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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Will S.
Los Angeles, CA

Taysom Hill's injury is definitely season ending. The team already knows this. Doman's play call with 1:06 remaining in a game where Hill didn't need to run the ball gives new meaning to the phrase, "taking a knee." Thanks, Doman. Wake up Holmoe and force your HC to get a real OC.

Rock Springs, WY

Bronco said Hill ran too many times. I would say at least one two many. Doman is two for two with the run and smear the quarterback play calling that he enjoys.

Seattle, Wa

Article: "If Nelson returns as the starter, BYU wide receiver Cody Hoffman said Friday, making the transition back from Hill to Nelson wouldn't be difficult for the Cougar offense."

Going from one running quarterback with questionable throwing skills to another should be an easy transition.

Hoffman's problem is he still has Doman calling all those QB running plays, and not jump ball passes to Cody.

D'oh! Man!

South Jordan, Utah

That is really stupid if the kid is out for the year. I couldnt believe he was still running the ball at the end of the game. He took some big hits earlier in the game. You would think they would try to save the kids health. BYU doesnt look like BYU any more on offense. Ugly game Ugly outcome for the young QB. Hope you get well quick Taysom!

opinion 47

It's LARK time, the guy deserves a shot. Defenses know Riley is a third running back playing QB and will put 9 in the box and take away the run. Hill is terrific, but thanks to play-calling DONE. No comments by doctors = DONE.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

Glenwood, UT
Before that play, I look at my dad and said ( they should take a knee, they arent lined up for that, I wouldn't risk getting someone hurt) We watched the play, and my dad says (haha wow... tweaked his leg, how dumb is that?)

How dumb is that? Doman Dumb.

Salt Lake City, UT

Orem, UT
This forum has too many whiners and couch quarterbacks and coaches. Doman and Bronco know infinitely more about this team than any of us. BYU football isn't perfect, but enjoy the ride!

Huh! I guess Bronco does read these threads...

West Jordan, UT

Doman wasn't kidding when he said he would build an offense that was unpredictable. Who else would call a QB draw on 1st down with 1:10 remaining in the game, and your opponent only has 1 TO left? Once BYU got the first down all Hill had to do was take a knee on the last 4 downs and USU could only stop the clock once! Why would you risk your QB who had already taken enough punishment from running the ball 18 times!! Unpredictable is one way to describe that call but unbelievable is a better adjective. Doman is a total amateur.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm so mad. It was a clear cheap shot by the cheapest team ever. What a dirty play. Almost as bad as the cheap hit on Ryan Hancock in 1992 by Utah when he was at least 8 yards out of bounds.
Everyone is so cheap to us.


I'm confident Brandon Doman will be moved to the back office at the end of the season. Technically he'll be fired, but to help him save face they'll find something else for him to do. Rest assured changes are coming.


Rational you're right the coaches know more about the players than most of the comment posters. But your underlying assumption is incorrect. The coaches are letting Cougar Nation down. As a long-time season ticket holder and donor I expect far more from Brandon and Bronco to make better decisions. We cannot compete on a national level with the bogus schemes Brandon is running.

Saint George, UT

One too many quarterback draws.

Lincoln City, OR

BYU has the ball with 2 minutes to go in the game and the lead and the OC is calling options with the QB??? Doman was promoted too quickly... I think that he has the ability to be successful, but he needed a longer apprenticeship under a more seasoned OC before he should have been given the keys to the Offense... Anae should have been replaced with a Journeyman OC...

If it's a torn meniscus Hill will be out for the season, and it will take alot of work to get the knee capable to handle the stop and go, planting and cutting needed to be an effective and mobile QB... Without mobility Taysom will lose alot of his effectiveness... And it is quite possible (depending on the tear) that he will never regain the mobility he has today.

