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Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah Observer
West Jordan, Utah

Lee Benson is a great reporter! I would trust him far more than Mia Love. Mia Love has gotten some wrong advice from her GOP Party handlers by claming she "can't remember" and attacking Jim Matheson for bringing her birth record forward. This might be the one thing that keeps her from winning despite overwhelming support.

It's sad that she doesn't really embrace what she has told over and over again. And the story that her parents only had $10 when they arrived in the country, with the implication that they never took a "handout" from anyone, just doesn't ring true. What's wrong with receiving help from either government, charities, churches, or even friends until you can be self-reliant. Isn't that part of the American Dream to help and then help others?

Provo, UT

Thanks, Lee. Score one for the truth. While I won't be voting for her, I'm still glad she and her family came to this country, and it makes me very sad that she is squandering the chance to show people, and the Republican Party in particular, how wonderful it is that people like her can immigrate to this country and make an important contribution.

Provo, UT

This is an interesting piece. The question of whether Benson is a homer for Matheson, whether he just wants to feel significant or some other rationale. I'm going to think that it is because he actually does believe that this is a point worth pursuing. Politics focuses on what sticks. Labels stick in politics. "Anchor Baby" for many Americans might just stick as a label. The story behind the label doesn't matter, just the connotation of the label. I suspect that Mia Love the politician is proud of the story, but doesn't want that label. Who can blame her. Negative labels are very damaging in politics. Matheson wins because he has a name and what else. I have no idea, but he seems pretty teflon when it comes to labels and given his track record, the label of lap-dog, pushover, say-whatever, etc. should be heaped on him and heralded on all the peaks of Utah. Mia Love is probably being rushed into the game like a true-freshman needed to go into football game because the starters stink. We would like to wait, but we need Mia Love.

Salt Lake City, UT

Fine Lee, you go ahead and promote Mr Matheson and don't forget to vote for him either. I am sure as you are, that Jim has never ever done anything this this evil thing Mia has done in his career. I am very disappointed that you are joining the trash Mia bandwagon. Just like your opinion of Mia is changed, my opinion of you is changed also.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Wow - there is sure a lot of judging here for someone you don't personally know. It just feels like democratic smear to me. I've always believed when they start behaving like they are in these comments of doom that actually they are afraid. There is not a perfect person living on this earth so give Mia the credit she deserves and has earned. Matheson, Pelosi, Reid, and Huntsman seem to have come from the same shell..I hope Mia and all voters can see through this cloud of dishonesty and she will be given the votes she needs to win. I find it disheartening that we can't all live in this wonderful country of ours and show each other respect and love but there are those who force their issues and strange beliefs on others thinking they will be better and further ahead. This control issue is getting out of hand. Allow Mia the right to run for this office and the citizens of Utah will mark their choice.

Kaysville, UT

Leading a town as a Mayor after being on the city council is more leadership than Congressman Matheson, like the President has had. Congress is a place to lead but being from Utah and a place that Democrats aren't in power, has put him in a category that doesn't count with his leadership of Pelosi.

As President Clinton and Obama have shown, Utah is not a blue state so why do anything for it. Matheson is a vote that could be a deciding vote and that may lead him to be the decisive one. Utah is not thought highly of with the Democrats and even though they provide balance within the state, nationally it is a non-state with them. Lee and Jim can add this article to their many flavored ones over the years. Mia is not a career politician and hasn't learned yet as the insiders that every word that comes out of her mouth will potentially jeopardize her in the future.

I have seen too many fault her for trying. She is not afraid to get out and work and I am sure she has learned that this is a national race, not Utah


I think Lee Benson is the best spsorts reporter I have ever read. I believe his memory and notes on the subject of this article. Then comes the "but", for the sake of Utah and this country, I willl vote for Love. I agree with term limits, so my most difficult vote will be for Hatch. We have no choice, if the Republicans don't take the senate Katy bar the door on the Supreme Court.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


A lot of the righties today are purposely ignoring the point of the article. It isn't to argue whether Mia Love was an anchor baby or not. The point is, she is selecting what parts of her past rhetoric she wants to remember and is refusing to be held accountable. Instead of talking about her past comments, she lies and blames it on Matheson.

That is wrong.

To be a breath of fresh air she need to stop mudslinging, "mis-remembering" her statements, and stop avoiding the media. We already have plenty of politicians who do that.

Mia needs to stop acting hypocritical. If you indeed said what you said, then take accountability for it and stop blaming Matheson and stop avoiding Mr. Benson.

