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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Heber, Utah

When I heard the score was 6-3 I thought someone misunderstood me and told me the Cardinals Braves score. What has happened to the QB U? Where is all the prolific scoring that ESPN signed up for? 7-6 against BSU and now 6-3 vs. USU? McMahon, Bosco, Young, Detmer and even little Maxi must be freaking about now. They are wondering what has happened to the program that they helped put on the national stage. Remember the days of pass plays over 15 yards? The 4-500 yard passing games. What is this new strategy at the Y? I can call my doctor now and tell him I no longer need Ambien, I'll just watch the BSU and USU games and I'll be asleep in no time. Too funny...

Seattle, Wa

Doman promised fans last year the BYU offense of old. The problem is he only went as far back as his own playing experience, which was mediocre at best. This is what Mendenhall and Doman have given fans. I'm still baffled at how this staff treated Jake Heaps last year and left him feeling like he had no choice but to transfer. That move set the QB position at BYU back more than a whole QB cycle. I know a lot of BYU fans here say (and said) "Good riddance" to Jake for whatever reason, but for me, it was nothing short of shameful, and I have little-to-no respect for Doman and Mendenhall because of it. This coaching staff is now giving BYU fans very little to look forward to--other than the hope for another mediocre opponent in this year's Poinsettia Bowl (provided BYU finishes 6-6 at worst).

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Bitter about what? I never claimed USU will win. At the start of the season I said with 5 tough games (@Utah, @Boise, USU, @ND, @GT) most likely BYU will go 1-4 maybe 2-3. Now you have Oregon State to deal with and even with Hill your offense was abysmal. Can't blame this one on Riley.

"Has losing your first two conference games helped the Utes any?"

I think so. Its obvious that we can play sloppy (120+ yards in penalties) against a team like BYU at home and win but against a PAC-12 teams we better bring our game or get exposed. I don't expect you to understand that since last week your offense scored 47 points this week 6 points both equal a win. Scoring 6 points in PAC-12 play even against Colorado won't cut it.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT


Utah is in the Pac 12 like Compton is in the same County as Bel Air. Same county, yes, but different worlds.

Salt Lake City, UT

A) If that game us Alabama and LSU, people nationwide would be praising the defenses. It's been almost 3 games since someone scored a TD against BYU's defense. That is hard to do no matter who you play.
B) If BYU can protect the ball the next three weeks, they have a genuine, though unlikely, shot at winning
C) Arizona has put up 48 on Stanford -- so far. That's where the man who should still be the OC at BYU is coaching the line. Neither BYU's offense nor its offensive line would be as bad if Anae was still the OC at BYU.

u mad bro?

hahahahha @ uteology,

only you would be here criticizing our team for a win after arizona st & usc mopped the floor with you guys. hahaha

West Jordan, Utah

Who's best in state now? USU beats Utah, Utah beats BYU, and BYU beats USU. Those three games end with 1-1 records for all. Each of the three games were ugly and could have gone either way. I don't see a clear cut team as the best. Frankly they all look mediocre.

Utah can make big plays, they have good athletes, and can be hot in spurts. In totality though, they lack offensive versatility, have a patchwork Offensive Line, a talented defense still looking for linebackers to compliment it, and a defensive chemistry that still hasn't come together.

BYU is fundamentally sound defensively. They have defensive playmakers in Anseh, Van Noy, and an unusually athletic Cougar secondary. They play physical defense with an attitude. Against better opponents though, BYU's 1938 offense will need to get 10 times better than baseball scores of 6-7 and 6-3. Is this really BYU?

USU gets the most out of what they have. Coach Anderson has improved this team a ton. Still, USU has a long way to go. Their weak schedule has three quality opponents already played. They are 1-2 in those (Utah, BYU, & Wisconsin).

West of I15, UT

@loner star cougar "Yeah it doesn't but you could. BYU could have a top ten team easily."

Thanks for the laugh haven't laughed that hard in a long time. If cougies are top 10 I guess utes are top 5 lol.

@u mad bro "only you would be here criticizing our team for a win after arizona st & usc mopped the floor with you guys. hahaha"

A team that was mopped on the floor by Az st and USC beat and continues to own the cougies hahaha! Before you bag on a team you should think seeing how that team has dominated recent and overall match up's hahaha

Cougie fan's obviously think the cougie D is greatest D ever assembled. They are good not going to say their not. How good though? Nobody knows they have yet to play a good offense and frankly they don't have one outside maybe the irish on the schedule. Yes they have been solid against bad offenses not good enough to beat the utes though.

West Jordan, Utah

If somebody told BYU fans that they would lose to Boise State by one point on the road and beat Utah State, they might feel somewhat decent with that news (not knowing about the Ute game). But if you told them they would play two baseball games in those with scores of 6-7 and 6-3, they would be shocked at how good the defense is and how poor the offense has become.

