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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Think It Through
Scottsdale, AZ

Doman needs to be fired or demoted. The whole be patient thing is a waste of every BYU fans time. Our athletic talent far surpasses our production which means it's due to coaching. Let Doman go to a FCS school to have these growing pains. Too many lost opportunities and bad play calling are solely due to his inability to be an OC.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

There is no defence for letting Nelson play and lose us the Bouse game.

Frisco, TX

It's obvious - Bronco is a great defensive coordinator, but not a head coach. Calling him a head coach could work if we had a great offensive coordinator. But we don't.

Do you think this kind of mistake would happen at Alabama, Texas, or Michigan. For starters, the OC wouldn't make such a boneheaded call. And if he did, the HC would have stepped in.

This is a killer for next year. Even if Riley came back as the starter, and stayed healthy; Hill would have gotten plenty of mop up duty in November. Now he will not be able to work with the receivers during the Winter off-season, and he may not be ready for Spring practice.

Hill's injury is a tragedy and a disaster for next season. If Brandon wants to take accountability, he should recognize he can't do the job and resign. Because Bronco will not tough his beloved friend.

West Jordan, UT


You are absolutely correct. The ramifications of Hill's injury, both to this season and next season, cannot be overstated. If we are lucky he will be back in time for spring ball, but he will have missed out on valuable development and will also not be able to bail out Nelson anymore. Hopefully Lark will be able to because Nelson is always an interception or injury waiting to happen every time he steps on the field.

Provo, UT

@ TheNun,
You hit the nail right on the head!

@ Ducky,
LOL on the things you try to get the rest of us to believe!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Bronco does not understand leadership. He thinks it means talking loud and jumping around or wearing your hat backwards. Bronco is not a manager. The most important job of any manager is to hire good subordinates. These largely should be people with proven skills. In the private sector, no one could keep their job doing what Bronco does. He is committed to defense and has little interest in offense. He wants to surround himself with young men in coaching positions that have little experience. They won't argue with him. The whole Riley Nelson experiment illustrates what is wrong with this coaching staff. I see no hope for the BYU program under the present leadership or rather lack thereof.

Surfers Paradise, AU

As long as Utah plays teams with a B Y in the acronym, they are guaranteed to win 70% of the time...BYU and BYE. The U beat BYU again...well deserved. They also beat BYE. Now when it comes to USC, UO, and others, the success is not that good.

Hey, you will be going to the Rose Bowl when you play UCLA on the road. So you have that going for you this year.


Geez. BYU fans are such a fickle bunch. You have a coach that has a winning percentage above .700, five 10-win seasons, 5-2 in bowl games, and a team with no serious NCAA infractions while he has been head coach. How many active LDS football coaches out there can give you that? Be realistic. You have limited options and none offer the same resume. Also, consider if Mendenhall does get fired, you have to find a head coach AND a defensive coordinator. BYU football would be set back at least 3 years (4+ if Doman gets ousted with him.)

My advice: Don’t give up something good unless you know you have something better.

Mesa, AZ

If Doman thinks the seat is hot now, just wait three more games when the Cogs are 4-5 and needing to win two of the last three to be bowl eligible.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Dick Harmon was on to something by talking to Ty Detmer, although not in the vein he took it. Anybody who doesn't think Ty Detmer would be an incredible offensive coordinator, please raise your hand. And I do like the idea of mobile quarterbacks. It certainly does give a team more flexibility. But the quarterback should be a quarterback--passing--first, and a running back only a very distant second. As great as Steve Young was, he learned over his career to be judicious in the use of his running abilities, and that's the way it should be at BYU as well. A big part of the problem in that regard is that Brandon Doman never got hurt--at least in college--as a running quarterback, so he likely doesn't have the mindset that running the quarterback is an inherently risky proposition. As much as I like Doman for what he did in his playing days, I don't think he's the guy for the job. "Release" him, let him be a bishop, get Ty Detmer, and stay out of his way. Bronco as DC, Detmer as OC. Sounds like a winning combination.