Idaho Falls, ID

I've been a defender of Doman on these comment boards, and I still like him. But I am finally convinced he is not cut out to be an OC. However, he is a good recruiter and I would like to see him remain on staff. Our offense shouldn't be so out of tune. Hill's injury and the offense's inability to put up any points after the turnover on USU's 8 yd line rests squarely on the shoulders of Doman. Truly pathetic decision making.
This really frosts me because with the right coach Hill could be one of the Greats. That kind of coach is NOT on BYU's staff right now.

A partial tear of the meniscus is usually recoverable 100 % and usually not season ending. Same with an MCL injury. However an ACL would be season ending, and possibly next season, and possibly career. Complete recovery from an ACL is possible but would at least take until next fall.

Cinci Man

I've been terribly slow to blog on this thread. I've mentioned many times that the secret for me this year was to lower my expectations in order to be pleased for good things. I've begged BYU to exceed my expectations and also to get rid of the QB draw as the bread and butter main play, especially the predictable 3rd down guaranteed play. Now with this news, I'm going to have to lower my expectations even lower. I'm now expecting a complete bust of a season and no bowl game. Now, Cougars, please try to exceed THOSE expectations. Puleeeeez!

Fairfield, CA

The issue with Doman (and, to an extent, Mendenhall) is NOT the possible injury to Hill on the 1st down run, even though that is what occurred. It is more basic: KNEELING DOWN WINS THE GAME. Remember when Anae called for a handoff late in the 1st half of the bowl game against UCLA instead of kneeling down and Unga(?) fumbled? That call helped to hasten his exit from BYU--and it should have. There are simple charts--which Doman should have had--which tell the coaches how much time is left in a game and when they can use the victory formation. Can Doman read these, or did he get so caught up in the game that he wasn't paying attention? Either way, he should not be an OC if he makes this egregious a mistake.

why play

Hill should not have been the QB in the first place. True freshman QB's should be developed, learn the offense (whatever that is) and mature to the level D1 schools play. Just like Utah, coaches keep throwing GOOD,young QB's to the wolves hoping they will save the day. Attempting to impress coaches, fans, team and world, they try to do too much and make stupid mistakes which end careers. That's why you have guys waiting in the wings for their time, IE Lark! He's been there 5 years, knows the whole playbook and has gone through the development process. Had Heaps been handled properly, now would have been a great time for him to takeover. Hill is much too valuable to BYU down the road than in this year of mediocrity. Lark can turn the ball over to Utah as good as Riley, can lose to Boise and beat-up on bad teams good as Riley and Hill and take the pounding from USU as good as Hill. What Hill has learned from his experience this year- D1 schools hit hard and you can't run all over everyone like in HS.

Centerville, UT

When BYU was most successful, they had quarterbacks who were DROP-BACK passers. We need to get back to that--which means we need an offensive-coordinator/play-caller who is good with drop-back QB's. Doman seems to want us to be an "option-QB" team, as he calls option plays for QBs who never even did that in high school. IMO, he should have never called option plays for Jake Heaps. Who knows, Heaps might still be here if he had had a good QB coach who coached to his strengths--and if Bronco hadn't treated him like he felt "entitled" when Heaps and Apo held that news conference to announce BYU as their choice of schools. I don't know why, but Bronco seems to feel an excessive amount of loyalty to Riley Nelson--beginning with the day Nelson set foot on campus. Nelson was NOT the best QB in the Fall Camp when Heaps was a freshman, and by splitting reps, neither QB got enough reps.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

As we heard countless times in the spring and summer, we have quality WR's in Hoffman and Apo.

So why would you want to play a passer like Lark at QB? It's too predictable.

Hoffman and Apo need to learn how to block or we'll be lucky to see six points total during these next three weeks.

Provo, UT

6-3. Boring game. Horrible way to end the game. An unnecessary injury. Utah State has a nice team, but if BYU wants to get to the level that fans expect, barely pulling off a 6-3 win against Utah State doesn't look good. I dare say that Utah State is the best team in the state. If that game was in Logan, Utah State wins. BYU has got to find some offensive stability and get a QB that can pass the ball.

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