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Published: Monday, Oct. 8 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dont get too down doman. It's not like your season had purpose anyways when hill got hurt. You see, we ended your season in salt lake city. Dashes were offseason dreams of bcs and national glory

Back to fighting for a WAC championship

Chandler, AZ

Harmon, seriously? Thanks for the excuse riddled article. "All Doman needs is time". Are you kidding me? He was a mediocre QB at best, he had no pro career to speak of and now he has the responsibility of teaching and coaching QBs at the D-1 level? What is going on? Since when did BYU become the coaching development program? And now, your laying out excuse, after excuse as to why fans should just sit back, keep shelling out $50-$100 per ticket while this guy slowly, painfully slowly makes his way up the learning curve? Wow! The only thing more frustrating than yours, and all the other Utah media coverage, is actually watching this offense trip all over themselves while they, "continue to learn and correct mistakes."

Spanish Fork, UT

In my business, if I hired someone to be my CEO who had never been a CEO, investors would lay some questions hard and fast. But if that CEO hired a marketing director who had never even worked as a marketing manager, and we struggled in marketing, justifiably they'd have my head.

Bronco was a risk to hire. He's done okay against a few tough opponents and against some weaker ones, and he's greatly improved in making sure BYU recruits kids who can live the BYU life. But, after that mediocrity has stepped in. But hiring Doman with no previous team management experience (QB coach isn't the same), was nuts. I liked Doman as a QB because of his grit, but he was no Steve Young.

BYU must hire coaches with experience and eliminate On the Job Training.

As to Taysom Hill... this is an unmitigated disaster. The idea was to groom him so he'd be ready for the very tough 2013 schedule. Why was a QB sneak even suggested let alone run? Bad news for 2013.

Here's hoping Reilly is actually healthy and no continuing the snow job of Bronco.

Springville, UT

Sad to hear of this breakdown in coaching communication. This one hurts.

I give up. I've tried now for 15 minutes to express myself on this issue but I have to let it go. There isn't anything to say except to encourage all of the coaches and players to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Discuss these things and work out the problems so no one has to sacrifice themselves to unnecessary risks.

Tough lesson here to learn. Good luck Taysom in your recovery and rehab.

I can only imagine the comments that will come from this article. Many of them will be well deserved I'm sure.

Cougsrock original
Maricopa, Az

Chris B. I guess we can argue at what point the season has ended. For Utah it will end bowl ineligible.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"In his defense, BYU is 4 points short at Utah and 2 points shy at Boise State from being undefeated. In his defense, if BYU's kicking game was better, the Cougars would be 6-0." -DH

Keep dreaming. Over the last 2 seasons BYU is 3-5 against good teams for a reason (and I don't even think Utah is a good team this year).


Here is another look at this. Bronco is an exceptional Defensive Coach. The best BYU has ever had. He runs the game however like a defensive coordinator. He runs the program like a defensive coordinator. He calls the game based upon the view of a defensive coordinator.

Now this is not a bad thing because BYU has an exceptional defense right now. But when you have such a defensive minded coach you need a strong and experience Offensive Coach to balance out things. An offensive minded Coach would never have gone for two against Boise because her would have recognized that he had no time outs. And the critical problem was not if the defense could stop Boise it was would they have time to manage the come back.

In the end Doman is simply not ready to be the balance to such a defensive minded Coach. This is one of the key problems. That and Doman somehow thinks that a running QB is a good thing - ah two QBs down and one moved away. Not such a good plan.

Idaho Falls, ID

If Domam really feels all that bad then he should resign!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Every BYU fan in the stadium was puzzled when BYU didn't line up in the victory formation on first down with the game already decided. If it was a miscommunication, Bronco should have immediately called a timeout to get things straightened out.

I had hope that Brandon would grow into the job, but after a season and a half, it's obvious he's in way over his head.

Farmington, UT

20-20 hindsight is the kindest thing I can say.

Los Angeles, CA

Bronco said they called in victory formation when interviewed after practice today. Harmon's sources say they called in a regular play. Somebody is fibbing here.....

Maple Valley, WA

As a BYU alum/fan, I would fully support a head coaching change.

Mission Viejo, CA

BYU Joe nailed it. We need an OC - Assistant Head Coach. Bronco is one of the best DC's in the country, and he is a great recruiter. Handling the unique problems of a BYU coach as well as Bronco does is amazing. But he's not an OC. Doman is a great guy but he's not an OC either. Bring in an offensive guru to complement Bronco who is a defensive guru. Let them share HC duties if that makes sense, but for sure we need an experienced OC.

Meanwhile, we have a game to play against #10 Oregon State. Let's move on and win that one. The defense will show up. Coach Doman, it is up to you to ensure that the offense shows up too.