Idaho Falls, ID

I like the article. I like Doman. His character, humility, integrity, and work ethic represent BYU very well. And I am ashamed at myself (and countless others) for posting judgment on a guy who has to juggle being a bishop, a dad, and an offensive coordinator at BYU. I know he spends countless hours in his jobs as an OC and a bishop. I don't know how he has any time for his family.

So, although I don't think he is cut out to be an offensive coordinator, I won't ask for his head on a platter. I think he has great value to BYU football, especially as a recruiter, just not as an OC. I like the idea of having Doman mentored by an experienced OC while he (Doman) serves in some other capacity on the coaching staff. I actually think Doman would welcome that.

Also he has to deal with an offensive line that was pretty average last year and sub-par this year.

I love Detmer's answer to the question about coming to Provo to help out Doman, but seriously, is there a chance we can get Detmer here?

Pleasant Grove, UT

So much hand-wringing over a game. And worse yet, nobody is being honest with themselves. The truth is, BYU is exactly three plays from being 100% healthy and 100% successful, and not a soul on this board would be doing anything other than singing the praises of Bronco Mendenhall and, yes, Brandon Doman.

Idaho Falls, ID

It is tough to experience success if your offensive line is bad. In fact, I think most coaches would agree that the success or failure of a football team rests on the shoulders of the offensive line.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

Everyone saying that we need to bring in Detmer is clueless. Detmer would be yet another 1st time coordinator. What I think needs to happen, and of course, this is a dream scenario and most likely will never happen. The Philadelphia Eagles need to fire Andy Reid. Then, BYU needs to hire him as head coach, while Bronce steps down as H.C. but remains as the D.C. Doman goes back to qb coach. Reid runs the offense, Bronco the defense. This my friends would be a winning combination, and Reid wouldn't ever have to deal with another person named Vick for the rest of his life.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

This should have NEVER been in the medias thing. How stupid to be published. Dumb excuses about BYU Football problems on this Offense Team.

Can't fix Taymon (except surgery will taken care of). Get your game plan going and I like to see our backups qb start making more passes or let Van Noy be the starter. PLEASE!

St George, UT

Much ado about nothing. Injuries happen in football, I don't see the need to keep trying to blame someone. Doman is still learning, he's doing fine. I'd take him over Brian Johnson any day. Ultimately, Bronco is in charge of everything, including the offense. Learn from it and move on.

Riverside, CA

The success BYU has had this year has been due to the defense. I don't know any BYU fan who hasn't questioned the play calling. It's no surprise 2 QBs are injured with all the options and draw plays.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

@ Runner-- I guess things are viewed differently by Cougs fans when we're not entrenched in Happy Valley. Doman and Coach Bronco's response about the last call of the game is comical. Talk about “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing." The offense is pathetic. When does "learning on the job" end, other than for the steady stream of quarterbacks?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ 4BS

Injuries do happen, but there is no reason for an injury to occur when a team has the game won and only has to take a knee to run out the clock. Hill's injury is 100% on Doman's shoulders for his ridiculously stupid play call. Bronco is also to blame for not calling a timeout when he saw the team wasn't in "victory" formation.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

1) "Doman needs help and time:"I guess 2 1/2 years as the OC isn't enough time and he's still regarded as "learning on the job"? (2)"With a head coach that is excelling as an outstanding defensive coordinator ..." That's exactly contributing to the problem here. We either have a head-coach or a DC. Obviously the "Head Coach" portion has taken a hit. Coach Bronco's continuing lack of overall attention to the entire team and leaving the offense in the hands of such inexperience is a significant issue. (3) "Like Utah's OC Brian Johnson..." Again, Johnson, at 24 years of age, is in his very first year as an OC. Doman's got 2 1/2 years under his belt. (5) "He was called to be an LDS bishop in the offseason." OK. Set, game and match! No way can he adequately do both. With that being said, as much as I'm displeased with Doman, there's no need for a change now. The Cougs will get to at least 6 vitories & play in the Poinsettia Bowl. The change will be needed at season's end.

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