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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

An ugly win is better than an ugly loss.

The Cougar defense is for real.

Van Noy and Ansah are totally dominating their opponents often while being double teamed. They are fun to watch. Kaufusi is going to be the same way in a year after he gets his post mission strength back to where it needs to be.

6-3 wasn't the most exciting game but I'll take a win any day.

Next week should be a fun one.

ABC coming up then NBC the next week against two decent opponents.

Oh and Jabari listed BYU as one of his top 5!

Go Cougars!

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I can honestly say that I have never seen an instate game so over hyped by the SLC writers. In a small way we're talking SuperBowl two weeks. Utah State was the giant killer, their back, best in state, yada yada yada And this was based on????
Maybe the OT, win vs a QB-changing, clock and TO challenged Utah , but after the Utes had their head handed to them by a freshman led, 1st year coached ASU, nope can't be the reason. Has to be Wisconsin, the Russell Wilson less Badgers who aren't the Rose Bowl vs TCU team off 2009. In toto Utah State's opponents were 4-12, with just Ine decent win, Utah's win over BYU by three. It wasn't the the Uggies fault or their fans to get caught up in the hot air voyage of the Utags, but those sneaky, story telling, we gunna put one over on the fans, writers. The Uggies were 7-6 last year with 5 -5pt or less wins over teams that were awful WAC units. The Emperor wears no clothes, USU better but best, nope.


Wow, what a defensive show! The offense on both teams struggled, but then we know BYU's offense isn't very good compared with the defense. It will be interesting to see how well BYU's defense will do against Oregon State and Notre Dame.

A game this close could easily have gone either way. While I am glad BYU won, I have to say I was impressed with Utah State. They brought a tough game to BYU's house!

Saint George, UT

You're exhausting.

Cedar City, Utah

Looks like that best team in the state thing didn't workout for you aggies.

Murray, UT

Interesting, it seem I beat a certain "Chris B" to the 1st post here, must still be crying over the ute loss. As for our game, the lack of offense it seems continues to be the offensive line. We're now putting in a patchwork line with the loss of Famika Anae out, forever, it appears. Williams looked human running the ball as did Hill. I will say Hill looked a lot more comfortable passing the ball, and we'll need it against Oregon St. I still think we have a legit shot at that game if our defense comes up big again. The O-line must get better, stop the senseless false starts, Braden Brown 2X and block like we know they can. They need to get MEAN! You want to see a mean O-lineman, watch the youtube of that new recruit we got out of Oregon, Brayden Kearsley, the kid it just a plain tough, nasty player. Anyways love the win since my son-in-law is big aggie fan. To me we have a ton of work to do on offense. BYU 24 Oregon St. 21

u mad bro?

Good job Cougs!!! Judging from all the comments before the game I think they should rename this game....."BYU vs Utah St/Utah." or "BYU vs the rest of Utah." hahaha. Haters gonna hate.

Clearfield, UT

Livid aggie fan. You don't punt the ball away with only two minutes left. No excuse for not going for it on 4th down with the game on the line. Fire the kicker now. No excuse for missing a 37 yard field goal that would have sent the game into OT. If not for the kicking game USU would be undefeated and most likely nationally ranked. Come on Ags, enough 4th quarter meltdowns.

Grand Junction, CO

Watching our defense is like watching the "Avengers!" Great movie. I bought the DVD and continue to enjoy watching it over and over. Our defense plays like a group of superhuman superstars and I can watch them play over and over as they continue to find ways to overcome opposition. Super studs!
Forget about the quarterback controversy. Our offensive line is offensive! Until they get a real coach that can teach them their assignments, they will continue to falter and create a mountain to hurdle for the running backs and the quarterback.
Do they ride the short bus to school? Do they have a coach? Do they even know that they are competing on a collegiate level? They are the ELEPHANT MAN of the team. The kicking game is so grotesque that one can't believe that something like that even exists. I am so horrified that I can't bear to watch, but curiosity overcomes my fear and I can't help myself but to watch and be bewildered at how many ways they can manage to fail. Take some pride and play up to the level of the defense.

Cinci Man

19 QB draws. What a train wreck this offense is. When Hill goes up against the big boys, one can only hope he survives. I'm glad the offense got so many reps, but Hill missed 19 chances to work on plays that the Cougars need to develop in a real game situation. I wonder if this game plan can work against Notre Dame.

Congratulations on a great defense Bronco. That was amazing! But said it right when you said you were lucky to have won.

Iowa City, IA

This game didn't feature two sputtering offenses, USU came in hot and heralded. BYU deserves huge credit for shutting down the Aggie O.

Omaha, NE

How was that drive home tiny bro? Stuck in Provo longer than you wanted? We were happy to have you take your hate home with you.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I am not one to rag on Doman, honest, but when the defense gives you the ball on the 9 yard line, why didn't we go for the throat on first down? What happened to the fade pass into the corner? Or that neat little pass to the tight end that has worked so many times in the past?