Tokyo, Japan

In his defense, Doman's offenses have never been capable of scoring against decent competition. What frustrates most fans is the vast difference between reality, and what was promised by Doman after he was hired as OC. If his name were Obama, we'd be calling for him to be tossed out of office for the lack of fuliflled promises!

To review, he promised a return to BYU's traditional (passing) offense. One that would keep opponents guessing, and score in a myriad of ways. He promised trick plays every game so opponents would have to spend time preparing for something they may not see each week. He promised a vertical passing game that would utilize the offensive strength of it's best position at wide receiver. The list could go on a while still...

What has he delivered? An offense that is even more vanilla than anything Robert Anae put on the field. One that can't score more than 13 points against almost any decent defense. How does New Mexico score 29 points on Boise the week after BYU only scores 6?! I can tell you right now, it's because of scheme and coaching, not talent!

West Jordan, Utah

Doman didn't do this on purpose. Forgiving him is one thing. Expecting your offensive coordinator to know better is another.

With BYU Football, the church obviously comes first, as it should. Still, I can't imagine, given the time it takes to be a good bishop and coordinator, why the job and calling were both offered Doman at the same time.

I realize that with non paid clergy, bishops usually have full time jobs. However, being a coordinator is a not a usual job. Being a bishop has heavy demands and requires endless energy. Same thing as an OC. BYU football coaches and players get Sunday off. Doman gets no days off. Does he go straight from BYU practice to mid week meetings and interviews? How does he get family time? Does he sleep?

Doman will make more bad decisions on the football field from being weary. I am no OC, and before the 19th carry of Hill took place, I was thinking why isn't BYU in victory formation. Also, Hill getting hurt is not the only risk. What if running a legit play saw a fumble (a la Herm Edwards and the 'Miracle of the Meadowlands').

Clifton Heights, PA

As a BYU alum, I fully support the current head coach and recognize that he brought the program from the brink of disaster. His defenses have gotten better over the years. He is getting some amazing recruits and he'll continue to put together top 10 defenses which will keep BYU in any game. Just need a little more offense....

Doman on the other hand is painting himself in a corner. Allowing Heaps to start in 2011 and allowing Nelson to play injured in 2012 are two of his biggest errors. HE should have put his foot down and done what was best for his offense.

Having said that, I think Doman is a few short years away from being an excellent OC, and I'm willing to go through some growing pains while he grows into his new role. His players love him and he's a great recruiter. When he starts putting up decent offensive numbers, BYU will be an absolutely scary team if the defense continues their level of play.

Rise Up.

West Jordan, Utah

I am starting to not feel sorry for BYU's program on this situation. I just watched the video link on the other 'Hill Hurt' article, and Bronco isn't owning up to the bad coaching call to me. Sure he says "it was our fault", but it comes after making excuses for why the victory formation wasn't instituted. The reasons also put blame on Hill, as if getting hurt wasn't insult enough. I would transfer if I were Hill.

Bronco says 'victory' was yelled after signalling to Hill that the clock was running. Seeing the latter, Hill went to run the play. So what if Hill didn't look back to the sidelines. BYU's coaches shouldn't have been concerned with the clock running anyway. Are they worried about delay of game? I mean, the whole point was to run the clock, not compete with it. In wins and losses this year, BYU has been battling themselves more than their opponents.

Hill got hurt, but BYU could have fumbled also. Could you imagine Herm Edwards running back a TD the other way? Youngsters, youtube 'Miracle in the Meadowlands'. The coach got fired there in 1979.

Franklin, IN

A pattern exists and it goes like this:

July of any year: BYU is going undefeated. National Championship in reach. QB a Hiesman candidate.
September of any year: Losses occur, then mount, then multiply. QB controversy ensues.
October of any year: Fire the OC, 50% want to fire the head coach.

Like clock work!! Amazing...

Provo, UT

@ Chris B

And as a Utah State fan, we ended your season in Logan my friend. Don't come on here and talk smack when your team aint so impressive. The USC game was fools gold, you guys got absolutely handled. The first 3 minutes made that game at least entertaining. Jon Hays cannot move the ball. Utah is the cute little team that joined the PAC 12 and is finding out, life is much different with the big boys than in the Mountain West.

New to Utah

Taysom Hills injury is inexcuseable. Brandon Doman blew it. BYU lost to an average to poor Utah team and a rebuilding BSU with a new quarterback.Kyle Wittingham and Chris Petersen outcoached out manuevered Bronco Mendenhall pure and simple. BYU has speed athleticism and great desire what it has lacked it great coaching. Why on earth sugar coat the obvious?

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