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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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I hope Hill's injury is not serious and he is back in the lineup soon. I think his future is very bright.

As a Ute fan, I feel your pain. Brian Johnson and Brandon Doman are both in over their heads. Your first time as an Offensive Coordinator should be at the juco level or DIII level, not at major programs like BYU and the U. In time, they may become effective OC's, but for now, it's painful to watch. My guess is Bronco and Kyle are too stubborn to admit their respective hiring mistakes and we're stuck.

Good luck to both teams with the deadly combination of injuries and ineffective OC's.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Too many carries for Hill. Maybe look at Alex Kaufusi now.

Orem, UT

This forum has too many whiners and couch quarterbacks and coaches. Doman and Bronco know infinitely more about this team than any of us. BYU football isn't perfect, but enjoy the ride!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The play calling is more in line with high school football, not college! So far the coaching decisions have cost us two games and injuries to both QB's, one being the future of BYU football. What is with a QB with 19 rushing attempts? Nonsense! Forget the impact of the new missionary program on BYU football, the impact of incompetent coaches (OC and OL) is much greater!

If Bronco doesn't like the QB's rushing as much as they are, step in! You're the HEAD COACH. Act like the HEAD COACH.....proactively, not retroactively! This coaching group is embarassing. Unless its a great defensive stance, Bronco looks disinterested not not engaged in the performance of the rest of the team. Put down the management 101 books and lead / coach the entire team. And I won't even go into the disaster that is our place kicking. Inexcusable as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

That tells you all you need to know about Doman's play calling and Mendenhalls team management. Once again, the negative rests squarely on the shoulders of the coaches.

Mission Viejo, CA

Maybe Hill audibled out of the called play. Like Nelson, Hill is a gamer. Stupid decision, whomever made it.

Lehi, UT

I think there are more fans on here who could do a better coaching job than Bronco or Doman...no seriously. Why was a play called.....just kneel down. Even I knew that....and I am a GIRL!!!!!

rock springs, wy

If you're going to have an offense that has the quarterback running every other play, you'd better have a lot of running quarterbacks and not waste a lot of effort recruiting great receivers. If it isn't too late to put a few pass plays into the offense and if Lark can throw the football, then he should start. It is obvious that Nelson would rather run than look for open receivers and his O-line doesn't know if he's going to run or pass, even on pass plays. BYU fans have been giving Bronco and Doman a pass on questionable play calling but a quarterback draw on the last play of the game is just plain dumb.

Ogden, Utah

Did Doman call the play or did Hill audibilize and call his own number? Watching a replay you can see Hill in the huddle wave off something coming in from the sideline. Not sure if he was waving off Doman's play call or a player coming onto the field.
Either way it's too bad for Hill. Sorry to see that happen.

Your always one play away from having a bad season.

MesaAZ Cougar

The number of potential CAREER-ENDING plays for the QB that are being called on offense is dangerous. With one QB already seriously banged up and trying to heal, Coach Doman risks the health and career of another. Coach Mendenhall will need to step up as the leader, and the one who is ultimately responsible for the team, and put an end to the dangerous playcalling we have witnessed this season. Running a QB should be the LAST resort, not the first, in a quality program.

It is my hope that a change takes place immediately in the playcalling before more offensive players find that their dreams of a long career at BYU and potenital NFL career are dashed because of an injury due to the current fallback playcalling of running a QB seemingly every other play.

Coach Mendenhall, please take control before a mistake is made in playcalling that will cause permanent damage to your reputation and that of the BYU Football program, not to mention the permanent, career-ending injury and damage to a QBs hopes and dreams.


MesaAZ Cougar

Gary Kinney
Huntington Beach, CA

@ Sinew South
Stop screaming at the TV and get a life. It's a football game for gosh sakes!

Orem, Utah

Back when Doman said he'd bring an offense to BYU that would be unpredictable, I thought he's either oblivious to reality or he'll really do it. I hoped for the latter, but the former seems to be the truth. I'm done supporting him.

Common sense seems to be a scarce commodity among BYU coaches these days, as is evidenced by late-game calls. What are these coaches thinking!

Unless fractured vertebrae heal really fast (don't think so), it'll be three losses in a row coming up because I doubt they'll play Lark, who might be just barely good enough to win 2 of them.

Sad to see BYU's best defense EVER wasted on such a year as this is turning out to be.


Forest Gump had it right..."Stupid is as Doman does!"

Richfield, UT

I'm an AGGIE fan and really can't stand byu.

HOWEVER, even I screamed in disgust at the last play.....Are you sure Bronco & Brandon aren't aliases for Harry & Lloyd?

Won the battle and the wheel. Lost the war.

Layton, UT

Two weeks ago, I didn't like the decision to risk the health of the future of the program (Hill) to a immature and poorly coached offensive line. BYU should have risked a senior (Lark) until the line got its act together. Two weeks later the line still sucks, Hill is just able to out-run the defense.

I hope Hill is ok and that he can continue to play. Put Lark in and let him get beaten up. BYU would be better served with Coach Reynolds teaching the O-line. They are being taught as an after-thought and a fill-in coach.

Don't continue to risk Hill's career, maybe they can get a medical-redshirt for him this year.

Syracuse, ut

Get rid of the option, there, problem solved. Otherwise, you better have about 5 qbs ready to go because they will get hurt taking that kind of a pounding every game.

Raleigh, NC

Lark will not start ahead of Nelson because the OL cannot protect a pocket passer. The offensive line can't block long enough for any QB to read more than the first option. A pocket passer will not have time to make reads and wait for someone to come open. The QB has to be able to run away from the rush or get sacked. Hill moved ahead of Lark on the depth chart because he had the best chance of escaping the rush. That is why all of the passes go for short gains. The OL can't give the QB time to wait for a receiver to beat a DB and get open downfield. Our longest pass completions have been catch (short) and run (long). Now is not the best time to make coaching changes, but in the off season, Bronco must hire a new OL coach. If play calling has another disaster like the QB draw that got Hill hurt then Doman has to go, too. After all, didn't boneheaded play calls get Anae fired? Still, our biggest need is an offensive line that gives our QB time to pass without running for his life.

Orem, UT

Assuming Nelson starts this week, then any hope of a victory against a great OSU team is out the window. BYU will be lucky to go 50/50 this year.

Provo, UT

If the injury happened in the time of the game I think, why were the Cougs just taking the knee in victory formation. There was no need to both risk the game by fumbling or risk an injury, which it appears they have.

Draper, UT

How long with Bronco Mendenhall be the defensive coordinator instead of the head coach? How long with Brandon Doman continue to try to run a version of his antiquated ineffective high school option offense despite two years of promises to return to a sophisticated passing attack? How many quarterbacks will he beat up with option, draw, and keepers before he finally learns? Brandon Doman is clearly not ready to be a college level OC. This situation must change. Coach Mendenhall needs to get involved in the offense if he wants to be a head coach. Otherwise, make him DC, hire a good OC, and move Doman to an assistant position, preferably not working with QBs. Get a good OLine coach to get that fundamental part of the game working.

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