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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

It is WAY past time for Bronco to go! He is a defensive genius but a mediocre head coach. Holmoe needs to seriously consider relegating him to defensive coach and starting a search for a new coach if he hasn't already. The team should be undefeated and would be if Bronco had prepared them for the noise at Rice-Eccles and had not gone for two against Bosie State. There is no question the defense would have held BSU offense and the Cougars would have won possibly in the closing seconds of regular time if not in overtime. Now Hill out for the season never would have happened had Bronco insisted in the "Victory Stance" on each down in the final 1:45 or even better he could have brought in Hunt. Yes it is time for Bronco to go (and has ever since the triple OT debacle against TCU, up by 18 and Bronco's conservative play-calling allowed TCU to get back in it) and for all boosters to put pressure on Holmoe. If you give anonymously and feel the way I do, just ask that your donation/s not go to the football program at all.

Cedar Hills, UT

Not happy to hear about Hill's injury. I hope he heals quickly.

I'm glad I had this game dvr'd that's fore sure. They looked like a bad version of Air Force.

OSU and ND are going to be ugly, in a different way though. Good luck cougs.


I just love how all you side seat QB's, OC's, and Head coaches from byu think that you know so much. You don't, you have a D1 team (a pretty good one at that) with a D1 coaching staff. You guys have know idea what those coaches are thinking and why. They win more games than they loose. I have no idea why you are so unhappy, your team is headed for that 10 win season, and a #25 ranking. You should all be HAPPY!!!!

Orem, UT


Please enlighten all of us "amateurs" why ANY competent coach would ever risk running a QB draw on first down with barely over a minute left in the game, the opponent only having one time out left, and the game not in doubt if your team simply takes a knee on the next three plays.

Unless you can come up with a reasonable argument, please stop cluelessly lecturing other bloggers who seem to have a legitimate reason to criticize what was obviously a DUMB decision by BYU coaches.

Las Vegas, NV

#1 - The few remaining "Doman-hall" loyalist on here are hilarious. Their coaching blunders have become national news. Why continue to defend them. BYU fans will be happy when they are both gone. And after next year, even the die-hard supporters will be singing a different tune.

#2 - You have to give Riley the start next week. He will either engineer an miraculous win or die trying. All it would take is a couple of scoring drives. Just pass the ball to Hoffman or scramble. If OSU can't figure out how to defend that, they will have their hands full.

See It

I am so sick of all the poor decisions and play calling our coaches are making. Doman should do us a favor and admit publically that he is in over his head. He has admitted as much in private as late. We need Offensive Coordinators and a head coach who will make common sense decisions that will benefit this team. Then again, like someone once said, "Common sense isn't all that common!"

Lindon, UT

Doman has to go. You can't fix stupid.

Provo, UT

Bronco Mendenhall should have over turned Brndon Domans pathetic call.

Brandon Doman should do the right thing and step down.

As for Bronco Mendenhall he is wearing thin on BYU Fans.


Sports Fan

Your boy missed the call from the sideline. All you byu side seat coaches are putting the blame on the wrong person. It was #4 who took things into his own hands and ran that draw. If you go back and look at the play, byu was not even set up to block for him. Do you all think that your coaches are that dumb, Bronco is going to side step the issue as much as he can. You are fans, you are not on the team, you get as much as Bronco wants you to get. There is your reasonable argument. And I gurantee you I am not clueless. Bronco and Dohman are doing exactly what they can do with the talent that they have.

Cedar Hills, UT

Sad for Hill. The kid is a real athlete and I think he will recover and play next year. Having a running QB begs for getting this type of injury unfortunately. Taking hits like a running back is not something a QB should be doing ... unless you play for Air Force. The Doman offense isn't suited for BYU and I hope to see a flushing of the coaching staff with Bronco the first to move on after his 3 year contract is up.


everyone needs to take it easy on Doman.. he is one of the top 2 or 3 offensive coordinators in the country.. he has one bad game and everyone wants him fired...

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