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Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA
So glad Gdog to "politically educate" us. It's great that we have someone intelligent comment here. Thanks, Gdog!
•10:51 a.m. Oct. 10, 2012


As opposed to your less than "politically educated" comment; “Jon Huntsman is a Republican? Now, there's a story for Lee Benson!” comment?

Yes, Jon Huntsman Sr. and Jr. are life-long Republicans.
Jon Huntsman Sr. is not a cow-towing, mindless lemming.
He will not sheepishly vote for the letter (R).
He is a man of integrity, and has called Jim Matheson the better candidate.
Deal with it.

West Jordan, Utah


You said it all in two sentences. I also despise the term 'anchor baby' that comes from an insensitive republican party, that which Mia has aligned herself with.

There is a reason being a black female Mormon Republican is newsworthy. It's because the Republican party is generally not a friend of this type of diversity. It's certainly not a friend of immigrants (in the modern sense) and the needy.

Repulicans often say the word 'needy' in a negative sense as well (so and so is needy). Well, like it or not, and regardless of how hard someone may or may not work, there will always be people in need. Republicans turn their back on these people save it be the needs of the wealthy (economic justification).

Lehi, UT

My wife is an immigrant and she doesn't remember all the details of how her parents came here, or exactly what she has said. I wouldn't expect Mia to remember, but am very disappointed that some DN Journalists seem to be partisan and going after Mia. I still haven't seen an article discussing that the law did exist, and Mia was originally right. Anyone under such negative scrutiny would certainly wonder if what she had been told was true, and, again, it is unfair to expect Mia to remember everything she said. I still don't understand how only Matheson supporters are writing these articles. KNRS and Fox are more honest about Mia than the DN and KSL. Please tell both sides of the story, and show a little compassion. Matheson is a professional politician who has been in way too long. He has had many opportunities to change the downward course of American, and has pretty much only supported Obama. He has been dishonest in his attacks on Mia.

Huntsville, UT

I love seeing the hypocrites out in force.

Do a quick bible search on the word "hypocrite" and see how frequently they are condemned. It's probably the one most criticized "sin" in the bible.

South Jordan, UT

So Mia is trying not to give any more fodder to Democrats? Maybe not the best way to go about it, but it is what it is.

As for Mia vs. Jim? Well, I'm going to vote for the one that most closely represents my politics - and that's not Matheson. He has a long record of saying one thing to get elected, and voting with the Democrats on everything he can. When he's campaigning, he's the biggest moderate in the whole Democratic Party. Somehow his voting record is far more liberal than his mouth.

Lead Farmer

Lee Benson,

I'm not sure I can trust anything you said in this article when you started it off with something that simply isn't true. At the beginning you wrote, "It was December 2011. ... This was long before Love threw her hat into the ring to challenge Jim Matheson for his congressional seat."

In the first week in January 2012, Love officially announced she was challenging Matheson. So your interview in December 2011 could not have been "long before Love threw her hat into the ring."

Durham, NC

@ firstamendment

"My wife is an immigrant and she doesn't remember all the details of how her parents came here, or exactly what she has said. '

I think if your wife was the reason why her parents got their visa to stay - she would know something about it. And I doubt she would have forgotten details of a story she relayed less than a year later.

This is more "shoot the messenger" because it isn't something you want to know. This practice of burying your head when something doesn't match the narrative is a frightening trait that is becoming far too common.

People make mistakes. Period. Some of those mistakes are huge and should change the course of events... most are not. Lets got over it.... she has an uncomfortable part of her history that doesn't reflect how she believes now. So what!

Bluffdale, UT

Gee's if she is blaming others for something, it appears that maybe whatever obama has is contagious.

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