opportunity for the 1st time then in about 20 years there will no longer be any coaches at any position because none of them would ever be given a chance. If no one is ever promoted for the 1st time then how will anyone ever be anything?

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

Time for the Cougars to expose the Beavers.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is not really an issue who the QB is as the Y does not play on that side of the ball anyway. And, that should continue given they have a worse offensive line than Weber State. It is this area of the team that has been bad to very bad for two years and is the reason for the failed running game and much of the poor qb play by Heaps, Riley and Hill. Too, bad for Mr. Hill and I hope he recovers fully.

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