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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

@ U 90

Just how does Utah beat BYU twice? Whittingham claimed they won 3 times. Nice spin job. When actually playing the entire game by the rules, Utah sqeaked out a victory by mere inches on a failed field goal. Had it been 4 inches to the right, OT at SLC. But it wasn't and Utah gets the "W". I'm ok with that, but not Utah claiming they won multiple times. Play by the rules for the entire game and then claim victory (once) after everything is said and done.

Isn't it interesting how Ute partisans joked about BYU fans rushing the field after a victory and they almost cost themselves the game in SLC by doing it? That's too rich......

It has been an interesting season without any local team being great, although either BYU or USU would be undefeated if their kicking game was up to par. Utah certainly can't say that.

U 90
Corona, CA


It's called satire.... Utah beating BYU twice.

My point was that me using Utah beating BYU twice was about as iron clad as as your pathetic arguments. There is no "best team" in the state although I'm sure you will continue to spin otherwise.

west jordan, utah

Give respect when its earned,Cougars defense is scary good. Other than that not impressed with Offense,Special teams,Overall Coaching,or Coaching Decisions.By the way huge Utah fan and feel the exact same way about them by the way. But dismising parts of the game to make a case for being undefeated is Laughable.But I should be used to that same babble from cougar fans because its same song and dance ever year. Like me saying other than being small,weak,and not being able to hit a curveball i would have been in the bigs.Im not in the Bigs,and you haven't been undefeated in 28 yrs.

Utah is 5-1 with cougars schedule.Beat USU at home,Lose at Boise. Argue that point?

Like to know last time Cougars have lost a game in eyes of cougar fans? Utah has been beaten by 2 better teams the last 2 games. See how easy that was!

Spanish Fork, UT

I would have to say Utah State is slightly better than the Y overall. With BYU in second of course followed by my Utes. That was one boring game last night, as bad as BYU vs Boise. BYU does have a great defense, but I don't think they have really been tested yet. Utah's offense is pretty bad and they couldn't shut them out. Or give the Y a win. I think USU and the Y finish the season with a better record than the Utes. Only because Utah has a tougher schedule with the much improved PAC 12 teams this year and the Utes struggling as they are.

Most current SOS has USU at 115, BYU at 85, and Utah at 59. So I don't think Utah State or BYU have really been tested yet. Or proven themselves yet. Boise is horrible this year, so don't count that.
If BYU and Utah win even 2 out of their next three, I would be surprised. Not to mention, I heard Hill my be out with a knee injury. Best of luck to all Utah schools.

Ogden, UT

The Big Sky Conference is not a D1 Conference people! Byu and Utah State only had 1 good qurter when they play Utah, Utah out played both of them they where up 24-7 over byu and out scored utah state 20-7 in the final 3 had whould have won if the fre's could call a play right.

Taylorsville, UT

"The Big Sky Conference is not a D1 Conference people"

Yes, actually it would be if the D1 classification still existed. The Big Sky was Division 1AA. BYU and Utah were Division 1A. D1 has been reclassified as Football Bowl Subdivision(Division 1A) and Football Championship Subdivision (Division 1AA). Then there is Division II, which Dixie State is a member of, and finally Division III.

Cedar City, Utah

Utah State doesn't have a claim. Now before I get any Utah State fan's on my back let me just say this. Let's wait til the bowl season. Whoever gets into a bowl and can actually win the bowl game can then say "We are the best in the state of Utah".

Farmington, UT

Utes claim they would have won but for an offensive pass interference call. True, but play by the rules for the entire length of the game. If you don't want the penalty, don't commit the foul. Otherwise, its like whinning after you get pulled over by a Cop for doing something stupid when driving. (As Norm Chow would say "No excuses.")

USU fans still maintain they are better than BYU, but the score and game stats say otherwise. Nice dream job.

While the three games weren't anything but close, the largest margin of victory at the earliest point in the game belongs to BYU against USU. Admitedly, there isn't mush of an advantage by any team over any other, all winning at home.

Logan, UT


Largest margin of victory actually goes to the Aggies, sorry... They beat Utah by 7. I stand by what I have said before that there are currently 3 #1's in the state... Utah, BYU, USU... We can talk about stats, defense, missed chances... They all happened for the losing team... Utah - offensive pass interference, BYU - botched field goal, USU - botched field goal... The media will decide later, but for now we can talk all we want and the decision still will be made later... Anyone know when they decide? If its at the end of the season could be BYU or USU, Utah's record won't be so great... USU should finish 9-3, BYU 8-4... I agree that going by the bowl game would work... Both play San Jose St., at SJST, which could tell a lot. Frankly BYU's bowl game should be a walk in the park, if they are 6-6 they will play a MWC team... The MWC is horrid this year... The WAC is better. USU still has to play extremely well for a bowl game since the WAC has only 1 automatic bid.

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