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Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Red Smith
American Fork, UT

GO Mia Love. We love you. All the best.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

So now it is cause for a hostile story if a subject does not recall exactly what they said on a trivial topic in the course of a discussion with some newspaper reporter? And using the medical term "amnesia" which connotes a serious medical condition?

A month before the election in which she is a candidate?

It has been said by some that more than 80% of the news media are liberal Democrat supporters. Perhaps that number is low, even in Utah.

Mia Love will be a much better Congressperson than Jim Matheson.

Now, go interview "Trillion Dollar Jim" Matheson and tell us about what he tells you here in Utah, and compare it with what he actually does in Congress when Pelosi needs his vote.

South Jordan, UT

DN Subscriber: Ditto! I agree 100%. Well said!

Matheson is a Obama/Pelosi/Reid guy. We need a change.

Provo, UT

There seems to be a trend among some Republicans - they will say things they choose not to remember later, and they will directly contradict themselves numerous times.

Is Mia Love catching what Mitt Romney has?

mapleton, UT

This is terrible the way she is being treated. She is a legal citizen and that is that. Even anchor babies can be amazing citizens. She is American as you can get and she loves this country. Let her talk about the issues. Sounds like the other side has nothing else to go by except ruin Mia Love's character. She is a good woman, and she has come far in life. Hang in there Mia, we love you.

mapleton, UT

She is a Great American. A citizen (anchor baby or not) that has come far in life. Lets talk issues and not character assassination.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lee Benson may well be a lot(!) of things, but calling him a "liberal Democrat" is like calling Colonel Sanders a PETA-supporting vegetarian.

Mia Love and her Republican cronies wouldn't know the truth if it showed up in Eagle Mountain with only $10 to it's name, pleading for a piece of the American Dream....

Salt Lake City, UT

So the question boils down to this: whose memory is best, Lee Benson's or Mia Love's?

Notice that Mr. Benson does not say he is right and she is wrong, or that he has her responses on video or voice recording. He merely says his notes back up what he wrote 18 months ago, she won't return his calls, and therefore, she must have something to hide.

Reminder: Mia Love is in the middle of a time-consuming campaign for Congress, while Lee Benson is just doing what he always does, writing a newspaper column three times a week. If Mr. Benson's notes really do back up what he wrote in his article, does that mean Mia Love is wrong?

Mr. Benson, you are just one more reporter defending his work - and, as usual, at someone else's expense.

West Jordan, UT

I don't think the question here is her citizenship. The question is whether or not she fudges facts and conveniently "forgets" or "does not recall" what she said earlier. Then goes on to blame Congressman Matheson for planting the story without any facts backing up her statement.

After listening to this woman melt down on the Doug Wright show a couple of weeks ago, I will not be voting for her.

Steve C. Warren

Thanks, Lee Benson, for the insight into Mia Love's amnesia. This appears not to be regular amnesia, however. It would better be described as selective amnesia.

Of course, her blaming of Matheson for the Mother Jones story is separate from her amnesia problem. That's an irresponsibility problem.

Republican Jon Huntsman Sr. is right: Matheson is the better choice.

Salt Lake City, UT

I remember the day I was born? Not.
I remember everything I told a reporter 18 months ago? Not.

What if something she remembered being told growing up wasn't exactly what she was told?
Kids don't always get all the facts straight. At least she has family to go back and ask for a clarification from them, and Forbes claims her story does match up with the law at the time. If what she was told growing up didn't match what some said the law was (and they were wrong), I could see why she wouldn't know what to say until she had the ability to confirm it.

I have heard Mia many times and she hasn't made immigration a big focus, which is your claim.

Candidates often initially think it is the other side steeling their campaign signs until they realize may be some kid taking it home for a paint ball target.

I am assuming it isn't Rep. Matheson because he pledged last March in writing he wouldn't go there. It is said that some in the press didn't take such a pledge.

Holladay, UT

Lee Benson, why do you care? Drop the injured pride. What you're so bravely digging up and taking issue with is some of the most irrelevant news in this race. Brace yourself: nobody cares about 'Mother Jones'; they're not even a blip on the media radar. You can do better than their disparaging reference, if you get back to real news. At least Matheson, a reasonable public servant of whom most of us, sadly, have grown quite tired, had the decency to lie about actual issues in the race, not just try to twist a candidate's family history against their correct immigration stance.

Layton, UT

It would be nice to know where Love stands on the issues.

Unfortunately she does not give specifics as to what she has planned, the only thing that I hear from her is rhetoric.

American Fork, UT

Lee- mia love is indeed a miracle! She is a breath of fresh air. Leave it alone. I am glad she's an anchor baby if that's a label so important for you to attach to her. She proves there are good people trying to emigrate to the USA.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mia, there is no shame in being an anchor baby. We are proud of your accomplishments.There is shame in false accusations. Embrace the truth. The truth shall set you free. Otherwise, you come across as just one more politician who wants to control narrative and blame the press. We thought better of you.

Santa Monica, CA

As someone who for years has chided Lee Benson for being a BYU homer in his sports writing days--let me be the first to say that he is dead on accurate in his demands that Ms. Love respond to this. I respect his bravery and the candidness of his claims. The fact that much of his readership is blinded by partisan loyalty to the point of clapping hands over ears and screaming lah lah lah at the top of their lungs in this case, only makes me admire his courage and professionalism that much more. Mia Love--you are being questioned by a real reporter here. You must respond to the electorate with more than a shrug and an irresponsible sidestep. Dodge Mr. Benson on this one long enough, and only the extreme edges will continue to make excuses for you. Great work, Lee Benson! This work deserves an award.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

This type of politics only make me want to vote for Mia even more so. This is nothing but smear and fear politics. Same thing the democrats are trying to do to Romney. Distort his record and hide from their own. Go Mia!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

After my father died I discovered that some of the family lore I grew up with just wasn't true. I suspect the same thing happens in other families. People often remember things the way they like to think they happened and pass that version on to their children. I'll grant you that Mia Love isn't making this any easier by the way she is reacting to it, but at the end of the day this just shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Kaysville, UT

Lee Benson, a Washington Insider who loves that environment and knows how to wordsmith to make a point, should be cautious in his relationship with a Democrat Congressman for 12 years. He should not put his reputation on the line for a person with a family name that has been part of Utah, Matheson. The Congressman has made some strange bedfellows over the year and tries to give the image that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He has voted against what the other people in Utah, that don't live in his district want or wanted. He can be a chameleon and try to show his stripes to people as being kind and benevolent for some. As a politician and able to ride into the arena with Bill Clinton at his worst term to the behind the scene actions of the Democratic party Congressional leaders in the last two years of Bush and the first two years of Obama. That is not what Utahns wanted for this Congressman with a good family name and reputation. However, Pelosi and Reid knew who he was and were able to buy him.

Good luck for a person from Haiti to freedom

salt lake city, UT

You mean our newest congress woman might be a hypocrite? What politcan isn't?

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