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Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

I gather from this article a very valid point: Mia was a success of immigration, but she then wants to deny this opportunity to others who would love to come here now. How can you be so against immigration when your family was given this blessing? So she "can't remember"; so Benson is now a liberal; so now she is a liar. Quit the rhetoric.
My feeling: It is sad that she does not feel more empathy towards immigration. Once you make it "in", just shut the door and tell the next people that they are not welcome here.
I am a member of a worldwide church that is centered in this wonderful nation and state. My ancestors came here across the plains and many of them came to America as...drumroll...immigrants!
I look at us as all children of God and welcome Mia to our country and state. She should most likely be more apt than me to give people this great chance to come here.


Why are we still dwelling on this Birther Conspiracy theory II?

South Jordan, UT

My opinion of Mia continues to grow. I will keep pounding the pavement and working on her campaign. When I spoke with her, she answered my questions directly and clearly. I've found her to be very straightforward and honest and a refreshing change from the establishment politicians who fill our national offices. I also didn't hear a word against immigrants from her.

Beverly Hills, CA

Mia Love is nothing but a HYPOCRITE. This is why I don't vote for Republicans, it is do as I say, not as I do. If she and her party rail against Anchor Babies, she should step out of the race. Typical Republican slamming of the door behind them once they get theirs and keep it for themselves. It totally goes against Gospel pinciples.

West Jordan, Utah

Thank you Lee Benson for trying to show the readers of a conservative paper that Mia Love is dogmatic about extreme right politics in a way that doesn't equate how her citizenship was born, relative to a policy she contradicts and now denies. One is hypocrisy, the other is a lie.

I read the comments of Love's supporters here in this forum and I see low information voters determined to inductively look for their own premises to vote republican at all cost. In Love's case, I get it. She is a success story as a Haitian immigrant, who has risen to the top. Unfortunately, her rise has had political vultures jump on the opportunity to make her stand out as special in a way that is a half truth.

Yes it's unique that Mia is a black female Mormon republican, but it's a triple whammy bonus for the right wing to coax her into extreme views and use her a a pawn for the fake evangelicals who are no more than greedy capitalists.

Love is pretty, energetic, and a determined woman, yet she doesn't know what she stands for. Be wary of fame.

West Jordan, Utah

Many here miss the point. It's not that so called anchor babies can't be extraordinary, it's that Mia Love is taking a hard right approach on immigration that contradicts her own citizenship.

We see this all the time on the far right. There is a love (not a Mia type of Love) to demonize people they feel are outside of the realm of capitalist gain, who fit some republican form of entitlement. The aim is to find validation to exploit the less fortunate, claim they aren't willing to work out their own spiritual salvation and economic security. Then they are viewed as takers if they need help. Yet those at the political top who condemn the needy, are those who define their own rules as wealthy privileged folk, in order to claim a worthy rule over the peasants. This comes from capitalist status achieved by any means, as long as it promotes profit for the 1%.

Don't get me wrong, the one percent exists on both sides of the political aisle. However, some prosperous leftists vote according to conscience (not some defined mask of profit parading as a evangelical beacon).

Love contradicts herself.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

In other words ---

Mia Love is now calling Lee Benson a liar.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Mia Love's immigration status was never in question. She was born here, and the current interpretation of the 14th Ammendment makes her a citizen.
Her parents are the question. In order to be a legitimate immigration backstory, as opposed to an illegal alien one, she needed to prove her parents obtained amnesty, followed by naturalization. And if she's the trigger for the parents qualifying, that just makes it all the sweeter.
Mia was the one who told the story, not Lee Benson. It's time for her to prove it, not deny she ever said it.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.


This is why I could NEVER vote for my fellow Mormons Mitt Romney or Mia Love.

Lack of Integrity.

American Fork, UT

Someone wrote something that I don't agree with, therefore they must be a liberal in league with Obama. It's that dang lame stream media again and their liberal bias, that's usually the answer to everything that challenges the ideas and opinions you already have.

Bluffdale, UT

the money being pumped into this race should let you know she is a bad choice 3 times the ads on tv and signs all over in riverton on city property. side or roads metal signs that cost a lot of money. the adds from 3 different super pacs, one that gets most of its money from big oil. you get someone that will gut our social security and leave us at the mercy of wall street and the other robber barons, that put out the proaganda like fox news. all the major networks are owned by corporations so why would they be left when the profit by the rights tax breaks, and corporate tax breaks. mia love is whats bad about america sell out and get your money now and to heck with the poor and the old.

Orem, UT

Mia makes it sound like a crime if anyone has to accept any charitable hand-out even within the bounds of the law. Being an anchor baby shows that she has compassion and understanding which we need for those who go through hard times.

I don't want someone in office who will not make laws that help the poor and the needy who roam this earth who test our charity.

It's unfortunate that our govt has to pick up the slack to help the less-fortunate but corporations will only help non-profit groups, not individuals or families. Will Mia help these individuals and families is the question.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Oh my. If Mitt Romney has "it", he undoubtedly caught it when his path crossed that of Barack Obama. No one's performance is further from what he said he would do than the latter. And, let's not even talk about Harry Reid. Be careful when his lips move!

West Jordan, Utah


Your comments are often true for many low informed Utah voters. With these people, most challenges of local republican politicians get placed into socialist embracement. Lee Benson is NOT a liberal. His writing over the years says just the opposite to me.

More than half the comments supporting Love in this forum contain no politically educated substance. What I am reading time and time again is that 'we love you Mia', 'you have come far Mia','Benson is attacking Mia because he's liberal', and 'it's okay if Mia is an anchor baby'. The mentality of these comments is scary. Utah voters?

Let's look at the four comment types. the whole we love you Mia thing speaks for itself. I could use 200 words on that alone. How about talk the issues here. Done. Next, yes Mia has come far. Okay does that mean we just elect her for being a motivated Haitian immigrant, turned black Mormon republican. It's sure neat she's female too. Anchor baby problem? There's no problem here for liberals. The issue is political contradiction and selective memory. Finally, Benson's questioning of Mia's comments make him liberal (not).


Politics as usual. It's disappointing to watch a promising new face on the political landscape being swallowed alive by the two party political machine.

South Jordan, UT

The possibility of her being an "anchor baby" (a term I hate, but which the right wing coined) is not important to me. However, her denial of it, and her ability to quickly blame Matheson for something he obviously didn't do is a serious problem for me.

Draper, UT

Mia Love -- I had high hopes for you. Don't let me down. Be careful who you take your cues from. Don't be the historic Republican. Be a new Republican and be honest and open. Set an example for Mitt.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Jon Huntsman is a Republican? Now, there's a story for Lee Benson!

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

So glad Gdog to "politically educate" us. It's great that we have someone intelligent comment here. Thanks, Gdog!

Durham, NC

Here is where i have issues with the new and improved Republican party.... if you kid does something wrong, you reprimand then, love them, and tell them to continue on... but if a politician does something wrong, we turn the blind eye, make excuses, and attack the person who reported the ill deed.

Ms. Love like all people, democrat or republican, slip up. She should simply own up that her own personal history is not perfect, but because of it, she is more likely to be a person who can work to a real solution, than someone who has never been impacted by immigration. She could have easily "spun" this as an "i have learned from my own experience".

It is completely hard to fathom how anyone who is an immigrant is unsure of their own or their families history. Silly comments like " I don't remember my birth" from some posters are laughable. Most people know the story of their birth, when, where, what the family was doing at the time. For an immigrant family, being the first US born, this would have been part of her ethos, who she is.

She remembers, and that is ok.

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