I think a lot of righties are purposely ignoring the point of the article because it gives question to Mia Love's true character. Is she as courageous and honest as her ads want us to believe?

Remember, actions speak louder than words. Her actions, seem to indicate that she is more of the same Washington DC that we've all grown sick and tired of.

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

The following is found in the third paragraph of Mr. Benson's article.

"It was December 2011...and I made an appointment to talk to Love...".

It appears that a "typo" has taken place. December 2010 would make the events add up to a correct time sequence. Appointment December 2010 and the interview in January 2011.

Riverside, CA

I'm a fan of Mia Love, but c'mon. If Matheson had said something to reporter a year and a half ago and then flat out denied it, this thread would be going crazy.

It's sad that Mia probably HAD to distance herself from earlier statements to get past the purity police in the Tea Party. Hard to be shrill on immigration if you yourself are an anchor baby (hate that term).

Hopefully she'll be the first black Republican woman -- anchor baby in Congress.

Draper, UT

As a friend of a friend said: "The odd thing is that no one would really care if Mia Love was, indeed, an anchor baby. She makes it an issue by pretending not to know her own story--the same story she talks about every single time she gets in front of a mic."

Herriman, UT

I trust Lee Benson a lot more than Mia Love. He has no bone to grind here except calling Mrs. Love on her use of her own story. Come on now people. If you told that story over and over again and then suddenly had no recollection of the facts people would look at you as if you were now lying. If your husband or wife told a story over and over again and then suddenly denied ever saying it what would you think? We all say we want honesty in our politicians. Actually, we want honesty from everybody else. Not ourselves.

Ogden, UT

Thank you, Mr. Benson, for telling the truth. Wouldn't it be unique if Mia Love would, just once, do the same? And then pigs would fly too . . .


Come on Mia, answer Mr. Benson's phone calls. Those of us in Southern Utah are sad that due to gerrymandering of districts we don't get to vote for Jim Matheson again. He served our district well, when many politicians tend to disregard the populations south of Provo, Utah.
The biggest thing Jim did for us Southern Utahan's is fight tirelessly to stop the Divine Strake nuclear tests that were set to resume at the Nevada Test site. Those of us Downwinders really appreciated it! I'm not sure a broadway wanna be can compete with Matheson's earned power in Washington.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Candidates who play identity politics are required to prove their backstory or be subject to suspicion. It's time for Ms. Love to come forth with immigration papers for her parents, proving her "miracle baby" story. This is her story, not some reporter poking into her past.

Bountiful, UT

There is nothing wrong with being an anchor baby. But if you were, just remember where you came from and act accordingly. Treat others with the same respect and accommodation you would have wanted for you and yours.

Dewey Hewson
Eagle Mountain, UT

If the people of the 4th District send Mia Love to Congress, it will be a bigger blight on the state of Utah than Mike Lee.

That's something I really didn't ever think possible.

The woman has no answers, no positions, and no backbone. She's simply a puppet for the party proper who want to get their iron grips around even more of the state. Anyone who votes for her over Matheson based solely on her party affiliation is being nothing more than a pawn manipulated for political profit.

Wasatch Front, UT

It is not surprising that Mia would not remember what she said almost a year ago, or that Lee Benson would. Lee was taking notes after all, and Mia wasn't.

The fact that Lee Benson derogatorily labels her lack of memory on exactly what she told him as "amnesia", compares her family's immigration history to her political position on immigration, then tries to spin it into a "gotcha" politics hit piece is also not surprising. But this article smacks of anything but unbiased reporting. Mia Love, as facts supports, came to this country legally.

It is perfectly rational that Mia and her family should come here legally, use the law to their favor, then later support the rule of law as a political candidate. It may not sit well with those who want to diminish our immigration laws, or don't like that they have become more restrictive since the 70's, but her position is perfectly rational.

Salt Lake City, UT

"An anchor baby is a term, usually used derisively, for a child born on U.S. soil who secures legal status for its parents."


Yes, the term is "--usually-- used derisively", but, as is so clear in the even-handed, objective tone set in his article, Lee has no intention of using it as such now.

Holladay, UT

Who knows what the truth is? Perhaps she's evading the question now because it was originally a lie, expedient to her "then story" of rags to riches. Whatever the truth, she sure pushes all those big red buttons tea party conservatives love including immigration so this is fair political game for follow up. And, if so many of you are ok with "anchor babies" then why not the Dream Act-it's not that big of a leap, folks!

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