I think it is a mistake to blame our offensive woes on any one thing, and I certainly think you have to give credit to an at least decent if not good USU defense, but Taysom isn't (yet) the superstar he can be, the line is a work in progress (at VERY early stages, not mid-season form), and I don't think we have yet featured the sequence of plays that will best feature the things we do have going for us.

PLEASE! No more than maybe one qb draw per game! The qb will have to run for his life often enough. And if he chooses to take off when they only rush three, I suppose that's okay. Until the line finds it's mojo, can we try to protect our qb a little better?

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Where is our offense? Where is our kicking game? If we had any kind of both, this would have been a blow out. With 30,000 students, don't you think you can find at least one who can kick it through the up-rights? Seriously, we need to hold some try-outs for kickers. BYU is a Nationally recognized football program and we don't anybody that can kick it through the up-rights? C'mon! Coaches - find someone.

Our offense revs up sometimes but just sputters again. Are we making bad play calling or are we making bad decisions before the season? Let's get the job done.

With our defense, we should be nationally ranked. I have never seen BYU have a better defense. What a waste to have it with this Offense and Kicking game.

Coach Bronco said: "I'd rather win easy, but that doesn't happen very much." Yeah it doesn't but you could. BYU could have a top ten team easily. These 2 failures on Offense and Kicking fall on the coaches.

Frisco, TX

Plenty to be excited about, plenty to be concerned about.


BYU D is for real. The DBs weren't perfect on a couple of assignments, but Aggies couldn't capitalize. Otherwise, the D was perfect.

Williams is going to be a stud. Hill has a bright future.


O line are getting way too many penalties. Forget the mediocre blocking, they're killing us with false starts and holding penalties.

Kicking game is a nightmare. It's one thing to not be able to count on FGs outside of 35 yards, but to know that every PAT is 50/50 at best. Come one, there has to be someone on the team who can kick PATs.

OC is calling way too many QB draws. If this continues, Nelson won't make it through a whole game when he returns. And even Hill can't sustain this beating. Why would we run Hill up the middle with 1:00 remaining to get smacked by the Aggie D one more time? He was obviously hurting. And we have to figure out how to punch the ball into the end zone in the blue zone. Poor play calling.

Columbia, MO

I've been following BYU football since the early 1970s, and this is the best defense I've ever seen from the Cougars. This is also the worst kicking game. And the offense is in the bottom third all-time at BYU. Maybe things will improve if Riley gets healthy and the offensive line can stop playing like freshmen. However, I can't see much hope for the kicking game. I now understand why BYU went for the two-point conversion at Boise. Bronco mentioned that Taysom was a possibility. Perhaps, Hill should get a chance.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Hill was allowed to throw the ball at the end of the first half and demonstrated what he could do. In the second half the pass was forbidden. Can you imagain how it would have looked for Riley had Hill ran up 4 or 5 touchdowns on USU? Doman may become a great offensive coordinator in a decade, but not soon enough to save this program.

Hyrum, UT

Yes, BYU was a highly recognized program under LE but he knew he couldn't recruit 4 and 5 Star players so he developed an offense that was quick and effective through the air. That BYU no longer exists. Six points against an average team is embarrassing. I haven't seen BYU look so bad sense the beat USU 3 field goals to 2 field goals in the early 1970's. Sad to day that's where the cougars are now. Not the defense but the whole team. The game is played on both sides of the ball, and it's called American Football. that means somebody has to be able to kick the ball.

One more thing Bronco drop the OC hat so you can be the head coach.

I do admire Bronco for keeping the teams priorities straight, sport is not the most important thing and yes it should be rankedsomewhere after Family, God, and Education.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Why would we run Hill up the middle with 1:00 remaining to get smacked by the Aggie D one more time?"

My question exactly. This was one of the many times you could find me yelling at my television. The way Doman abuses his QB's, he's not going to have any left by the end of the season. Someone said 19 QB draws. Really? That just shows a total lack of imagination by the OC.

Wayne--you're also right. We finally get a good drive at the end of the half getting the ball to the best playmaker on the offense--Hoffman--and then we essentially abandon that strategy in the 2nd half. Doman has got to allow the QB to pass more and use his running skills sparingly.

Orem, Utah

The Aggie defense isn't THAT good; the BYU offense IS that bad. Not Hill's fault--he's just an inexperienced freshman doing his best.

BYU's kicking game will sink them in upcoming games against better talent.

I'd love to see BYU win the next three, but wouldn't be surprised to lose at least two of them. Depends on whether the defense can keep it up while the offense improves. Pretty iffy prospect.

Last night's game was like getting a root canal. Definitely won't re-watch it.

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