The exposure of ESPN benefits BYU in a major way, but even I as a Ute fan have been embarrassed by the offense and it's disconnect with BYU history.

Provo, UT


I disagree. I don't think BYU has better athletes now than they did in the 1980's, not even close. Let's take the offense of 1984 vs. now, there isn't player on this year's team I would take over that team. As much as we think Hill is athletic, or Hoffman is athletic or how the big OL line is or whatever, I would still take Bosco, Kozlowkski, Mills, Bellini, Sikahema over these guys. The defense seems really, really good this year but in 1984 it was pretty good as well. BYU has not played a team yet with a good offense so chances are when the season is over the two teams statistically (1984 and 2012) will probably be similar, even the edge to 1984 perhaps. As far as the kicking game/special teams go, well the kickers of this team couldn't hold Lee Johnson's kicking tee. Falslev is an exciting return man as is Hoffman but Sikahema was far superior. Several of the 1984 team played in the NFL and some had very lengthy careers. I would be surprised if 4-5 players on this team played in the NFL.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

I hope Bronco figures out the problem quickly, but out with Doman and in with Detemer. Just saw that possible Hill is out for the year. How many qbs have to get destroyed by bad play calling before Doman goes? I was being patient, but it is gone! Doman is a bad OC.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

u sleep bro?

6 points vs USU
6 points vs Boise (New Mexico 29 Boise 32)

u mad bro?


so you know how the scoreboard works....ok....now what?

Park City, UT

umm... just because there is a lack of score, doesn't mean GREAT defense! Sometimes, like last night, the 2 offenses were so bad, the D looked good by default. I'm not saying that USU and BYU can't score or are horrible offenses, it's just that last night, they were. Sorry.

West Jordan, Utah

That's right. BYU scored 6 points at Boise State. New Mexico scored 29 points and missed beating Boise State by a FG. Washington State is awful, and Utah is no world beater. USU is better than they used to be, but have a long way to go. BYU hasn't played anybody. They did put up points on Hawaii and Weber State, but those two teams are dreadful.

u mad bro?


ohhh sorry for defending my team on byu article. its funny, you guys continue to have that...."no matter what happens we still beat you guys attitude".....which is why you guys are sitting at the bottom of the pac 12. hahahahaha. so don't come on here talking smack when you guys were whooped by the last 2 teams you played. what are you guys gonna do if you dont win another game this season? let me guess ".....oh its ok, because we still beat you guys and its ok if we lose because we play w/ the big boys and even though we cant hang w/ them were still cool because were in the same conference as them" haahahaha.

Highland, UT


Aren't you the biggest whiner on these boards about BYU fans posting negative things about utah on utah articles? Pot meet kettle.

But to your point.....BYU WON....utah lost. Good teams win more often than they lose, like BYU. Bad teams lose more often than they win, like utah. BYU is 4-2, utah is 2-3. BYU will have a winning record. utah will have a losing record.

Lincoln City, OR

It's nice to be able to marvel over the Defense for a change... Offense has always been our game, but with the promotion of Doman to OC those days are gone... Doman simply got the job too early in his career and it looks like it could end up ruining future opportunities for him... He has great talent in Hill, Nelson, Hoffman, Apo and future star RB Williams... He just doesn't know how to use them... He doesn't know how to develop a scheme to leverage his star's talents... He's running the same plays he ran back in the 90's when he was the QB... Sweeps and sweep options. the problem is, he's not the QB and Luke Staley is not in his backfield.

The place kicking game is an embarrassment... Most HS programs have a better PK game... In fact, I have seen a half dozen girls in soccer this year that are better kickers than the 2 we use... Had we had just a dead average Division I kicker this year we would be undefeated right now.
Perhaps Bronco should make PK a recruiting priority for next year.

Lincoln City, OR

Bronco has managed to take 1 big step forward, and two big steps back... Defense at BYU is better than it has ever been and I have been following the Cougs for 50 years (since I was 10)...Yes, it's even better than the days of Jason Buck, Todd Shell and Tom Holmoe.

The Offense has taken a giant step backwards and I attribute that to the coaching, not the talent... Just need a seasoned OC who knows how to tailor an Offensive Scheme to the talent... Less QB options, more misdirection, shovel passes, screen passes and pocket passing.

The absolute worse part of our game is place kicking... We don't have one that we can even RELY on for extra points. Mendenhall needs to conduct tryouts on Monday for anyone in the 30,000 strong student population that thinks that they can kick... Take the best two, suit them up, and the first one that can kick a field goal in a game situation gets a scholarship for the year... If they prove to be real good, they get a full ride. Anything is better than what we have... Too much pressure on the Offense and Defense.

Allen, TX

Congrats, Cougars. i honestly did not think you had it in you. If you had started Riley, this owuld have been a different outcome.

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