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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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everyone needs to lay off Doman.. he is one of the top 2 or 3 offensive coordinaters in the country.. he has one bad game and everyone wants him fired.. come one, this is unfair..

Springville, UT

I'm truly amazed at all of the 'genuine' concern for Coach Bronco, Brandon and BYU foorball exhibited by so many Ute "fans". It is so refreshing to feel the 'love'.

When Duckhunter, myself and others visit your articles to comment please understand our 'genuine' concern for your mismanaged QB situation, struggling, mediocre, lost to USU, ASU, USC, not going to a bowl game program as well.

Go Bruins!

Clearfield, UT

BYU fans are the reason I would rather follow my hometown Aggies than BYU. Anyone can be an armchair quarterback. BYU fans excel at it. Cry me a river. Sorry Hill got hurt. Life is tough. deal with it.

Syracuse, ut

Why are people calling for Bronco's head? You do realize that if he was fired or left, this top 10 defense would disappear completely and BYU would go back to giving up 45 points a game again. And if he was fired, who do you propse BYU hire? Last I checked, Andy Reid is still coaching the Eagles.

Doman obviously is overwhelmed, I can't blame the guy, being Bishop is like having two full-time jobs. If changes need to be made, I think it will happen at the end of the season. But once again, if BYU were to fire Doman, who would we hire? I agree that Doman is struggling, but who do we have in the wings chomping at the bit to come to BYU to be the OC? I'm just saying let's make the right choice for the team, don't just start firing people unless you have a better option available.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Everybody wants a return to the Glory Years when BYU lit up the scoreboard and showed they could play against anybody. It just doesn't seem to be that way anymore. Defense are simply better - including BYU's.

Right now Bronco's defense in #5 in the country. That doesn't seem to mean as much to fans as being top ranked in offense. This guarantees that whoever becomes BYU's Offensive Coordinator is doomed to live a life of quiet desperation.

meridian, idaho

DAVE22, Salt Lake City, Utah...........You've got to be kidding me. Doman one of the tope 2 or 3 offensive coordinators in the country. There are better high school coordinators than him. He isn't even one of top 2 or 3 in the State of Utah.

See It

You have got to be kidding? Allow Doman to continue learning. I spoke with a surgeon about Hill's knee surgery, and he said that the operation is a difficult one. He also said that Taysom will never be the same. He will not be the fastest guy on the team, and he will probably never me the starting qb again. If any other coach had run off the #1 recruited quarterback in the country and injured another potentially great qb, he would have been fired. What is it going to take? Riley Nelson getting paralyzed because of a bunch of running plays? The way the game is being called and managed is utter stupidity. There needs to be real changes to the O staff and in the head coach if the current level of medocrity is to ever be improved. Simply saying you're sorry doesn't cut it when it comes to ruining the dreams and aspirations of a person's life.


I will agree that Domans play calling has been questionable, but I actually think he has done a good job. First off we need a kicker. Seriously have an open tryout. There must be someone on campus who did it in high school who would be able to do it now. That realy hurts this team and one could argue changes the play calling. Also the players do need to accept responsibilty. I've seen alot of missed blocks and we've had some dropped passes and lets not get started on the fumbles. All in all Doman will be fine. Those that are calling for him to be fired don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Just Smiling

@Jealous U- I've got to say you crack me up with the stats you use- Really? U of U is 0-2 and BYU is 1-1 against PAC-12 teams? The U has lost to USC and Arizona State- both excellent teams this year. And BYU has lost to UTAH and won oficially the worst team in the PAC-12, Washington State. Great comparison. What would BYU's record be playing Stanford, USC, Oregon and Arizona? 0-4 no doubt. You are the same Y fan that will say you should be in the top 10 of the nation because you had another 10 win season- not mentioning who those 10 wins came against. Come and play the top 6 teams in the PAC-12 and see what your record is.

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