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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, Va

Lark should start. Doman should go to high school football.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Why were they running the quarterback at that time? Doman must go! Time fo a change.

Las Vegas, NV

Injuries are taking there toll on the Cougars. Our quarterbacks and offensive line have been decimated this season. I hope Taysom gets better, but I think Riley will suit up against Oregon State. Lark isn't a bad backup either. BYU's defense has been outstanding so far, but something tells me BYU is going to have to score more than 6 to win. I'd say at least 17 points. Oregon St only scored 19 against a weak Washington St defense, so BYU's defense should keep Oregon State in check and I believe BYU can hold them to 2 touchdowns at most. BYU hasn't allowed a touchdown in 13 quarters, impressive, so it's do-able. Can't wait to see the black uniforms.

South Jordan, Utah

I have tried to be "gentle" in my opinion of Doman and Bronco. That is why I will not criticize their play calling. However, two decisions they have made this year have absolutely been horrible - costing BYU games & players. 1) How can you start a moderately to severely injured Nelson against Utah and Boise State??? He clearly was not able to go - as evidenced by his poor throws. This horrible coaching decision cost as two games. 2) Why would you ever run a quarterback draw when the game is over? Hill is now the victim of another horrible coaching mistake.

It seems clear to me that BYU is severely lacking in coaches that either want to win or have any common sense whatsoever.

sacramento, ca

i can't stand doman and bronco....both need to go....ticks me off that doman had Hill running that much...how pathetic.

Draper, UT

How many more boneheaded end of game calls/decisions do we need to have? If Bronco were actually acting as a head coach and not focusing primarily on the defense, this would not have happened. As for Brandon, who know what he was thinking -- obviously he wasn't.

BYU has got to be the worst team at clock management in the NCAA.

Sandy, UT

Give Lark a shot. He has earned it. Bring decency and integrity back to BYU football.


I still don't understand why Lark has so many fans. Hill beat him out for his spot - people need to get over that.

IMO, however, Hill's injury is just one more strike against Doman. Clearly Bronco has the defense up to outstanding status, but the offense is just terrible, and I blame Doman. If we want to keep Bronco as the head coach (and for his defense, I think he's worth it), he needs an OC that can carry and run the offense - and one that won't put our QB is inexcusable risk.

Sorry Doman, but your number is up in my book.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Why would you ever run a play like that, when you could kneel the ball and win the game?

Running qb option instead of kneeling the ball is very stupid. BYU was only up 3 at the time. Hill could have gotten blindsided and lost the ball, and USU could have recovered and had a chance to win.
Also, as we saw, it puts players in an unnecessary situation for injury.

Sinew South
Centennial, CO

I haven't screamed at the TV like that in years, hoping I could get the coaches attention. There was like 1:10 left and USU had one time out left. 40 second clock at the conclusion of every down. There is NO way USU can get the ball back. VICTORY FORMATION VICTORY FORMATION. At the very least, run Jamaal there. Whatever you do, don't risk an injury to your sparkplug. Alas...

South Jordan, UT

Players who won't take coaching or coaches who won't coach properly. The very last play of the game, in essence, and he suffers a season injury. How many hits did Hill take during the game. Not hits attempting to pass or on the option, just running the ball? Far, far too many.

West Jordan, Utah

Bad QB and Offensive Line play with injuries to boot at those positions is what BYU and Utah have both experienced. Until last week, White IV has been gimpy with the ankle. Alisa is out for the year. That said BYU's young RB might be ready.

Utah, BYU, and USU are all mediocre.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The arm-chair QB's are out en masse, with their "fire the coach" counterparts. It's amazing what a win will do to some folks.

Tokyo, Japan

I think whether Lark starts this week or not, he'll be the starter sooner than later. Doman needs to get back to a vertical passing game, and he's the only QB left that gives us that option. Plus, Nelson won't stay healthy long enough to hold the job for long...Nelson, even when healthy, is simply not talented enough or a good enough decision maker to lead BYU to wins against quality opponents. At least Bronco can now avoid the awkward situation of answering questions about his starting a clearly inferior senior over the more talented underclassman this week though.


Horrible play calling on Doman's part could have ruined a great athlete's (Hill) career. That is what inexperience and poor decision making skills will do to you. Unfortunately, we may lose the best offensive weapon we've had in years due to lack of a competant OC. How long must we and the players suffer Doman's ineptitude? The Peter Principle is clearly evident! Bronco & Holmoe need to find a bonafide OC before Doman ruins more careers and seasons! Thank goodness we have the best defense in the country or this season would really be pathetic.

West Jordan, Utah

There is solace BYU fans. Utah will get their QB of the future next year in Travis Wilson, then run him to death as well.

What is unbelievable to me was how Urban Meyer ran Alex Smith like Taysom Hill for two years, and Smith never got hurt. Alex is tougher than some give him credit, both mentally and physically. In the pros, Smith had 6 offensive coordinators and three head coaches before finally getting some stability in the Niner organization (that has lacked since the DeBartalo's left). As the #1 pick from a spread offense, Smith goes to the pro set with the worst Offensive Line in football. Smith gets sacked and hit like crazy, struggles mightily, and is booed by the fans and media for six years. Smith never cracked mentally like most all others would have. Now he gets his due.

Maybe John Beck, another character guy gets another chance someday in a stable environment, and does the same thing.

Norman, OK

Wow, this injury was completely unnecessary. Utah State wants the ball back and is going to hit whoever has it as hard as they can to try and cause a turnover! You DON'T run the QB when it can be knelt. In fact, you dont run ANYONE. Mind boggling! I hate calling for jobs but that may be it for Doman. Sorry.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I am surprise those who want to see Bronco and Brandon be fired which you guys are bunch of TROLLS.

What I don't understand when we got that last 1st down and Aggies had only one time out left. Taysom Hill should of KNEED it then it would of been OVER! But instead which I noticed he was limping that could end this season and having really thin out our qb. Lark and Mumms will need to be ready, which I hope so! Our D's going to have to win more games all the way through.

Drums, PA

What do expect from a Crowton protégé? Neither one protects the QB. A little more fodder for Heaps leaving.

Glenwood, UT

Before that play, I look at my dad and said ( they should take a knee, they arent lined up for that, I wouldn't risk getting someone hurt) We watched the play, and my dad says (haha wow... tweaked his leg, how dumb is that?)

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